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Are you a blogger or new to blogging? What are your blogging strategies? Not decided yet. To get started with blogging, you must know first about Blogging Planner. As we all know, How much blogging is becoming a viral profession in the current scenario? Yeah, so as a blogger, it is mandatory for you to know all the terms related to blogging.

Blogging Planner is just nothing a simple blogging strategy or planning following which you can easily automate your blog post. What are doing as a blogger, writing great and quality content and make them publish on social media? Isn’t it enough to give blogging a complete justice? Writing a wonderful content and make it published is a part of blogging. Before it, you need to go through with the several other planning steps.

Let’s Check Out Steps Of Blogging Planner

In this article, I will make you familiar with the important steps to follow before writing your content. Trust me; this will give your content and blogging an extra weight and success. Find below:

Blogging Goals

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Setting your blogging and content goals is start key to continue with blogging. As a blogging professional, you must clear your goal and objectives to focus on. You do not have to come up with just writing 4- 5 blog content and make them publish. You must have a strategy to improve it and gain benefit through blogging. As a blogger, only writing should be your goal, you should where to go and how much to earn by doing blogging. Setting your top goals for blogging should be the priority, you must go with. Moreover, you can come up with new, different goals and strategies each month if the previous strategy not worked alike.

To Do Lists

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To Do list for blogging is one place to track all of those things you know you need to do, or that you discover over time. Any changes or improvements you note in your goal planning, you can copy here, as well as any other tasks you have on your plate or want to tackle. Take a regular, weekly and monthly overview of your To Do list which you can use for more detailed and scheduled work. This to-do list must be updated as per your set changes. Trust me, pick your work by the to-do list, it will be really helpful to you and avoid the mess.


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Brainstorming should be your key part while setting your career as a blogger. Instead of just writing up whatever article ideas come to you, have some brainstorming makes you think about what kind of post you are going to write when you plan to publish it, what is interesting about it, and so on. If you were thinking about writing an article about how to make money with a blog, you might want to gather some insights from some blogging influencers and include them as quotes from the article.

Calendars And Contacts

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You can add your events, meetings, create and schedule plans as Calenders give you a place where you can note down your important dates. The Monthly Editorial Calendar, which your planner includes one sheet designated for each month, is particularly useful. Next is a sheet of Contacts which, again, you can print as many as you need. This is particularly useful for keeping track of other bloggers and colleagues in your niche.

Influencer Planning

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As you are getting popular with your niche and as you begin to meet more people through offline and online, some of them will be influencers in your niche. It is important to carefully consider how you can best build relationships with those individuals and keep track of how those develop. I want to recommend you for being open to any number of possible directions and scenarios. As we all know, change is a trend, we all have to opt the current trend. Being engaged with more influencers definitely gives your niche an extra popularity and success.

Sponsors & Advertisers

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You need to prepare your sponsor’s sheet. It will help you to track your paying advertisers, as well as potentially inspire new collaboration or cooperative activities. You can easily track your sponsored programs and paid campaigns. As Accept sponsorships of others to make your website more genuine and capable of money making. As much you will spend on sponsorships, as a result, you will get the same value or even more in return.

Affiliate Programs

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Next, you have an opportunity to begin filling in your affiliate program relationships. Again, just as with the calendar, the act of filling this out will help you far more than just giving you someplace to list them. Seeing them all in one place may help you visualize how they do or do not overlap, work together, and even generate ideas on how you might further promote those affiliate products.

Guest Post Planner

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One of the best techniques a blogger can use for expanding your audience is to publish great guest posts on other people’s blogs. The Guest Post Planner will help you document and track the major blogs and publications that you identify for potential publishing. Post your blogs as a guest on other’s website or acceptance of other’s post is keep the same importance as yours. The number of guest or visitors helped to increase your website ranking as well as leave many backlinks.

Social Media Promotion Schedule

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Social platforms are key places to connect with other people who share mutual interests, which means they are often filled with likely readers of your latest blog posts. However, each Group has their own set of rules and permissions. Pat Flynn, for instance, allows members to share their latest posts and promotions only on Fridays as a comment on his invitation post. The Promotion Schedule will help you track which Groups you can post in, when.

Email Campaign Tracker

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Email Campaign Tracker initially to plan out campaigns, and then after the fact to record their performance. Just as with our editorial calendar, it’s powerful and effective to concentrate on a single message for a given period so that each post and email can build on the last. Trust me, the shotgun approach of blogging or emailing about whatever comes to mind just doesn’t work as well. After each campaign, you can note details like Opens, Clicks, and Unsubscribes. While most every email marketing solution has that data, it is not always readily available, or easily compared to other campaigns. If you are diligent about documenting the performance of every email campaign, you will see trends develop and be able to respond to them far more quickly.

Wrapping Words!

Here, I am wrapping up my words. I have mentioned most of the possible steps above to make you know the better understanding of blogging planner. Hope, this article maintains the worth of your time spent and solve the purpose of your reading. If you have any suggestions, you leave a reply in the comment box below.

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