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Build a fantastic community has been established as the new essential marketing platform. Be it any business, with any target audience- every business needs a community. It helps connect with the customers, take their feedback, solve their problems- get organic leads and loyalty from the existing customers.

Obviously, with most of the customer base lying at a young age, game owners also need a fantastic community for themselves to get a hold over the clientele.

build a fantastic community for your game

If you are one of them, here is a step-by-step process you can follow to make a fantastic community for your game.

Step 1 – Learn

The first step is to do nothing but build a base for everything that you will do. This part also includes reading this blog. You need to learn everything- right from all customizations you need in your community website to host an event- you need to research and learn everything. It is taking up information from different sources and accumulating it to your benefit.

Step 2 – Set up social media

Social media

Once you have decided to build a community and learn the technical aspects, tips, and tricks, you can start setting up social media. You can and have to leverage as many platforms as you can. It is preferred that you give the most important to the platform with the most significant number of your potential members/customers.

You need to be present and need to be active on social media- you not only need to post but also react and comment on other posts. You can answer questions and queries.

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Step 3– Where is your audience?

Finding your target audience and reaching them in the way that they appreciate is the one thing that every business wants. It is the same for communities as well- you need to find where your potential customers/members are.

Then, you need to understand that platform and the activities or the preferences of the customers. The type of content that they consume and other behavior.

Once you figure that out, you reach out to them and start interacting with them- showing them what they are already interested in and driving them into following you.

Step 4 – Talk to them?

Once you have started interacting with potential customers, you need to keep having a conversation with them. You need to keep talking to them via different sources and channels.

You can ask and solve their problems as well as tell them interesting and educating things. This should not be selling anything. The content should be purely to entertain and educate.

Step 5 – Build a website for the community


Once you have spotted and started interacting with the people interested in joining your community, you can start putting your research to use.

You can build a website for your community, and you can choose different types of platforms to do that. You can choose WordPress templates, plugins, customizations, designs as per your customers’ preferences and as per their convenience. Remember that your website’s experience and look and feel need to be good enough for people to like and stay at your website. 

A smooth functioning and multi-device compatible website always do better than one with a complicated and inconvenient website.

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Step 6 – Blog

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog- you need to blog to build a fantastic community. Write about the website, about the game, about the community, about the people’s problems, write about features- write whatever is related to the business- just write.

Blogging educates and helps customers and helps SEO of the website and drives traffic building, an organic audience, and a sustainable brand presence.

Every website needs a blog, but there is no norm that the website needs to follow. Conservatively, there used to be a particular style of writing blogs. But these days, the style of writing has evolved. Especially with a community like gaming, you can experiment as per your audience’s taste.

Step 7 – Events

Once you have a social media presence, website, or blog, you already have community infrastructure. The next thing you need is- planning and organizing events.

This will bring enthusiasm to the community and build a bond among the members and between the members and the community. These activities/events will also bring external traffic to the website and lure more customers/members.

Step 8 – Learn and collaborate with the best.

Observe- observe the best in your competition. See the trends, follow the trends, identify different competitor strategies and start adapting to them. With your infrastructure and regular growth with growing events- you will eventually get popular just that you need to keep on the trends and try some of the strategies.

You can talk to and collaborate with your bigger competitors as well as you to get promotion from them by interacting with their community as well. This can be done by organizing big-scale and ambitious events.

Conclusion of build a fantastic community

WP job manager theme

Learn, work and keep on improving is the basic of doing anything- it is the same with community building. You need to observe what other people are doing, build an infrastructure of your own, and then, you can just keep on improving yourself. Blogs, events, and collaborations are the essential tools you can use for your growth and improvement.

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