what is the Difference between SEO and PPC

A most common question asked about SEO vs PPC. “Which is the best tool for online promotion“,” what is the difference between SEO and PPC”? “Why do we need to use them”? The Answer to this question. Both are the powerful method of online marketing used for generating traffic for the website.

SEO  stands for Search Engine Optimization used to generate the traffic organically whereas PPC stands for Pay Per Click used for paid advertisements. And, both are part of Search Engine Marketing. The intent of both is the same only difference in terms of its approach, and technique.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between SEO and PPC in the aspect of Search result position, cost, easily handle, traffic potential and conversion.

What Is The Difference Between SEO and PPC?


1. Position in Google Search Result


The position of SEO and PPC is completely separate.

The organic result always appears in the middle of PPC ads, it depends on how your website is optimized and it takes a lot of effort to get a position in the search result. In a search result, PPC ads always appear above and bottom of the organic result. Ad position depends on the Ad Rank which Google provides to your Ad based on your bidding, landing page experience, and ad relevance.

2. Cost Of Marketing

paid search vs organic search

As we discussed earlier the cost of SEO is free whereas PPC is paid.

For getting top 5 positions in the search result, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get and maintain the position for any keyword.

Getting result for any keyword is not easy because for single keyword many competitors are available in the market and selling their service, for the better result it is important to have best SEO plan and how to execute the plan, You must have an optimized website.

Cost of PPC depends on the bidding strategy, keyword competition, and Quality Score.

As per the new Budget Planner tool in Google Ads Campaign, you can now create a plan for your budget based on the clicks or conversions. The best part with PPC is you have to pay per click and for this, you may set your daily budget.

3. Traffic Potential

pay per click marketing , paid search vs organic search

Which process gives you more traffic SEO or PPC? The result from organic traffic is better in terms of cost as well as traffic in the first position.

If you are in the top 5 positions then SEO will give you more and relevant traffic. For achieving top position in the search result is not easy via SEO but if you got the position through SEO then you can maintain your position in an easy way. It is quite difficult with PPC. PPC needs more money to spend on all those keywords that you want to rank for. Besides, it is the competition and ad relevancy too that matters a lot to acquire traffic to your site.


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4. Conversion Rate

paid search vs organic search

If we are talking about conversion rate then, PPC is quite effective than SEO in terms of conversion.

If your ad is optimized and highly targeted for the particular service and products then, it will help to increase the conversion because 100% actual visitors will visit who genuinely need that service. When it comes to SEO, conversions take time. As it requires a proper SEO Strategy and patience to beat the competition for the target keywords to get a higher ranking among organic search results.

5. Ease of use

SEO and PPC both of them are simple if you have sufficient knowledge and experience to handle these tool, But if you are not that much expertise then neither SEO is easy nor PPC. For using any tool you must have an entire understanding of the process then only you can utilize the tools effectively.

SEO usually takes much time and effort to provide results.

Sometimes, due to high competition, it may take several months to obtain rank for target search terms.

And, obviously, you have to be an SEO professional to get relevant results.

On, the contrary takes less time. Still, you need to understand all the terminologies before using PPC.

You should be well adversed with bidding strategies, ad groups, and keywords, auction insights, etc.

You should also understand how well you can remarket your product to your audience.



You need to use both SEO and PPC in your promotion campaign.

SEO is a lengthy process which takes some time for ranking keywords whereas PPC is a faster result for a particular keyword but it needs to focus correct keyword. Decide your goals both short term and long term and prepare a proper online marketing strategy and rock with stunning results.


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