Best Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment In WordPress

Often you find visitors arriving at your e-commerce website and put one or more products into the shopping trolley and exit without finishing the process of purchasing. Such a lack of purchase can occur on the virtual shop page, at the time of checkout or during any phase of the journey of the customer. This is what shopping cart abandonment is all about and the higher the percentage of people skipping the purchasing process, the higher the rate of shopping cart abandonment.

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Here we compile some of the best ways that facilitate a reduction in shopping cart abandonment and bring conversions easily.

# 1 Raise The Speed Of The Site

If your site loads slowly, it can influence the rate of shopping cart abandonment. So, you should strive intensely to raise the loading speed of your site.

This is just a concomitant of possessing a website nowadays and Google has discovered that lengthier loading times highly raise the bounce rate of mobile.

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Additionally, Amazon informed nearly a decade ago that an additional second in a time of page loading could lower their sales by $1.6 billion.

# 2 Provide Rebates On Shipping

An excellent means to decrease cart abandonment is to reduce shipping costs for your clients. Shipping can greatly increase the expense of purchase – one that the client might not have reckoned.

A rebate on shipping or presenting outright free shipping is among the finest means to make customers finish the sale and return for another purchase afterward. Besides, customers are more probably to make more purchases when shipping does not matter.

Zappos presents a wonderful example of e-commerce free shipping. The free shipping banner above the site allows customers to know accurately what they’re entering the moment they reach the site.

# 3 Streamline the Checkout Process

You may have encountered many instances of attempting to buy a product online only to get involved in a cumbersome checkout process. A checkout procedure that involves several pages isn’t a nice idea. As with every click to the next page, you offer the likely customer another opportunity to leave their cart so don’t provide them the chance! If anything isn’t truly essential for the checkout process such as contact and billing details, then it should be rejected completely.

The following are a few measures to improve the checkout process:

Employ a one-step checkout – Enforce all the steps required to check out on a single page. If you can’t compress so much, try to decrease the number of steps or simply simplify the form or different elements to streamline things.

Allow guest checkout – As noted above, being compelled to open one more account is a cause for many to not undergo their purchase. Permitting to shop as a guest removes that hurdle. WooCommerce includes all these aspects out of the box.

Remove clicks – Normally, view where you can lessen the actions that someone requires to purchase from your store. For instance, users needn’t be guided to their shopping cart instantly after including an item. They can go back with just a single click. At the minimum, if you can’t remove anything, employ a progress indicator to display people how much far they are in the shopping process.

Apart from discovering what works, go for split testing to view what alterations bring improvements.


# 4 Create A Customer Friendly Site

The finest way to lower cart abandonment is to render your portal as simple to use as possible. This involves the improvement of the site design to provide nice user flow plus navigation. It should offer plenty of details up front to make visitors feel that nothing is hidden. It also includes employing top-quality snaps of your products. Nothing is more selling than a photo!

Ultimately, a really customer-friendly site grants priority to the information above the bells and whistles. A site may appear extremely fanciful, but if the aspects like basic elements of great design and nice user flow are absent, conversion by potential customers is going to be difficult.

Ensuring your site offers engaging desktop user flows examples can provide a clear insight into the ease of navigability and enhance consumer retention. Keeping the navigation intuitive plays a pivotal role in reducing cart abandonment; displaying efficient design models can offer customers assurance and comfort with their browsing experience.

# 5 Send A Reminder On Email

You should understand that simply because a customer leaves her cart, it doesn’t imply that she has no motive for finishing the transaction.

Occasionally, all a customer requires is a reminder that they abandoned their cart with products still in it. The best way to accomplish this is to dispatch an email reminder following a few days to intimate the customer that his cart was abandoned. It is ideal to provide options to the customer here. He can purchase the products, obviously, or he can save the cart for the future, or simply empty the cart.

Including the “Save” alternative is truly smart as sometimes customers have valid reasons for not concluding a purchase at a particular time.

# 6 Offer A Coupon Or Discount

Another means to draw potential customers to your site is to present a coupon or discount within your email reminder. You may wish to linger on till the second or third email reminder before presenting the discount. The reason is that customers may comprehend this tactic and merely “wait you out” to avail the discount.

As an intermediary tactic, this may be successful in raising conversions and lowering your cart abandonment issues. It also travels a long way in displaying you value your customers, which aids in propelling repeat business.

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# 7 Begin Tracking

Before you can lower rates of cart abandonment, you initially need to understand the status quo. You can discover what’s happening by glancing at Google Analytics and its improved e-commerce tracking.

You can know how to configure it from the tutorial. Following that, you are enabled to access your data by Conversions > Ecommerce > Shopping Behavior within Google Analytics. From here, you can find out at which stage users leave the checkout process.

Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment In WordPress

# 8 Raise Trust Indicators

Trust is a vital currency on the web in common, but specifically in e-commerce. When people dispense their hard-earned money, they want to ensure that no risk is involved.

A few vital markers to fortify trust are:

  • Clear means of corresponding with the site owner
  • Professional web design
  • Rely on logos like from virus scanners
  • Privacy policy
  • Social proof
  • Money-return guarantee or different assurances

If you’re carrying a security badge, the following are the most dependable:

Trust badges aid to lower shopping cart abandonment

Additionally, a thing possessing special worth in e-commerce is reviews. They are among the most dependable factors in buying decisions. 88% of clients rely on them as equally as personal advice. Therefore, this is mandatory for an online store.

# 9 Offer Additional Payment Methods

If you are engaging with customers from across the world, you must understand that a single payment method doesn’t suit all.

Lower shopping cart abandonment with many payment gateways.

For instance, PayPal is not present in a few countries, so, persons from these locales are not able to shop at your outlet if you have only that service.

So, locate your prospective customers and where they hail from. Next, evaluate their chosen means of payment and see how you can comply with that.

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# 10 Attempt Conversational Marketing

Possessing a conversational marketing plan for your website constitutes a fantastic means to aid lower shopping cart abandonment on your site.

You can begin by employing conversational forms, which operate as a one-on-one conversation with the user.

Further, if connecting with your brand is super simple (particularly during the checkout process) you’ll witness far more people finishing their checkouts. Live chat software offers an excellent means to achieve this.

Can’t spare the moment to chat with customers on your own. You can employ Chatbots, artificially intelligent software applications, that employ natural language and pre-programmed reactions to start a conversation with your site users.


Final Thoughts On Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

When you operate an e-commerce store, you may think that you simply require to make customers include items to their cart and you are relieved of your worries. Sadly, your job doesn’t end there. Cart abandonment constitutes an extremely real issue and whereas you may possess an excellent track record at enabling people to include your finest items to their carts, making them convert and finish the sale is an altogether different thing.

To lessen this issue, you can present shipping rebates or restrict the steps needed to finish checkout. You can wait to ask visitors to subscribe for a site account till they conduct a purchase or you can dispatch a friendly email reminder. Coupons function, too. And when everything fails, ensure to maintain your site as easy and user-friendly as probable. These are the tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate lower substantially and your final sales increase.

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