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Blogging is a very competitive environment, and the question of how to make my blog popular is the most frequently asked in this area. Developing a blog is hard and daily work, but since online history already knows many successful examples of how a blog has become popular all over the world, there is nothing impossible. In this article, we have collected some blogging tips that will prove their effectiveness in 2022.

Suggestions to Make your Blog Popular

Find the Perfect Posts’ Length to Achieve Your Goal

Here’s the most interesting part – in fact, it is impossible to determine the ideal length of a blog post with an accuracy of one word. In each specific case, everything will depend on your goals. Here are the results of a study of user behavior depending on the length of the post they are reading.

  • If you want to engage your readers in the discussion and generate as many comments as possible, write short posts of up to 300 words. Important! This method is suitable for blogs with active readers who are already familiar with your brand. Plus, the topic for such a mini-post should be really resonant and give a good reason to have different opinions. And be prepared for quarrels in the comments as well.
  • Write a post from 300 to 600 words if you want readers to share it on social networks and easily like.
  • A post of between 1000 and 1500 words can be a good way to attract a new target audience, but be prepared for the fact that you will receive fewer likes, reposts, and comments than in the two previous cases.
  • In order for Google to take your post as a storehouse of valuable information, you need to choose your keywords very carefully and write an article from 2000 to 2500 words. Use this approach if you are aiming for good search engine promotion.

And by the way, that’s the most important thing about this all. No matter what post length you choose and what your goal is, your content should be high-quality and engaging. Online Writers Rating review website has compiled a list of the best freelance authors who can help you improve your content and add valuable insights.

Include Lists and Infographics

Yes, this is not a new promotion method. Surely you have used these approaches to make your content more engaging. However, recent studies have shown that posts with lists and infographics not only show the best behavioral factors but also increase the number of likes and reposts.
Therefore, if your goal is to promote your blog on social networks as well, be sure to use visual materials and lists for a better perception. Even if at the moment you think that your content is not focused on this form of presentation, in one of the following paragraphs we will talk about how to reposition your content in other formats in order to get more ways to promote and popularize your blog.

Take Voice Search into Account

Voice search was the trend of 2019, and this year it will gain momentum. The specifics of voice search is that the user works with content in a question and answer format, which means that you need to optimize your posts accordingly so that your page strives to become the first in the results of issuing a response to a voice request. How to do it?
You need to break your content into logical blocks whose names will contain key phrases. The answers themselves to the questions should be as brief and meaningful as possible, optimally – in the form of a list.

Think about Content Repurposing to Use More Promotion Methods

blogging tips, blog writing, content marketing

In fact, it is enough to create quality material once and use it several times in different formats. For example, you can do research and convert it to infographic — it’s easy to create it using Canva. In addition, with this tool, you can create graphics for social networks and advertising companies for free.

  • You can explain a specific concept to your readers and easily convert it to a whiteboard explanation video. This is the most budget video format and you can also make such a video yourself.
  • Convert your scientific research into a slideshow and highlight the most important points.

Use the Power of Influencers in Your Blog

Working with influencers is a good method of promoting a business and a blog as well. This approach was very relevant in 2019, and there are predictions that influencer marketing will be still powerful in 2020. However, what if your blog is new and you are just starting to develop it? The cost of working with top influencers is quite high, and not all successful companies can afford this option. Therefore, you need to find a way to attract attention for free.
For example, you can write an article and quote an influencer, and then inform him about it on a social network.

Most people will reply to your message and thank you, and some will also share your article on their social profiles if your work impresses a certain influencer.

Keep in Mind That Guest Blogging Is Still Relevant in 2022

Remember we said that a certain post length is also a good way to improve your position in search results? This is not the only method to achieve this goal. In 2020, guest posts also remained relevant, as Google did not abandon the idea of ​​taking into account the presence of backlinks when ranking content. And by the way, this is a good way to connect with other bloggers from your or an adjacent niche and exchange audiences.

In addition, if you do not have the opportunity to constantly create guest content, then this can be done using the Adsy guest posting service. Here you can order the creation and publication of guest content with a link to your project on trusted sites, plus get a nice bonus for registration.

Build a Digital Ecosystem

The promotion of your blog and brand should be comprehensive. And this means that your blog is just an object for promotion using various methods. Therefore, your task is to build a digital ecosystem around your brand so that your readers can receive content from you where it is convenient for them. Create a Facebook community, don’t ignore YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin. Moreover, we have already told you how to reuse your content in different formats.

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As you can see, many of the methods of popularizing a blog remain relevant from year to year. However, 2022 also makes its adjustments, therefore we recommend following the prompts from our article, and of course, always put the interests of your target audience and the quality of your content in the first place.

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