SMM strategies

With 3.2 billion users – approximately 42% of the population – logging in to different social media channels each and every day, it has become almost impossible to imagine any serious business without going social.

When we add the fact that an average user spends 2 hours and 22 minutes per day engaging with various social media content, we should thoroughly consider its potential for increasing the conversion rates of your online business.

SMM strategy

Here are some social media marketing strategies you can start using to get more traffic and increase your WooCommerce sales.

Start with the basics

It’s hard to think about being successful in social media marketing if you don’t start from the very beginning, which is and has always been the customer.

So, the first thing you need to do is determine your target audience and then make an effort to really get to know their habits, needs, pain points, and preferences. Relying on guesswork when it comes to this part of the process is the worst thing you can do because such mistakes can cost you a lot, both in terms of time and money.

However, many business owners aren’t sure how to get a detailed profile of their ideal customer, which is why it’s best to hire a professional for the job. This way you won’t miss your target customer and you’ll prevent your campaign from falling flat.

Create great content

quality content

After a detailed insight into the characteristics of your buyer personas, the next basic step for building an effective marketing strategy is tailoring your content so that it speaks the language your audience understands and uses.

As we’ve already said, the focus is on the customer, so your content should be a response which will address their needs and offer useful and efficient solutions.

The content will depend on the products and services you are offering, but it’s essential to make it relevant, actionable and organized in order to improve customer engagement and retention.

Try using the 80/20 principle as your guideline to avoid your content being too salesy. In other words, ensure that at least 80% of material is useful for your prospects – don’t create posts about your company, products, and features. Focus on providing valuable content to your audience.

As the video is at the very peak of its popularity on most social media channels, include it in your social media strategy.

Infographics are another type of content which will most definitely catch the eye of your followers.

As a matter of fact, these colorful, graphic representations of information are 3 times more liked and shared on social media channels than any other content type.

Focus on interaction

focus on interaction

The greatest thing about social media has always been its interactive nature, and if you want to use this resource for reaching your audience and your goals, you need to make use of it.  

Inhabiting social media space is nothing like promoting your company on a billboard or placing an ad in the newspaper. To be visible, you need to post fresh and interesting content on a regular basis, so you need to be constantly active.  

The key is to keep your potential customers informed and engaged, as well as to interact with them as much as possible. Don’t forget that 71% of customers who have a positive service experience through social media are likely to recommend your brand to others, so make sure to respond to social media feedback, questions, and comments even if they’re negative.

Using social media for customer service has been picking up steam for quite some time, and it’s not an option but a must these days.

Not only will you be able to help your customers solve potential issues with your products and services, but you’ll also have an opportunity to feel the pulse of your audience and improve your customer data.

Social media listening

social media listening

In order to react to both the praises and the complaints you receive, you need to listen closely to your prospects. Especially if we bear in mind that people tend to have high expectations when it comes to your feedback, even though their post might not even be directed to you directly.

Some surveys say that 50% of the users expect the answer to their query in two hours’ time and that 36% of people might go on to shame the business if they don’t get a response within the expected interval.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use a reliable social mention monitoring tool, in order to avoid such situations, and reduce the possibility of suffering a drop in sales because of a bad reputation.

Get the reviews

customer feedback

For your social media marketing to be effective, you’ll need to get the social proof that the products and services you offer are valuable, and it’s best to hear it firsthand.

You can do social media listening to obtain the reviews because some of this content is purely organic, as it comes from truly satisfied customers wishing to share their positive experience with others.

A follow-up “thanks” email sent to your customers after the purchase is a great way to get more reviews which you can later use in your social media strategy.

Don’t hesitate to ask, and even incentivize your happy customers to put in a good word for you and encourage them to write reviews.

If possible, try to connect with some social media influencers relevant in your field, as their positive feedback might boost your sales.


So, if you still haven’t seriously considered increasing WooCommerce sales through social media marketing, its high time to make such a decision. Research suggests that 42% of persons use social media when searching for new brands or products, making them unavoidable part of every marketing journey.

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