Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Startups

WordPress Themes for Tech Startups

A start-up means a fresh start of any kind of business in which a team needs to establish every aspect of the business including promotion, management, or client handling. There are many tasks which professionals launching start-ups need to perform on which the success of a business is dependent. If your start-up has a commercial website and you seek a professional look and approachable design then install the most popular WordPress themes on your website now.

WordPress Themes for Tech Startups

You can go through the WordPress themes mentioned below:

1. Reign

This theme is BuddyPress and bbPress compatible and is one of the most popular WordPress themes that you can install on your website for giving it a professional look and custom design. Switching to BuddyPress you can easily create a social network to carry out your business activities and no matter you run a school, handle a sports team or niche community regulated by WordPress. You get to experience features such as multiple-member & group directory layout, multiple-member & group header layout, etc. Reign is highly responsive and has the best installation wizard which would guide you easily throughout the installation process.

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2. Reign LearnMate

You can install this theme to create an E-learning website and guess what it is easy to create a website following the guidelines provided by the installation wizard. You can develop content and provide your candidate features like a question bank which is the best solution for perfect learning. Start customizing your website and selling the products or e-learning books online on your website. Communication is possible between your team and the candidates who fulfill the requirement of an online class setup. Visitors interested can start registering their names for subscribing to your website. For monitoring purposes, you can monitor the activities on your website to get the perfect course analytic report.

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3. StoreMate Dokan

Install this outstanding theme that is compatible with WooCommerce and is the most suitable theme for building a marketplace you desired. Now you can start selling your products and service packages on your website. The vendor can subscribe by registering themselves and enjoy doing business with you at your online store. This theme enables online support for your vendors and you can also customize the aspects of your website easily. This theme provides features like a digital marketplace, responsive and clear design with payment options that are secured and can be used for making payments. The theme lets you manage business transactions and deals with vendors allowing you to manage the products in a way to approach more vendors.

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4. Divi Theme

Divi is a multipurpose theme having a multipage or single page design matching your requirements for building carrying out your business online. Start using drag and drop builders for creating a site that is compatible with any other theme which you wish to use. You can also create attractive, outstanding pages having several unique layouts or components. Divi Builder offers you several modules for enhancing aspects of the page. Install this theme on your website to start dealing online selling your products or services offering great deals to visitors.

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5. TheGem

It is the best-selling WordPress theme offering attractive design options for creating a professional website. If you have recently launched a start-up and seeking a perfect theme having a better design. Install “TheGem”. It consists of around 100 demo design options that you can choose from and provides 100 various designs. You can easily access around 150 various page designs and around 250 styling elements for giving your website a professional look. You can customize your website designs as per the need and can make changes to any aspect of your website. It is an SEO-friendly theme allowing your site to flash among Google search engine results.

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6. H-Code

You can make the best use of numerous features and options available with H-Code. You get a set of fifty pre-designed homepages and also create any design having access to around one ninety-page layout option to use anytime you need. A free premium visual composer plugin is provided to you for creating your website layout irrespective of coding skills. Privileges are provided to you in the form of demos, thirty multipage and twenty single page designs for your better experience. In this, around two hundred elements and shortcode options are present letting you customize your website to add any functionality to your page. A WooCommerce compatible theme for creating an online store is now available, install H-code.

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7. Monstroid2

It is the newest multipurpose theme available for start-ups. You get nine preinstalled designs suitable for various niche sites. You can download the design and demo data for getting started. It lets you choose among seven various customizable header options and you have the opportunity to give your website a professional look. The availability of several customizable blog layouts is helpful for making your blog advanced. It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin allowing you to use this theme for creating a customized online store. You can make the best use of a live customizer to enhance every aspect of your website in your way.

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8. Intact

This theme provides a better design that can be customized to grow your online business. it is a multipurpose theme that has numerous features proving beneficial for start-ups. From twelve pre-installed demo designs to customization, this theme provides better functionality to operate your website simply. You can select any designs among the twelve demo designs and begin customizing them. It provides you with a free premium visual composer letting you create a custom design your way matching your requirements.

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9. startuply

This theme can be installed to fulfill every requirement to launch your start-up as it provides seven different homepage layouts which you can choose and also digital download, fifteen additional pages, and features like eCommerce integration. Pay to get ten or more form layouts, custom shortcodes, visual composer, and $80 goodies.

