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Duplicate WP Posts Pages CPT Comments

Do you need to copy a bunch of pages, post menus of WordPress? Well, producing the exact copy of the pages, posts, and menus of WordPress can really be a serious task when done manually. It’ll not only consume a huge amount of your time; but also will become quite monotonous or cumbersome if you have to perform it regularly. But, here’s the good news for you! Gone are those days of toiling around for cloning menus or posts; because now various cloning plugins that can perform this tricky and time-consuming task within minutes are available.

So, here is the list of the top 5 cloning plugins that can help you to duplicate WordPress menus, posts and data easily.

WordPress page duplicator – Duplicate contents through find and Replace

wordpress duplicate page posts cpt
Duplicate page post

When you are working on a site from start and designing a lot of pages. Just like you have 10 services pages on site and ideally, each service pages should not be of a different design. Under these conditions, you can just design one page and duplicate it for the rest of the services. Duplicating pages saves a lot of time because now you have to make changes in content and overall structure will remain the same.WordPress Page Duplicator save all the time and effort which was going to waste on copying and pasting, with just one click.

The plugin has the option to find any specific words in content and image titles to change it within the same window with just one click. WordPress duplicator plugin is a must for article writers, recipe websites, Real Estate, and bloggers.

Key Features:

  1. Duplicate Title, Content, Taxonomies, Feature Image, Meta Values.
  2. Allow replacing title, slug, content, meta values.
  3. Clone functionality for any CUSTOM POST TYPE (CPT).
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Clone This! | Duplicate Custom Post Type

clone wordpress page posts comments
Duplicate page post

Clone This! allows you to clone posts, pages, custom post types and comments in your admin area.

This plugin adds an option in the comment section and just a click on clone this and your comment will be duplicated. Same goes for all the posts, pages and custom post type (CPT) like sliders.

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Extended Widget Options With Clone Widget Capability

Widgets are very important for any post types in WordPress as they will show in the sidebar. With user-friendly WordPress widget management plugin extended widget options now you can clone widgets easily. It actually saves a lot of time in setting up the website. With the widget management plugin, you can create as many widgets and show on pages based on conditions. For such complicated cases, you may need a lot of widgets with a small difference.duplicate-wordpress-widget

Clone Widget feature is not enabled by default; so, you will need to go to Settings > Widget Options. Next, on the Clone Widget module, click Enable.

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Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post WordPress plugin
Duplicate Post WordPress plugin

This cloning plugin enables you to duplicate your favorite any type posts with one click. While copying, this plugin also helps to retain the title, styling and the content of every post. If you prefer not to do the page styling starting from scratch. Clone the complete post structure and save as draft for further edits. Just upload this cloning plugin to your WordPress plugin directory; activate and start copying whatever pages, posts or any custom post type you like in your WordPress site.

  1. Start the setting by selecting what post type you wanted to copy.
  2. Option to change the prefix and suffix of the post title.
  3. Option to add what to exclude like catagaries, fields etc.
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Sidebar Content Clone

clone worrdpress sidebar widgets
Duplicate wordpress sidebar

Sidebar Content Clone is free solution to clone all widgets of a one sidebar to another sidebar by one click.

In WordPress backend widgets area it shows an option to duplicate the sidebar. Select one sidebar with widgets as the source and empty sidebar as a destination with just one click all the widgets from source sidebar will be duplicated to destination sidebar.

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Duplicate Menu

dupicate clone wordpress menu
Like Duplicate page posts now clone menu

A great plugin from Jon Christopher who has developed a great WordPress plugin like  SearchWP and OrganizeWP. He has developed this out of the box plugin to help out WordPress users to create and setup menus without affecting the live site. With Duplicate menu you can duplicate the main live menu and make the changes and then just make new menu live.

Creating a menu is time taking process as you have to link all the main menu, submenu pages, create levels, etc. This cloning plugin not only comes super handy in copying menus; but also helps to retain the existing structure. Generating a clone at the programmatic level, it simply recreates the relationships, to make sure that the menu structure remains unchanged. Now copying the core menus of WordPress is no longer a difficult job at all!

Find out more information explanatory article by the author here.

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Duplicate Page Pro

how to duplicate page wordpress
Duplicate page post

With the help of the Duplicate Page plugin, you not only can duplicate whatever pages you like in WordPress; but also can create fresh drafts with a single click. This cloning plugin even allows you to choose exactly the portions you wish to copy from a page. All you need to do is click on the ‘clone’ link below a post on the ‘Edit Pages’; and you will receive the copy.

Duplicate WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Posts (CPT) easily with one click action. After clone option to it save as draft, private, public, pending as you wish.

Key Features:

  1. Allow User Roles To access Duplicate Page.
  2. Allow Custom Post Type Selection
  3. Option to select where to show Duplicate Page Link
  4. Option to select Duplicate Post Status
  5. Redirect after clicking on clone link
  6. Option to change Duplicate Post Link Title
  7. Add Post Prefix and suffix.
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Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin,duplicate page post
Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin

The Duplicator cloning plugin not only helps you to duplicate everything; but also lets you move the entire site from one place to another. It simply gives the user the ability to copy, duplicate, and transfer a site. This cloning plugin also works as a backup utility and supports both base64 and serialized string replacement.

Super simple, trusted, premium support plugin eliminates the rework in cloning a website. To clone a website you have to install the same thing and plugins and design pages on your WordPress. The Duplicator can save you a lot of time and leave just to retouch the content to a cloned site look different.

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There can be various different reasons that you may need to copy pages, posts or menus of WordPress. And the above-mentioned cloning plugins are simply the best ones that can help you in doing so. Before you begin to use these cloning plugins, just make sure that you thoroughly research about their offerings and unique functionalities.


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