Best WordPress Citation Plugins And Footnotes Plugins

While writing a blog, you stumble upon a lot of information that you think is important to be presented as it is. You also need to add some footnotes or reference notes that provide valuable information to your readers. But including both, these inside your blogs can make your blog look more complicated. Adding citations and footnotes in your blog can be really quick and easy ways to offer such information without having to clutter your content. Footnotes, on one hand, are notes at the bottom of a page to help your reader clarify any info mentioned in the blog. While citations refer to a quotation or reference from a book, paper or author.

And when it comes to adding citations and reference to your WordPress blog, there are WordPress citation plugins and WordPress footnotes plugins that can help you do that. With these plugins, you can showcase references, footnotes, duplicate quotes to your blogs.

WordPress Citation Plugins And Footnotes

Academic Blogger’s Toolkit

WordPress citation plugins

This is a free and open-source WordPress citation plugin and offers a variety of features for effective educational blogs. With the help of this plugin, you can simply insert 15 different types of references to your blogs.
It also allows you to search for PubMed from the post editor itself and insert references instantly. You can also import a full bibliography from your favorite reference manager and a lot more.


CM Footnotes

WordPress CItation Plugins

This WordPress Footnotes plugin by Creative Minds allows you to add help text to your WordPress website. It is a highly customizable plugin that supports adding endnotes, footnotes, citations, pictures, bibliography notes, and other media.
Users can easily add footnotes and citations to any page or post as well as customize them as per your needs. Moreover, with this plugin, you can import footnotes between different sites and much more.


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Footnotes is an all in one solution that offers features to display an automatically-generated list of references on your WordPress post or page. This plugin comes with some default settings for footnotes and also gives the user control over how he wants to display the footnotes. With this citation plugin, you can customize footnotes shortcodes, decide where to display your footnotes, add custom CSS, automatic number your footnotes and choose your symbol to display your footnote.


WP NoteUp

WordPress citation plugins

Another very useful WordPress citation plugins to let you add footnotes and citations to your blogs, WP NoteUP gives you features to add references while editing your WordPress posts and pages. Also, with this plugin, users can add notes, citations, images, footnotes and other media to any page or post. They can also customize the style and format of each footnote. Therefore, if you want to add citations and footnotes while creating and editing posts, you can easily use this plugin.


Footnotes Made Easy

Footnotes Made Easy

A simple and powerful WordPress footnote plugin, Footnotes Made Easy allows you to add footnotes into your WordPress post and pages with full ease. It allows you to simply insert footnotes via double parenthesis, combine identical footnotes, suppress footnotes on specific page types, many configuration options, and many more useful features.


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Modern Footnotes

Modern Footnotes is the plugin made well-optimized for desktop and mobile. Right after installing this plugin, you will see a footnote icon in the WordPress editor or you can use the Shortcodes provided by the team. Moreover, it supports both the Block Editor and the Gutenberg Editor. Each footnote will have a sequence number associated with it. You can customize the footnote and sequence number styles very easily.


The Takeaway

Though there are not many WordPress plugins that offer the features of adding footnotes and citations to your blog, the above-mentioned plugins can make your blog look more informative. With these plugins, you can easily add footnotes, citations, images, videos and a lot more to your posts and pages.

If you are using any other WordPress Citation plugin or WordPress footnotes plugin, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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