Crazy Ways To Make Money With WordPress

When it comes to making money online, WordPress is the first thing that comes in my mind. The reason is obvious! It’s the best and widely used content management system ever to create and run websites successfully.

When WordPress came into existence about a decade ago, no one would have been so much sure of it reaching the status at which it is now. WordPress has become one of the most widely used tools on the web and helped people create websites, not even costing at all to some of them. WordPress job is handled by PHP experts.

Quite a number of services provided by WordPress is free but it is no secret that WordPress is employing numerous people and giving a WordPress job to users and new users to earn. It serves as a platform for bloggers and even other professionals to showcase their work.

Make Money With WordPress

1. Sell Your Services Online With Woo Sell Services

Sell Your Services Online

Have some talent or skill to serve with? Make it a money-making tool by selling it online. If you know how to design graphics, if you are a web developer, if you are a great online marketer, whatever skill you have, you can sell it online.

Just take a look at Woo Sell Services WordPress Plugin and how it works.

This plugin is a brilliant choice for those who would like to create their own website to sell services online. you can manage conversations with your buyers easily. From starting order to the order completion, everything goes smoothly and with an intuitive interface. Without any coding knowledge, you can set up your own service selling WooCommerce store.

2. Selling Services With Easy Digital Downloads

Selling Digital Downloads

Just like I mentioned above, you can also sell your services with EDD. Some examples of these services are Phone consultations, software installation, video editing, direct support, etc. But that’s not all!

You can even sell digital downloads online. EDD Sell Services allows vendors and customers to manage their customers and orders easily.

You have heard about Fiverr. It’s a marketplace where you can create your account and sell your professional services on the basis of a certain commission. But with EDD Sell Services and Woo Sell services, you don’t need to share your earnings in the form of commission. Instead, you can create your own site to sell your services online.

3. Earning Through Blogging

make money with wordpress

This is the core service that WordPress provides to its users. WordPress allows you to create blogs with the help of its tools and once you are done with it and able to pull some users on your page then you will have all sorts of advertisements and offers to earn through your blog.

Having traffic on your blog attracts the companies to put advertisements on your page for which you will be paid. Some companies would even ask you to write about their services on your blog or even use a link for your users to reach them.

Besides, blogging is also necessary for business websites to target relevant keywords. And, thereby, they are in need of bloggers. Hence, you may present your blogging skills to them and start earning a decent payout.

4. Build Plugins For WordPress

make money with wordpress

The users of WordPress require various plugins which they can use to make their websites user-friendly. If you are a developer and can develop plugins, then you can sell them to WordPress. WordPress, in turn, provides these plugins and extensions to the users. You can earn each user using your plugin and WordPress pays you by charging some amount on it. In this way, you can sell a brilliant functionality to the users that can be added to their WordPress site.

5. Sell Your Product

make money with wordpress

If you have a business that wants to reach a whole range of users, then WordPress might be the right place for you. You can create a website that lists your products and you can make a mini online shopping website with it using the helpful plugins. It is no less than the big online carts and has options like paying online, tracking of shipment, etc., through the plugins.

Besides, you can also start your own marketplace website. Through the marketplace website, you allow other vendors to register on your site and sell their products. For each sale, you can charge a certain percentage for commission.

Creating a marketplace website on WordPress is really very easy. And, it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

6. Designing WordPress Themes

design wordpress themes

We talked about building extensions and themes. Another way through which you can earn money is by designing WordPress Themes.

WordPress themes assist users to easily improve their site layout. The more interactive and classy it is, the more it will lure other’s eyes.

You need to know what is the demand among the WordPress users and for what kind of users do you wish to create these themes. You can create the themes for these users and sell them to WordPress.


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7. Write Content for WordPress

content writing

Instead of creating a blog, you can provide content writing services to WordPress itself. You build content for them like tutorials for beginners as to how to create a blog. You can write the various tricks or useful extensions that users can use in their WordPress websites. WordPress pays for creating such content and you can offer them your services.

Final Thoughts On Make Money With WordPress

So, what’ll you gonna do? How would you like to use these tricks? Have something in mind? Do share it with us.

Making money online is gonna fun with these simple WordPress tricks. Just concentrate on what you are good at and show your professionalism to the world.




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