Top TablePress Alternatives For Creating Table In WordPress Website

TablePress Alternatives

TablePress lets you build tables If you have a knack for organizing your things then this article is just for you. Tables are some beautiful things that keep your data completely clean and organized in perfect rows and columns. In WordPress, TablePress is the ultimate plugin for creating tables in an easy manner. The TablePress plugin is free and used by mostly all WordPress users. This plugin gives a shortcode that can be easily used in posts, pages, etc, in order to embed a Table. There’s also the option to export and import tables for sharing across sites.
This plugin has over 600,000+ downloads and is perfect for creating simple and elegant tables.

TablePress Alternatives For Creating Table

Tablepress is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful and responsive tables on your website. It has an intuitive interface, which makes it easy for users to use the plugin without any prior knowledge of coding or HTML. The best thing about this table generator is its ability to generate different types of tables such as simple, two-columns, three-columns, etc.

You can also add images with each column by using the drag & drop feature in order to make the design look more attractive. Also, if you are looking forward to creating professional-looking pricing tables on your site then there’s no better option than this one. This tool offers numerous features like automatic spacing, customizable colors, font size, border style, background color, and much more. If you have been searching for a premium quality solution to build high-end websites then you should definitely try out this amazing product because not only does it offer excellent support but also comes at very affordable prices.

Key Features:

  • Responsive layout
  • Automatic Spacing
  • Add Images within Columns
  • Customizable Colors, Font Sizes

Border Style, Background Color And Much More…

But TablePress is not the only plugin to create WordPress Tables. There are some amazing table press alternatives for creating WordPress Tables.

Best 10 TablePress Alternative Plugins 2022

1. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables
TablePress Alternative

A really great plugin and true to its name, Ninja Table allows you to create responsive, fast loading, and dynamic tables for your WordPress website. This plugin comes with 100+ table styles including 3 most popular CSS libraries having unlimited color schemes.
It allows you to add media to table cells, connect google sheets, Export-Import CSV,  Conditional Column Formating, Advanced Date Sorting, and many more useful features. With this WordPress table plugin, you can simply create a fully functional and highly engaging table.

Ninja Tables

2. WP Data Tables

This is a premium plugin that provides an incredible option for creating tables. It is possible to quickly create tables and table charts from a variety of data sources with the help of the popular WP Data Tables. To represent vast amounts of complicated data in a concise, user-friendly way using tables or charts, use the WP table plugin. You can add star ratings to cells, style each cell differently, and more with the new tables.

This table plugin lets you build tables without much-complicated configuration. You do not require any code to create tables. You can easily customize your tables as per your requirements. This plugin stands out of the box as it provides an amazing feature of editing your data in the front-end as well as in the Back-end. You can also import your tables into Excel, CSV or Google Spreadsheets. This plugin supports 40+ languages and you can easily insert custom CSS/JS in the plugin. It is also compatible with the popular Page Builder Visual Composer. This plugin has features that make it stand apart from the crowd.

Each table (except simple table) can have a search bar and can have the following functions: “Copy to Clipboard”, “Export to CSV”, “Export to PDF”, “Export to XLS”. All these functionalities are configurable and it is your decision whether to toggle these on or off.

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3. League Tables

TablePress Alternatives for creating WordPress Tables
TablePress Alternative

League table is another easy premium plugin for creating beautiful and responsive tables in your posts, pages, custom post types or widget area. This plugin is fast as you can easily create a table in almost 30 seconds. It has 105 options per table, 17 options per cell, 13 general options and a lot more that making it one of the most powerful and versatile plugins for creating tables in WordPress. You can use this plugin for many purposes such as to rank places, cost comparison and to show various other statistics. It provides sorting features that help to sort tables based on criteria and a lot more.

League table is an outstanding plugin that can help you meet your various needs. League Table offers some excellent features not found in other table plugins. For example, you can use league table filters to sort columns based on any criteria you choose. You can even filter out specific rows using row IDs. The ability to hide certain rows is particularly useful when displaying sensitive information like customer details. Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to display multiple leagues simultaneously.

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4. WP Table Manager

This is an advanced WordPress table plugin that provides features like HTML cell editing, custom CSS, calculation, import, export, table copying and more.  The best part about this plugin is its ease of use. Moreover, it offers you tons of options that you can use to edit your table. It also offers Visual tools for borders, colors, tooltips, and 6 ready-made entirely customizable templates. Other necessary features of this theme include Excel Sheets Import and Export, Synchronization with Excel files & Google Sheets, Tables from Database, WooCommerce and 3rd Party Plugin Compatible, Backup and Undo and more.

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5. Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table

Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table is another simple and lightweight WordPress plugin to create tables that allows you to turn your normal HTML table into mobile-ready table. It provides a simple web solution that helps to sync the tables on small screens. Besides, you can easily collapse the columns into rows providing you with an elegant view of data. Being a WordPress responsive table plugin, it is available in basic version as well as premium too.

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6. WP Table Builder

This plugin has been around since 2015 but it still remains an excellent option if you’re just starting out with WordPress. It offers a basic yet powerful table building tool which allows users to build their own custom tables using a visual interface. The plugin also supports multiple columns, row groups, column reordering, and much more.

You’ll find many different options when working with this plugin including adding images, text, links, and even videos.

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7. TableGen

TableGen is another free WordPress table generator. It doesn’t offer any additional options beyond basic table generation, so there isn’t much point using it over other plugins like Data Tables Generator.

However, it does come with some handy tools. You can generate HTML code directly from within the admin panel. That means you won’t need to copy and paste anything into your website manually.

You can also choose between two different styles – one which uses CSS3 properties and one which relies on inline-style.

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8. Data Tables Generator

Based on my own experience, and the reviews of others, it’s clear that TablePress is one of the best options when it comes to WordPress table plugins. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables is another popular choice among many people who use WordPress. The reason why? Because it’s very user friendly. If you don’t know how to make a basic HTML table, then there’s no need to worry because Data Tables will take care of that part for you. What if you already know how to build an HTML table? Then you should still consider Data Tables because it allows you to customize every aspect of your table.

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9. Kadence Pricing Table

Kadence Pricing Table Plugin is another great WordPress table plugin that allows users to build their own custom pricing tables. It’s easy to use because it has an intuitive user interface where you simply enter values and select which fields should appear as headers.

You can choose between two different layouts; grid view and list view. Grid view displays each field horizontally while List View shows them vertically. Both views are customizable so you can change font sizes, borders, backgrounds, etc.

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10. TableSorter

TableSorter is another useful plugin which helps you sort out any type of data within a table. It offers various methods to do so including drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, etc. Its main feature includes the following Features.

  • Sortable by column headers.
  • Drag and Drop Column Sorting.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts To Sort By A Specific Field.
  • Column Reordering.
  • Customizable Header Text For Each Row.
  • Paginated Tabs With Pagination Support.
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TablePress Alternatives

These were some amazing WordPress Plugins other than TablePress that give you an option to create beautiful tables on WordPress. These plugins are perfectly capable of adding table functionality to your WordPress site. You can easily try these plugins if you want some great features to help you create tables with WordPress.

I hope you liked the article. If you have any recommendations in mind, share them with us in the comments section below.



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