How To Revive Old Blog Content?

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The first task of every business is to promote its content, news feed if we are talking in terms of promotion and social media marketing. What are the strategies to promote regular something new and happening? In this article, I will tell you How can you Revive Old Blog Content? Any idea, why we are regaining the old content, Why we should do that? Regularly, a new blog post is published, sometimes it takes more efforts, research and time. That is the reason, we will go for some old blog posts by reviving it as a new.

What is the process of complete blogging? As any new blog post is published, it must be share to social channels and groups. Then after trying to engage the good number of followers and audience. Great content can funnel more traffic to your website, strengthen your brand’s reputation, and encourage more web visitors to convert. But from where fresh content comes on a regular basis? Here is an effective solution you can opt to produce a fresh content via old one just doing some changes.


Ways and Tools to Reshare Old Content

Sometimes, it is fine to share the exact piece of old content without making changes. But, the good way to reshare old content by doing some required changes that make different from your original share. Do some changes like like use a different title/description, use a quote from the blog post, and share an image from the post or a different image.

Check Out Some Important Tools

Here, you can find some important tools to make your blog active on social media. These tools help you to auto-share and bulk sharing of your blog into various social channels. Check out below:

1. HootSuite

Revive Old Blog ContentOut of many social media tools, I want to recommend first Hootsuite. With this tool, you can connect all of your business profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and share posts! as well as listen for mentions and conversations. If you are sharing an old content, Hootsuite provides you the various interesting options like auto schedule, bulk schedule and RSS feeds etc.

2. Buffer

Revive Old Blog Content


For ensuring the daily activity, Buffer surely be a good choice. With Buffer, you can connect to the same business profiles, and then set up specific schedules and frequencies for each profile. Businesses should regularly evaluate their follower’s peak times, as well as other considerations, and schedule their social media shares accordingly. By coming in the contact of Buffer, you can ensure regular social media activity while still remaining “social” and connected.

Things to Do

Here’s what you can do. You want to maximize every blog post by either updating it or recycling it. Some of your old blog posts may simply be a little outdated and a quick refresh can bring it all up to date.

Content Re-editing

Re-edit the content to make it relevant and updated. Check and correct references to public figures who have changed titles retired, passed away, etc. Delete or edit references to defunct businesses, technologies, etc. Update references to “current” cultural and political trends, especially “of-the-moment” trends in fashion, humor, etc.

Remove the Bad Stuff

There may be some old blog posts that are just no longer relevant and beyond saving. Some information needs updating as it is irrelevant to the current scenario. If you have blog posts like these, then you may want to consider deleting them. However, you might still be able to benefit from them.

Reasons You Should consider The Old Blog Posts

Brand image

You do not get again and again chance to make a brand reputation. It is a first-time impression for years. If your customers and visitors find outdated and irrelevant information on your site, they will not prefer to come again to your site, plus lost their trust and interest too on your brand.


Your blog and writing might be a set of public statements. To maintain your brand image, you need to be aware all time depending on the business you are in. As outdated information could actually expose you to legal or financial liability.

Bad for SEO

Old blog posts that are outdated and irrelevant are of no use and are simply considered as poor quality content by search engines. It is taking up space and has no value. Even Search engines do not like poor quality content and having it on your site may actually decrease your rankings.

Generate Revenue

Old blog posts may still be getting traffic and this is a complete waste of potential revenue you could make use of. You can restore your old content, and make it a new edition by updating few new information on it. It will turn to the result of revenue making.

Wrapping Words!

Here, I am wrapping up my words. Above, I have mentioned most of the required aspects you should know to convert your old blogs into new. It will not only save your time and efforts, also you may get the good traffic that is previously connected to this particular blog posts. Hope, this writing make your reading worthy and valuable and solve the purpose of your reading. If you like this article, or you have any suggestion on it, just write in the comment box below.

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