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10. Optimizer

Install the premium version of the Optimizer to avail of interesting and useful features for creating a website irrespective of the niche. You can begin the customization process and designing your website on the same hand. You won’t have to write any line of code for changing the design of the theme.

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11. Jupiter

You can install this theme to begin setting up your business website without writing lines of code. It is the perfect match for your website to design and customize the aspects of your website. It is a popular and most demanded theme at present in the market. You get around twenty-five templates falling under six different categories and can also customize your WordPress website as per your requirement. It is a highly responsive theme that has a drag and drops visual composer, homepage slider, header customization, shortcodes, and background art customizer which are attached with a retina-ready template.

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12. Newspaper


A very popular WordPress theme providing you with demo designs for getting started instantly is Newspaper. If you are planning to create a tech news site then it is the best option you got and it provides you with custom designs built only for tech news sites. You get those powerful elements to boost your website progress. The best part is that you can create custom designs using the drag and drop builder without executing coding. The performance of this theme is fast so that your site can load quickly with any design such as laptops or mobile phones.

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13. SEO WP

SEO WP is the best suitable theme for people in the tech industry seeking a theme to boost the growth of their business powered by WordPress. This theme is the best option for social media and firms offering technical services on the internet. It has been designed for social media, SEO, and marketing firms so that they can use customization options along with footer, page, and form builders. It also has a drag and drop header which these marketing firms can use to provide tech services on the internet.

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14. BeTheme

It is the most preferable WordPress theme for start-ups and has around one thirty layouts or more for editing their website as per their requirements. Stop allocating your resources in making changes to the design of the installed WordPress theme and use that saved time in something more productive such as content development or products and services. You can easily install any themes among one thirty of them by just hitting the install button. It is packed with nineteen header styles that can be customized and around two hundred shortcodes plus it is responsive and retina ready.

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15. MagXP

For leaving a solid impression on your visitors, you as a blogger would need an attractive design for creating a blog for the new start-up. Install MagXP to complete this action now. You have a variety of choices if it is about designs and you can easily download or import the layout you wish for your website. It has an SEO-friendly design helping your blog to appear in the top search engine results. In this way, more traffic will be directed to your website.

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16. Relevance

For tech start-ups, this theme is perfect as it is a beautiful one-page theme suitable for any kind of online business. Enjoy experiencing features like drag and drop builder, website layout built with HTML5, responsive sliders, CSS3, and jquery, etc. These features are enough to carry on the functionality of your website in a professional way. it is loaded with shortcodes, parallax layout support, layered PSD files, and unlimited colors. Install now as this theme has your back always.

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17. Pursuit

This WordPress theme is perfect if your newly started business is carried out online or through a mobile application. It has a set of six layouts built-in theme that lets you begin working on your website. Do you know that three of those six layouts focus on one-page parallax, an app landing page, and last but not least for a cloud-based start-up? It provides a conversion form which is essential for a tech start-up. Features like retina ready, five hundred icons, and more, parallax support, page builder, etc are available with this theme.

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18. Newstimes

For creating a tech blog this is the best design for you. Having the best-advanced design it safeguards your tech blog to stand strong against the exposure. You get full access to features and options for turning your website user-friendly and appear professional. It has been created using HTML5 and CSS3 code which proves that it has a super light and quick design. It is SEO friendly so that it flashes among the top search engine results helping you to give tough competition to your competitors. Install now.

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19. Velo

It is loaded with an attractive and color layout and is a highly responsive theme for creating an online store. You can easily start customizing the home screen or can also import any existing pages from any website. Velo is retina-ready and lets you choose any color for your website to give it a perfect look. You can pick unlimited portfolio pages, attractive page layouts, and several post formats along with shortcodes which are the most important features to launch your tech service website.

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20. App Theme

This WordPress theme fits perfectly for the tech start-ups who operate through a mobile application. Your app will appear beautiful online and will have parallax and jQuery-based scrolling. It is highly responsive having infinite color schemes, parallax effects plus 630 and more Google fonts, etc. not only that but it is SEO friendly and is translation ready. Features such as app screenshots and testimonials can be seen when you use this perfect theme. Get it now.

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WordPress Themes for Tech Startups

learndash LMS

Every theme which is mentioned above has its own set of features and usability. You can read and get an idea about the theme and its functionality to choose one. Install now and carry doing online business irrespective of the niche.

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