How Effectively You Can Use Different Online learning styles In Your Online Courses

online learning styles

Online learning is in trend these days. If you are an online educator, you should explore different online learning styles to make your online courses more interesting. This way, you can give your best to make your students stick with your course material even if they are studying in isolation.

Contrary to online education, when students learn in a classroom, the educator can do many activities to make his students engaged in what he is teaching. But, creating such an interactive learning environment seems difficult.

And, today, I’m here to share some interesting online learning styles that you can use on your LMS website to make your learning material more interesting than ever.

Do You Know How To Create eLearning Website?

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Seeking ideas to create eLearning website? But, don’t know how to code your own Learning Management System? Here is a solution!

Today, the technology has been so advanced that even a non-coder also create eLearning website without taking help from any web development professional. All thanks to WordPress LMS!

If you are damn serious to get started with your eLearning website on your own, LearnDash and LifterLMS are the best options to choose from. Do check out this article on:


[idea]Easily Create An Online Education Website On WordPress[/idea]


Let’s come back to our topic to understand what are the different online learning styles that you can use within your online courses.

What Are The Different Online Learning Styles?

Learning through eLearning website is just more convenient for the students. The reason is obvious! They can take courses anywhere and at any time. Plus, your students can review your online learning materials repeatedly.

So, here are different online learning styles that you can use in your course materials:

1. Visual Method

Online Learning Styles, visualization method

Images and videos attract everyone. Obviously, it lures your eyes too! Isn’t it. Instead of reading the text, images catch attention first. Include as many appealing images and videos in your course material as you think perfect to engage your students.

You may take advantage of YouTube videos to visualize your story.

2. Auditory Learning Style

online Learning Styles, aural method

Some students love to listen to music and sounds. You can take advantage of it by creating your lectures in audio format. In fact, auditory learners often remember what instructors teach them. Moreover, they also readily participate in classes. No doubt, they are good listeners.

As an educator, you can record your voice and use transcripts to help students memorize your lectures. Another way to encourage this type of students is to use LMS forums. Group discussion through LMS forums is one of the best online learning styles.


[idea]Take a look at LearnDash wpForo Plugin to understand how it helps you get started with your LMS forum.[/idea]


3. Make Use Of Logical Reasoning

online learning styles, logical reasoning


Some students prefer applying logic and reasoning everywhere. You can include many games, quizzes, and activities in your online courses to engage these kinds of students.

LearnDash offers an amazing platform to build courses with quizzes. Try it once and you’ll start loving its brilliant features.

To gamify your WordPress education website, you can use different WordPress Gamification Plugins. And, you can also integrate forums to eLearning website to encourage group activities.

4. Social Learning

Social Learning

You can motivate and encourage your students to learn in groups or with other people.

Just make groups of your students and distribute different-different projects to them. Set a deadline for the project submission. Ask your students to show their team spirit and finish their tasks before the due date. And, don’t forget to reward the winner.

Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?

5. Self Study

solitary learning style

Of course, there are some students who just want to do self-study in isolation, not in groups. This style refers to the solitary learning style. You can use many quizzes and self-assessments to encourage these students.

One important point that you shouldn’t miss out is that the main focus of these students is recognition. You can assign them projects and show their marks on the scoreboard. Award the one who performs best.

What’s Your Prefered Online Learning Styles?

So far you have gone through many ways how you can add value to your courses using different online learning styles.

Now, it’s your turn to implement these in your WordPress LMS website. Make a proper strategy on how to encourage your students to learn more. And, then apply these tricks.

Share your ideas and opinions with us! We would love listening to your thoughts.



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