How To Create A Website Like Fiverr Using WordPress? No Coding Required

Create A Website Using WordPress

According to a recent 2019 study, more than 53% of U.S. workers earned their income by freelancing their services online. This is the highest independent workforce participation of any age bracket since FIA’s launch in 2014.

With the above-mentioned stats, we can easily make out the reach and growth of freelancing services. Online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, two most famous global freelancing platform offer an amazing interface to connect freelancers to potential employees for a small fee. In fact, these two are not alone, there are a huge number of micro-jobs websites that cater to the needs of the freelancing industry.

If you are also impressed by these freelancing platforms and are planning to earn by connecting vendors and customers for selling and purchasing services, you can easily do so with the help of WordPress without having to indulge in any coding. Creating a site like Fiverr or work becomes easy when you choose WordPress as your platform. This is because WordPress is a simple and highly flexible platform that offers features to create a website of any niche. Moreover, this platform is open source and offers thousands of themes and plugins to help you extend your website. In today’s article, we will show you How can you make a website like Fiverr with WordPress with zero coding.

What Will You Require To Make A Fiverr Like Website?

So, before starting with creating a website like Fiverr, there are a few things that you will need to start. Let’s take a look:

Firstly, you will have to make sure that the platform you are planning to create your website is best suited for that purpose. We would recommend you going with WordPress. So, you will need a self-hosted website on WordPress.
For a WordPress website, you will need the following :

  • A Domain Name (Choose it wisely as this will be the name of your website as well)
  • A WordPress Hosting Account
  • An SSL Certificate (This will give you the power to accept online payments) Know more about SSL here.
  • Plugins to help you sell services and a theme providing the needed design.

We will walk you through all the steps one by one.

Creating A WordPress Powered Fiverr Like Website

STEP 1: Set up Hosting and Domain name

There are many options when it comes to choosing a domain name, SSL certificate and hosting provider. You can choose the one that suits your needs. Some popular WordPress hosting companies include:
To start, you will firstly need a WordPress hosting account domain name, as well as an SSL certificate.

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • CloudWays

Know More About Hosting Services Here.

All these hosting companies can offer you WordPress hosting at an affordable price.

STEP 2: Install WordPress

Your hosting will automatically install WordPress on your web server when you have signed up with them.
You can then log in to your admin dashboard directly from your account. Here is a complete guide on starting a website from scratch

Step 3: Install and Activate the Micro-job WordPress theme (Reign)

One of the most essential thing while creating a job-related website, is an easy and approachable design. There are many themes available in the market that will serve your purpose. However, we will suggest you go with Reign BuddyPress theme which is a great theme to help you create niche-specific websites like Fiverr.

You can now install and activate the Reign Theme. If you need any assistance, check out this guide on How to install the Reign theme.
Once the theme is activated, you will have to now need to enter your license key which you can find in your Reign Theme account.

You can now simply install the demo on your site with just a few clicks. This theme is fully compatible with Easy Digital Downloads and EDD Sell Services that we will be using to set up our micro-job website. With this integration, you will get a website that is a fully-functional website like Fiverr.

Step 4: Installing Micro-job plugin Easy Digital Downloads

Next up, we will be installing the Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. Before we move forward, let us give you some info on this plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads is one of the top WordPress plugins that allow you to sell digital products online. From eBooks, PDF files, WordPress plugins, music, this plugin allows you to sell any digital product with full swing.
All you need to do is download this plugin from the WordPress repo and install it on your site. The basic plugin is free and its extensions are paid.

Step 5: Managing Easy Digital Downloads Plugin


Once the plugin is installed, you will create pages, creating products, managing payment methods one by one. All these pages and elements are fully integrated with the theme’s design so there is nothing to worry about. For complete documentation, you can check this out.

Step 6: Installing EDD Sell Services

Since your micro-job website will be related to services, here is an EDD add-on, EDD Sell Services that will allow you to sell services directly from your EDD store.
More than selling services like Fiverr or Upwork, this plugin will offer you many other features as well.

This EDD add on will offer you the following features:

Create A Website Using WordPress

1. It will create a new product type called “EDD Services” which you can use to sell services. A vendor can select this product type when he will add his service from the Downloads> All Downloads Page.

Create A Website Using WordPress

2. EDD Sell services will also allow vendors on your site to add questions that will be required to process service. Vendors can add multiple questions regarding the requirements and once the customers have submitted the order requirements, the order will start.

Create A Website Using WordPress

3. Customers and Vendors can easily manage their orders in a tabular form from the frontend. They will get a manage order page that can be configured by the admin from the backend. This page will display each service, its price, its date, Action, and status.

Create A Website Using WordPress


4. It provides an easy to communicate feature, adds a dedicated conversation section for each order. Both the vendor and customer can communicate using this section regarding the service being performed or the product being purchased.

Create A Website Using WordPress


5. Vendor and customer will also receive emails for each conversation trigger such as order started, the order in process, order completed, etc. An admin can easily enable and disable these triggers from the backend.


6. Allows admins to set up images of their choice for different process levels of order.


7. Allows customers and vendors to add reviews and ratings. This feature works like Upwork. Once the customer has submitted his review for the vendor, he will be able to see the review of the particular vendor for himself. Thus, both parties can review each other.


8. A dedicated EDD Service widget to setup Estimated Delivery Time and add your own questions or requirements. Moreover, you will get a few more widgets such as Download Details, Categories and EDD Service order status which you can place on your site.

Step 9: Setting Up EDD Front-End Submissions Plugin (Multi-vendor functionality)

Freelancing sites like Fiverr connect vendors and freelancers from all over the world which means it allows many freelancers or vendors to sell services on a single platform where potential customers can buy those services upon a proper conversation with the particular vendor. A vendor then delivers the service to the customer once it has been purchased. You will also require a similar functionality while creating a Fiverr like site of your own. You will have to add multiple vendors or service providers to your site that is giving your site a multi-vendor service selling functionality.

This functionality can be achieved by EDD Front-End Submissions Plugin which offers useful features to help you turn your EDD website into a complete multi-vendor marketplace. This plugin is an add on to Easy Digital Downloads and is needed to add multiple vendors on your site.
Few useful features of this plugin include:

1. Vendor Dashboard

Vendor Dashboard allows users to register to become a vendor from frontend and once approved they get access to their separate vendor dashboard.

2. Commission tracking

Vendors selling services can easily track their commissions with the commission’s extension which is fully integrated with this plugin. They can check their earnings in their own dashboard.

3. Vendor and product moderation

This plugin also offers complete review processes for new vendor registration and product submissions.

4. Email Notifications:

To help admins keep updated about the new product submissions and vendor registrations, this plugin also offers complete email notification options which can also be configured separately.

Sell Services Like Fiverr With WordPress

Your WordPress website having Fiverr like functionality is all ready. Now you can simply add vendors and sell digital products and services online. Simple micro jobs can be posted via customers and fulfilled by freelancers based on commission features. All three basic plugins serve their own purposes so they are needed to create a Fiverr like website.

So, Ready To Get Started With Your Freelancing Website?



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