If you are interested in SEO and have delved into this matter you might have come across the term “backlinks”. This is one of the most important aspects of the search engine optimization. Well, in order to come up with a good and effective SEO, backlinks become an inevitable part. In simpler words, they are responsible for building an effective SEO; you can think of them as the “building blocks of SEO”. Those who are not so tech-savvy or updated with such technical terms don’t worry at all. This blog has been developed mainly concentrating on giving a detailed insight on the building blocks of the SEO i.e. how important are backlinks for SEO. Read on to know.

What Is Backlinks?

If you haven’t heard of the term “backlinks”, you probably have heard another term – “inbound link”, which is another terminology of backlink. With the help of this inbound link or backlink, you can go back to your own website. If you want to know whether a website is popular or not, or how important a website is, you can easily understand that by the backlinks; they are like indicators. According to Google, websites having quality backlinks are legitimate ones and comparatively more relevant than the other websites that appear while searching a query.

Contextual Backlinks

Do you have a clear idea about the contextual backlinks? Well, contextual backlinks are the backlinks, which are generally spotted in between the sentence of an article or a post. The contents or posts having this contextual backlink are considered having high value. The logic behind this is that the content is so good and so important that it has been linked to some other posts or content on relatable topics. As it is kind of more conscious, it can contribute high valued page results. Other than being more conscious, the features like being specific and being related to the topic are also the reasons behind higher and greater page results.

Importance of the Backlinks in SEO

Understand How Important the Backlinks Are

One of the most important facets of the backlinks is “relevance”.  Whenever you type a particular keyword in the Google search engine, it tries to find out the importance and the relevance of that keyword to the website. Moreover, while checking the relevance, Google looks for the total number of good and effective backlinks pointing back to that website.

Good quality and effective backlinks make a particular website more relevant and important to the search engines. Whenever a backlink is pointing to your website and the content of that website is related to your site, that backlink becomes an effective and quality link. Hence, you can easily understand that the key factor is nothing other the “relevance”. The more the content is relevant, the more the quality of the backlinks improves!

In the case of search engine optimization, a good and effective backlink is almost like the trademark or indication of quality and effective SEO. So, if you are wondering how to enhance the SEO of your site you can pay better attention to the backlinks!

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