Cherish Your Community With Your Custom Social Network

In order to make everyone feel connected, let them share an interactive platform where they can express their thoughts, opinions, and feelings. And, one way to do is to create custom social network!

Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying the day. I’m not here to talk about what social media is all about and what’s the role it plays in our lives. I’m sure you’re aware of it. Aren’t you?

But the point is how many of you really care about it that you should create a custom social network of your own. And, here is the point for which I’m gonna starting today’s discussion.

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Many of us are working in our own niche and no doubt you’re managing well your business. Really? Is it?

If I ask you what your customers are planning today, would you be able to answer it clearly? If I ask you what’s the major shift in the preferences of your customers, would you be able to answer it clearly? If I ask you are they gonna switching off your products in near future, would you be able to answer it clearly?

Many of you’ll say No! Why? Because you can’t be with them every 24 hours in a day. Because you can only influence them when they are in contact with you either at your doorstep or through your advertisement. Right?

That’s where a custom social network brings a huge difference between your thinking and the winners.

Wanna know how? Let’s play a game! You just need to think and answer these simple questions.

Have Fun To Create Custom Social Network

Let’s say you have your own community of your customers and want them to share a common platform.

What features you can think your community website should have?

1. Privacy?

Obviously, you don’t want your customer’s profile to get public and indexed by Google.

lock members profile, custom social network

So, what’s the basic feature that your community website must possess?

It could be a locking component that allows you to lock your members and groups profile in order to prevent getting public.

It also has a feature to protect Custom Post Types from logout users.

Great! Must have a look at BuddyPress Lock – Private Community

2. Social Sharing?

What I’m explaining to you here, if you liked it, you surely will share it with your friends. Similarly, they’ll share it further.

Social Sharing, custom social network

What if your community website has a social sharing option? It allows your community members to share posts outside that community to other social networks. ANd, your brand gets a huge exposure.

Great! Now look at BuddyPress Activity Social Share

3. Won’t you like to manage your custom social network without any coding?

Obviously, who won’t like to do so.
How will you manage the complex codes to provide social network functionalities to your community members? Think!


A simple and most-demanded solution is using Shortcodes. Shortcodes allow you to show activity streams and members and group listings on any post or page on your social network.

Got it? Now explore Shortcodes for BuddyPress

4. A reminder of important tasks?

We all can’t remember everything. Often it happens that the important task gets skipped on the due date. So, is it not that good if you’re able to remind them of these important tasks before the deadline?

to do lists

You can create your custom social network provide them a feature to ‘edit’, ‘delete’, ‘mark-complete’ their task that reminds the user that their due date has arrived. And send an email or notification to the user.

If you got this point, time to explore BuddyPress User Todo List

5. How’ll you know what the majority wants?

Getting insights on what the majority is liking or disliking, will solve many of your problems as a businessman. Because you can do any necessary modifications from the very beginning phase.
And, the best way to do this is to do polling. Polling allows the members to give their votes for what they are liking or what are their opinions.


And, if you understood the importance of polling feature in a social network, you definitely won’t like to scroll down without checking BuddyPress Polls

Treasure of your social network is here!

These are just a little bit of features that your community site deserves to have. In fact, there are lots of options available that you should implement on your site to make it more attractive and engaging.
You can explore all of them by clicking the link below:

BuddyPress Add-ons

custom social network

Not only this, here is something more for you!

To use these BuddyPress Add-ons, you need to create a social network where you can add these functionalities for your community members.

I’m assuming that you all are aware of how well WordPress is playing its role in today’s digital era. If not, check out this link:

Just 2 steps and you’ll be ready to rock!

  1. Get BuddyPress to integrate social network functionality on your WordPress site.
  2. Get Reign BuddyPress Theme to cherish your BuddyPress community site with superb and stylish layouts.

Let your brand speak loud with your own custom social network.

peepso community theme (1)

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