How to Implement WooCommerce Gamification

Do you want to make the online shopping experience fun and engaging just like an online game for your eCommerce store? For this, you can add a gamification feature to your store, this helps any business to engage and convert their prospective customers into active customers.

Gamification is the strategy for engaging and influencing the habit of people by adding game-like tactics into nongame environments, like an online community, learning management system, or eCommerce store to increase participation. It motivates users and loyal to your brand by unlocking new levels, earn badges, reward points, virtual currency, and many more rewards as they move to a new level.

In a WordPress website, this can be done easily by using a WordPress gamification plugin. Here, we’ll show you how to implement gamification to your WooCommerce powered online store. WooCommerce is the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce plugin to create an online store. Also, we’ll look at how gamification tactics can benefit your online business.

Gamification’s Impact On E-Commerce

Gamification techniques have been used extensively in eCommerce websites these days. Many e-commerce stores like Starbucks and Domino’s uses a reward program to attract customers with reward and loyalty programs.

A recent poll conducted on the US audience found that around 69% of customers influence by the rewards and loyalty programs offered by the store and around 58% of customers purchase products at least once a month whose loyalty programs they have joined.

Here, some major benefits of using a gamification feature in your online store:

  • Gamification makes customers engaged and loyal to your store, which helps to generate more leads.
  • Reward programs within the eCommerce store or any other website will drive the behaviors you want to get.
  • By introducing a rewards program will generate word-of-mouth advertisements.
  • You can also offer some extra benefits to premier achievers like some offers or exclusive rewards for the best member.

Gamify WooCommerce Store With Gamification Plugins

In WordPress, there are various gamification plugins available to gamify your store. Here, we’ll explain how to implement gamification in your WooCommerce powered store using three popular gamification plugins – GamiPress, myCred, and BadgeOS. To implement WooCommerce gamification, firstly install and activate WooCommerce and then one of the gamification plugins mentioned above and then its addon. Now, let’s go into a detailed explanation.


Implement WooCommerce Gamification

myCred is a gamification plugin built specifically for WordPress-powered websites. It is an ultimate points management system that allows you to create a variety of digital rewards including points, ranks and, badges on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered website.

myCred allows three different ways through which you can award your users:

  1. Points: Set events and triggers to allow real-time tracking and automatically award your users with points.
  2. Ranks: Set ranks within your leaderboards and reward your users with significant perks after they reach a certain milestone.
  3. Badges: Boost your users’ participation by rewarding them for their exceptional performance.

myCred – WooCommerce integration

For implementing points system on myCred and WooCommerce powered store, you have to use an addon myCred WooCommerce plus. The myCred WooCommerce Plus addon helps you award points to your WooCommerce store users using the myCred points management system.

When you installed and activated this plugin, a tab will appear in WooCommerce settings by name of myCred.

Coupons on Ranks

These options have to be enabled to award coupons for ranks and Badges when a user acquired a rank.

Implement WooCommerce Gamification

Activate Ranks Add on


To award Ranks to your customers they must be created before, to create Ranks some settings must be done. Ranks Add-on must be activated from the Add-on tab. For this:

  • Go to the Points tab in Dashboard.
  • Click Add-ons, different Add-ons by myCred will be displayed.
  • You can activate Rank Add-on by clicking on the Activate button.
  • After Ranks Add-on is activated, tabs will be displayed inside the Points tab.
Create Ranks:

Once Ranks Add-on is activated, you can create ranks by navigating Points -> Ranks


By clicking Add new, a Rank page will appear. From here, you can set up a rank and also create a reward coupon for users on achieving this rank. Add the required details and publish them to create a new rank.

Add New Rank Page


We have already shown above, to create badges firstly you have to go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> myCred Tab and enable the Badges option.


Activate Badges Add on

Similarly, Rank Addon is activated you have to activate Badges Add-on by navigating to Points -> Addons. After activating Badges add-on go to:

  • From Dashboard go to Points tab.
  • Click Badges to see a list of badges or create a new Badge.
  • Click Add New to create a new Badge

Now a Badge page will appear from where a new Badge can be created.

activate badges addon

From here, you can set up a Badge by adding all the required details and also set a reward coupon for this badge. Then click publish to create a Badge.

Reward Coupons

reward coupons

When a customer achieves a specific rank or badge they will be rewarded with the coupon. Reward Coupon has three settings that can be set for any specific rank or badge. These are:

  • Discount Type: It is either Fixed Discount or Percentage discount
  • Coupon code: The coupon code will consist of numbers, letters, or special signs which customers can enter while checking out on the WooCommerce store and avail discount on the purchase.
  • Amount: The amount set for a specific Coupon is the number of points given to the customer when the Coupon is rewarded.

The coupon can also be edited or deleted from the Marketing > Coupons tab in Dashboard. The created coupon will be saved in the Coupons tab for the specific rank and badge.


The coupon will be visible on my account page in the My Coupons tab.

my account page
Coupon Visible in My Coupons Tab


To award Ranks or Badges to a particular user Hooks must be activated.

  • To activate Hooks go to the Points tab in Dashboard.
  • Click on the Hooks tab, here you will see available hooks. Click and drag and drop the hooks you want to activate, from Available Hooks to Active Hooks.

Restrict Products

Restrict Products features make the product available for a customer who has that specific rank or badge.

To enable this, firstly go to WooCommerce > Settings > myCred Tab, then go to restrict products option and enable this setting and save it.

Now, Click on the Products tab from Dashboard. Here, you will see a list of all Products, click and edit the product you want to restrict.

