Custom Email Options Plugin for WordPress Websites

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Custom Email Options is a WordPress plugin to send email notice by the customized name of your choice. Yes, if you are looking for the WordPress plugin that allows you to send email but you want your customized name instead of default settings. Normally, when you want to send a notice from your website, a sender is “WordPress” and sender location for email is [email protected], but this plugin allows you to make sender name and email address customized. Custom Email Options also offers you an option to send email using SMTP under SMTP settings option.

Features of Custom Email Options Plugin:

  • WordPress email can be replaced with any other email address.
  • Replace default email from “WordPress” name to any other customize name you want.
  • Easily redo notice email subject and substance formats.
  • Re-send the email warnings.
  • Maintain emails log about sent email warnings.
  • Control Emails in WordPress.
  • You can now manageable messages in WordPress.
  • The Custom Emails WordPress plug-in permits you take complete control of how consistent messages are conveyed through your WordPress site.

How To Install Custom Email Options Plugin

1. Upload the full directory into your WordPress plugins directory.

Custom Email Options Plugin

2. Activate the Custom Email plugin at the plugin administration page.

3. Now, you can open the plugin configuration page, that is located in the side navigation and customize settings.

You can check the demo here:

Download Plugin

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Wrapping Words!

Now, wrapping this article. Hope you understood well the complete features and uses of Custom Email Options plugin. If you are looking for the customized email option, surely this plugin will be a great choice for you. If you want to get this plugin, do not delay to download this plugin and make it into your business use. For any suggestion or feedback, feel free to drop your words in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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