Gamification More Effective in Online Communities

Who doesn’t love games? We have all played or been a part of games. So, in simple words, we have witnessed Gamification at some level in our lives. On the other hand, Gamification is so popular that anybody with a social media account has seen its functions. 

What is Gamification?

But these days, with a wide degree of effectiveness, most big corporations have adopted the Gamification craze. In this context, Gamification can be defined as applying gaming strategies to something that’s not a game but is done to make it look like more of a game kind. 

Gamification is a technique for increasing student interaction that involves a range of events followed by rewards. Gamification is a modern educational process that actively leverages the different elemfiveents of gaming culture. It is based on the motivating paradigm of experiential learning.

Over the years, Gamification has become vital because it is time-tested and efficient, specifically for community engagement. If any community manager can systematically plan and implement Gamification strategies, the community will become more engaged, and the interaction rate will rise.

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The five ideas for making Gamification more effective in Online Communities are: 


Encourage Competition:

One of the prominent driving factors in Gamification is competitiveness, and you should concentrate on promoting competition in your games as early as you develop the basics of your strategy. Competition is what will keep them going. Customers should not be put off by competitors that are too far ahead of them or quite challenging to achieve. In the beginning, try to keep it as simple as possible. Then, allow them to monitor their progress at their speed while only providing them with all of the scores if they explicitly request it.

Keep your game simple:

The first prerequisite for efficient Gamification development is to keep it clear and straightforward. So, before you begin the Gamification process, you must first determine what success means to you. It would help if you kept your definition of success quite simple. A minor complication from the beginning might discourage them. Including complexity may appeal to others, but it tends to deter rather than inspire people. If necessary, include tutorials; however, ensure that everyone begins on an equal level.

Providing Control:

While you are the community’s owner, you are organizing conversations and maintaining the community. So, you are responsible for engaging the persons involved in the community. The community is all about your customers and members. As a result, when defining the Gamification rules, ensure that all the participants or your customer members are receiving value and understand they are in control.

Being Consistent and Staying Connected:

 Continuous and consistent engagement should be a part of the Gamification strategy. This keeps the pace up and means there is still something new for community members to gain more value from.

Also, apart from this, try engaging with the customers because your customer would lose interest. Every customer in today’s world is bombarded with media advertising, and their attention span has become extremely short. As a result, in a highly competitive environment, use Gamification to keep users interested and on your radar.

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Plan Incentives: 

Plan Incentives

Making your gamification strategies more exciting and engaging gives incentives another attractive way of drawing more customer members and participants towards you. This also brings forth an impact on the actions of your community.

Direct Rewards: These awards can be pretty simple yet attractive. And the group members are required to be informed of the criteria ahead of time and are encouraged to fulfill them with a tangible incentive. The incentives can be anything like a coupon or any discount on your business’s products or services.

Random Rewards: By starting the process of randomizing rewards, your members know taking any required action will result in a prize. Still, they are unaware of the exact nature of the tip. Although it might seem ridiculous when you hear it, the method of winning the prize is far more exciting than the prize itself since the award is uncertain. So, when they win, it comes as a surprise to them. This makes them quite more engaged in it.

Sudden Rewards: Sudden incentives aren’t planned ahead of time and that the consumer isn’t expecting to get. When it comes to these prizes, the element of surprise, as well as an added sense of joy and luck, is what makes them so appealing. Receiving an unexpected reward has a lasting impact that improves the community’s overall performance.

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Gamification has a positive effect on the learning process. There are many aspects of games that make them adequate learning resources for humans. Users will remain involved in your online community if you have a successful Gamification strategy in place. They will participate in the communities and ultimately pass the message about your community and product to others who can subsequently get engaged.  Aside from that, a company will have a powerful tool to manipulate customer behavior through promotions to achieve business objectives.

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