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Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are important sources for trafficking members to websites. Now users can introduce their new followers to their old WordPress content by automatically sharing the old posts while keeping them alive and fresh. The content resharing helps the users to invite new followers and convince them to view their website through attractive posts.

Importance of Resharing

Content resharing in social media is an impeccable part of marketing for a website. The new users and new followers or friends cannot come to know about the website if you do not remind them about it inappropriate time. They may be even ignorant for a while; but the more attractive you make the post, the more traffic will turn to your website.

New Plugin for Resharing content

revive-old-post: resharing content

Revive old post is an effective plugin that helps the users to keep their old posts in the social media alive by sharing them automatically. The plugin also helps individuals to promote content. If you are using the plugin you can set the sharing interval between posts.

Installation and Configuration

Revive old post has both a free and premium version. You can install the plugin like any other. Once you are set to go with the activated plugin, a dashboard will appear on your sidebar. You can be sure now, that the plugin is good to be configured and used. After installation, you should configure the plugin with the type of content resharing and with the preview of the prospective post.

Easy Steps to Reshare Content

Now is the main work for you. Don’t worry; you don’t have to bite your nails with a long, complex and confusing procedure for such an easy task. Just follow these 5 short and easy steps, and you will be done with your WordPress content resharing.

Linking the Social Accounts

When the window of the plugin opens, click on the Accounts tab. The list of social networks will appear and you can add the accounts where you want to conduct your content resharing. Now, the Revive old post is going to ask for granting permission for sharing the post on the social networks.


Setting Sharing Preference

After linking the social accounts, you will have to set up your post’s actual sharing schedule. For this option, you can opt to the General Setting tab in the plugin window. Here, configure the minimum interval between post sharing along with the minimum and maximum age of the eligible old post.

Choosing Display Option

Now, move on to the Post Format tab and you are set to instruct Revive old post about the selected time and text of the content sharing. To ensure so, you must configure the post content, post content custom field, additional text, hashtag, and URL setting. After customizing all the options you can preview the post to be shared and make a change if needed.

Starting To Share

When you are satisfied with the preview just click on the Start Sharing button and the countdown will begin informing you about the exact time of next content resharing.

Wrapping Up

If you want to exclude a particular post from resharing you can do so by navigating the Exclude Post option. The entire process should take not more than 15 minutes. Unless you want to change anything the content resharing plugin works as a set and forget kind of friend.

The plugin is a very powerful and handy plugin for bloggers, business personnel, and marketing professionals.  With the help of this plugin, besides being able to reshare your own content you will also be able to share other’s information in a reframed way. The content resharing can help your brand getting noticed among the thousand daily posts in social media.

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