Now an Edit product page will appear. On this page, you will see Restrict Products settings from where you can restrict this product on either Ranks or Badges.

gamify store

Points History

To show point history on a user’s My Account page, Go to WooCommerce > Settings > myCred Tab, then go to Points History option and enable this setting and save it.

On the My Account page, the user can view his points history.

Implement WooCommerce Gamification

Display Rewards

With this feature, the site admin can show how many points a customer can earn on a single product page, cart page, and Checkout Page.

You will get an option to set reward points on each product page.

To display rewards on Single Product Page, Cart Page, and on Checkout Page. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > myCred Tab, then go to display rewards option and enable this setting and save it.

Implement WooCommerce Gamification

Front End View of Single Product Page

Implement WooCommerce Gamification
Showing Points on Single Product Page

Front End View of Cart Page

Implement WooCommerce Gamification
Showing Points on Cart Page

Front End View of Checkout Page

Implement WooCommerce Gamification
Showing Points on Checkout Page

Partial Payments

You can allow your users to pay for the order partially using points and the remaining will be paid using one of the payment gateways.

To enable this setting, Go to WooCommerce > Settings > myCred Tab, then go to the Partial Payments option and enable this setting according to your requirements.

Implement WooCommerce Gamification

That’s all we have for myCred and WooCommerce integration. There are more settings like WooCommerce Product referral, logs.

Logs will be generated for the specific point type whereas WooCommerce Product referral to award users with points on the successful purchase of WooCommerce referral products.


gamipress, Implement WooCommerce Gamification

GamiPress is a free and one of the best gamification plugins to gamify your WordPress website. It allows you to add digital rewards for interacting with your site. It provides three powerful ways to award your users, these are:

  1. Points: It automatically awards points to your users for interacting with your website.
  2. Achievements: It let you award users for completing all the requirements, sequentially or otherwise.
  3. Ranks: It let your users rise through the ranks by completing all the rank requirements.

Features of GamiPress

  • Allow to Configure as many types of points as credits, Gems, Coins, etc.
  • Configure achievement types as you want like Quests, Badges, etc.
  • Configure types of rank like Level, Grade, etc.
  • Allow to easily configure automatic ways to award or deduct points to your users.
  • Allow you to set a time period (minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) for completing a specific requirement.
  • Drag and drop controls to set up your gamification environment in minutes.
  • It has an option of Social sharing that allows users to share the achievements and ranks they have earned on any social network.
  • Allow unlocking achievements and ranks using points.
  • users will automatically be notified about new awards on their email.
  • Blocks, Shortcodes & Widgets: WordPress-friendly blocks, shortcodes, and widgets to show the user points wallet, earned achievements, latest logs, and more.
  • Full support to WordPress rest API brings you new ways to connect GamiPress with external applications.

GamiPress – WooCommerce integration

GamiPress plugin is extremely flexible which allows you to add custom features and functionalities to your website. If you want to add a gamification feature in your online store, you have to use a GamiPress – WooCommerce integration plugin. This plugin automatically connects GamiPress and WooCommerce, thus easily allow you to give points, badges, rewards to your store users.

From the product edit screen, you can enable points for that product and also set several points to award customers when users purchase it.

Product Edit page


Implement WooCommerce Gamification

BadgeOS is an extremely powerful and infinitely extensible gamification plugin for WordPress sites. It turns your WordPress site into an achievement, badging, and engagement management system. You can define Achievements, ranks, and points and then customize them according to your requirements.

BadgeOS – WooCommerce integration

Like we have mentioned above for myCred and GamiPress, for adding a gamification feature in your BadgeOS and WooCommerce powered online store, you have to use a BadgeOS – WooCommerce integration plugin. This plugin automatically connects BadgeOs and WooCommerce, thus allowing you to assign points, badges, rewards to your WooCommerce store users.

This addon lets you award badges, ranks, and achievements to the customers on the purchase of WooCommerce products Which in turn increases the engagement of your customers and thus increases your store sale.

BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration Add-On Features

  • Allow rewarding with achievement on purchase of any or specific product.
  • Option to reward achievement on the purchase of any specific product type like a simple product, grouped product, external product, etc.
  • It has the option to reward with an achievement when the total cart amount is equal to a specific amount.
  • Award the BadgeOS points with the badges and achievements on the purchase of WooCommerce products.
  • Users can redeem the BadgeOS points for purchasing the products.

Our Compatible WordPress Themes

Implement WooCommerce Gamification
Check Out Reign Demos | BuddyX Demos

Reign Theme – Reign theme has support for myCred, GamiPress, and BadgeOS plugins. It is an ultimate community-dedicated theme, with the support of various plugins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, LearnDash, LifterLMS, Elementor, EDD, Dokan, and many more, you can easily design your website in minutes. Check Reign Theme Demos.

BuddyX Theme – BuddyX is a free WordPress theme, it has dedicated support for the GamiPress plugin and also supports myCred. It is a  powerful WordPress social network theme to create websites like Facebook or private community for all niches. Also, it supports various plugins which help to add more functionality to your site.

BuddyX Pro Theme – BuddyX Pro is a premium version of our free WordPress theme, it has dedicated support for GamiPress and BadgeOS but you can also integrate myCred to add gamification to your store. It has the full support of various plugins like Dokan Multi-Vendor, Tutor LMS, WC Vendors, LearnDash, and many more.


This is all about how to implement gamification to your WooCommerce powered store. Try our WordPress themes to complement your online store with amazing layouts and advanced customization options.

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