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Learn to keep your existing customers happy as they are more likely to purchase from you again as retaining customers is more expensive compared to acquiring new ones, so it is more sensible not to waste your resources or time to search for new customers than simply to keep the existing ones satisfied. 

To convince a customer to go for their initial purchase is not so easy, but after you have started your transaction with them, it is highly possible that they are likely to return back to you. This is the main reason as to why most sale e-mails become so advantageous.

Here,we delve in this article to engage customers with post-purchase email automation that helps to cultivate customer relationships and also repeat purchases with minimum spending of time from your end.

# 1. Send An Email Expressing Thanks

Expressing a simple “thank you” gives your customer a feeling of being appreciated and sending an email post purchase makes them aware that they are not counted as another number, but as someone special. They may have invested their money elsewhere, but have selected you. 

Post-purchase emails receive a 500% higher rate of click-through and a 317% increase in open rate compared to other kinds of emails. Thanking your shoppers may make them decide to subscribe to your email list. Express thanks as it makes them feel welcomed straight away, and nurtures your relationship in a purposeful way. 

Good Dye Young sends a branded purple email thanking their customers for joining after you subscribe to their list.

# 2. Send Information That Is Useful And Serves Customer Purpose

Your new customers may need help to know the way to handle your products or services, more so of those gadgets and apps that require configuration. Despatching a product guide or a tutorial is useful for your customers and you too gain in the process as it lowers the rate of post-sale queries and product returns. 

If customers often ask similar questions after purchasing a specific product, you can reply them by sending an email containing “handy tips”.

 Like for instance, numerous female shoppers like receiving ideas on the way to wear the apparel they have bought. You can also offer details on the way to care for the product. In the same way, you can also reassure your buyers by providing them a knowhow into the shipping procedure, and update them about the delivery of their items.

In case, there already exists instructions regarding shipping of your product, or FAQ’s as well as documentation on your portal, don’t feel vexed to double up as in the end nothing benefits like serving the purpose of your customer and helping them all out!

# 3. Ask For Customer Feedback And Reviews

What your consumers expect from your business is often the crux of marketing questions. Delving into post-purchase engagement doesn’t essentially imply requesting customers to repurchase from you – at least, not instantly. Think about employing your email marketing to gather customer reviews, either on the products themselves or regarding the customer care experience.

A few brands employ these reviews to transfer customers back within the sales funnel. They will present coupon codes for people who finish the survey, raising the chances that they come back to the brand in a shorter duration of time.

In a few cases, you can utilize product reviews in your marketing. We always suggest including them to your product pages to turn future customers.

Apart from drawing qualitative feedback in the shape of reviews, you can even involve customers in questionnaires and surveys to obtain quantitative data. This information can be employed internally to better your customer service and general operations.

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4. Suggest Other Products For Your Prospects

When multiple companies are seeking to raise their revenue, they frequently shift to marketing to fetch new leads and promote sales to discover more prospects.

Nevertheless, most of them fail to extend their most potent growth prospect of all.

Do not neglect your most precious potential market when enlarging your business: your present customers. Upselling cross-selling is an amazing chance for outside sales crews and ignoring them can be crucial.

Considering that gaining a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than maintaining a present one, working on upselling and cross-selling is a much more productive way to increase your business.

Competition is as acute as ever in the attempt for client loyalty in sales. Upselling and cross-selling is a means to outscore your competitors and raise the value of your customers. It is the ideal way to serve your revenue goals in a manner that benefits your business the most.

Not just can upselling and cross-selling to clients be a splendid opportunity for you, but it also functions to aid your customers and keep their trust. In reality, upselling has little to do with shoving more goods and services on a customer, and more on targeting to meet your customer’s requirements.

Upselling comprises a sales technique where the customer is presented a more expensive option or accessory to the product they are buying. Instances of an upsell could be launching a bigger screen to a customer viewing televisions or including a warranty to the product being sold.

Cross-selling is presenting a complementary product or service that the native product does not include. For instance, presenting a credit card to a client that is starting a checking account. They are associated, but not overlapping, products that the client might find handy.

5. Dispatch Replenishment Emails

Brands with a powerful knowledge of their clients can explore replenishment marketing plans and sell to customers when the products they purchased are probable to exhaust or decay.

Chewy has perfected this example. The online pet store will resend cat litter or food weekly or monthly, based on when you set the frequency. This way clients never require to shop elsewhere and Chewy can assure a specific amount of income in the future.

Each business possesses its individual purchasing cycle. Learning when your customers require to return can aid you target them with post-purchase email engagement or coupons to retain their loyalty to your brand.

6. Request Referrals From Your Customers

Like marketing automation emails requesting testimonials, referral emails can constitute a large difference in the progress rate of your business.

The theory underlying it is extremely simple.

By requesting your present users or customers to refer others to your brand, you can obtain a faster reach to your target audience.

Further, by exchanging a few of the profits (usually those who refer or are referred receive some extra incentive) the selling portion is performed by your loyal customers. If they’re really happy with your service and they understand their friends also – assuring them to employ your platform should be a simple affair.

Many renowned startups and different companies that growth-hacked their path into the mainstream, utilized this strategy to their benefit.

Consider Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb, or Transferwise.

These entire companies provide you with an extra bonus – storing space or a voucher for your following trip – if you allude their platform to those who may gain from their service.

It’s a total win situation. Provided, it’s performed in an honest and reliable way.

This is ideal for these industries: Technology & High Tech (esp. SaaS), Internet Marketing, Education, Travel

7. Invite Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

If you possess a loyalty or rewards program in place, post-purchase is your moment to shine. There’s no improved way to promote engagement than, “You’ve earned X points with your purchase.”

Inviting a client to link your rewards program not just offers them yet another cause to buy from you, but it makes them excited about gaining points and potential rewards.

Moreover, you can mix this type of email with a feedback message and provide greater points as a motivation to receive ther review.

Optionally, a plain reminder that they’ve acquired something with their purchase could be sufficient to return them back to your site.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your customers is probably among your leading goals as an online seller, and drawing them back for more is a whole-time job. Nevertheless, by designing a superb post-purchase series, you can cultivate your partnership with them, and restart the customer journey long before they get an inkling they wish to purchase.

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