The Leading Social Media WordPress Plugins For 2024

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You are looking for social share buttons and sharing plugins for your WordPress site but indeed finding it hard to filter through the countless options of plugins for social sharing available online. At times having an excess of options becomes as difficult as reckoning with too few options. But here in this write-up, we want to share with you some of the very best and foremost Social Media WordPress Plugins that are loaded with features, greater functionality, and a vast range of customization options.

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Social Media WordPress Plugins

Let’s delve straightaway into the manifold choices which these best plugins offer some being a lightweight preference for the main social sites and offering slightly more than only buttons for sharing and others being more feature-packed such as advanced analytics.

1. WP Chatbot by MobileMonkey

Social Media WordPress Plugins

A platform for chatbot building among marketers, MobileMonkey allows mobile messaging across businesses. Knowing that the prospect of marketing comprises Artificial Intelligence, this platform has been created to make use of this technology. The feature is known as “Chat Blast” which is very useful for marketers and despatches messages to several users which can be your every user or any specific segment. MobileMonkey integrates RSS feeds without any need for Zapier.

Besides, its interface has Triggers, Auto Posting, User Segmentation, and the potential for taking over a conversation. The WP Chatbot of MobileMonkey adds chat to your portal with a single click-install for WordPress, custom greeting, branding of the Facebook page, and complete integration with the Facebook Messenger platform. This WP-Chatbot is the ideal way to integrate Messenger chat into a WP website.

Compared to other chatbots the lifetime deal of MobileMonkey stands out and there is a huge scope for this platform to become a leading player of the scripted bot in the coming future.

2. Social Snap

Social Media WordPress Plugins

One of the best and latest social media sharing plugins, which contains innumerable features and allows you to choose from various sharing buttons. Social Snap also provides different placement options such as including analytics, share recovery, and UTM link monitoring that enables you to acquire insights with regard to the sharing behavior of your visitors besides Content Locker and much more.

Social Snap collects and displays the report on share statistics so as to make you view the number of shares you receive on every social network over a time period. This plugin offers you a useful analytics dashboard.
To obtain access to a larger number of social networks, analytics, and a social locker you have to upgrade to the premium version.

3. Social Warfare

Social Media WordPress Plugins

A prominent plugin that is available in both free and premium versions. The free version of Social Warfare functions for the less heavily featured social share buttons, while the most powerful features are packed in the pro variation. They can manage both simple social share buttons and its premium version supports the major social networks. It also offers multiple placement locations and floating buttons for sharing. Social Warfare also allows you to attach a particular image that is displayed as your article receives sharing on Pinterest.

Even if your post has few shares, you can mention a bare minimum of the share count that is required prior to the numbers getting displayed by Social Warfare. Moreover, it permits you to customize the Tweet which is to be shared and also add details such as Open Graph protocol and regulate the get up of your content as it is being shared. Moreover, this plugin can also automatically generate links through the Bitly account. In addition, it also creates Google Analytics UTM and also Event Tracking for you to access the effectiveness of the social sharing buttons.

4. Monarch

Social Media WordPress Plugins

A social share plugin from Elegant Themes has developed the famous Divi theme, and also various series of plugins as well as themes. The Monarch social sharing plugin sustains numerous social networks and contains five locations for sharing with personal display settings:

  • Floating sidebar for social sharing
  • Links for inline sharing
  • Media sharing
  • Pop-ups for social sharing
  • Fly-ins

Monarch lets you add buttons for sharing to different locations like mobile sites. This plugin is slightly high-priced as you need to purchase the license of Elegant themes and at such a price, you can also gain access to their top-quality plugins and themes.

5. Mashshare

Social Media WordPress Plugins

Mashshare can be one of the best free choices for a webmaster who wants something more than general functionality. Speed and utility are its main assets and the sharing buttons are seamlessly integrated without any external scripts. The plugin extends space for customization and extensions. Its social sharing buttons assist you to show the real share counts and also the ‘virtual shares” to enhance social proof.
Though the free version is great if you want to extend the sharing tasks paid add-ons are also offered for :

  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Greater options in the placement of buttons for social sharing
  • Facebook like bar
  • Like after Share
  • Click to tweet
  • Add on for Video post
  • Floating sidebar
  • Performance widget
  • Pageviews

The cool add-on that allows you to ask people after sharing your post to like one page enhances your chances as they are interested in your post.

6. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is easier and more lightweight than various plugins. But if you want to add buttons for social sharing for the primary social sites, this plugin makes all that very simple. With this plugin, you can add fast share buttons related to Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and Xing.

They also let you customize the share text and also add your customized text prior to using the sharing buttons. Sassy Social Share utilizes a CSS3 button in place of images and has an interactive system.

7. Easy Social Share Buttons

easy social share

Having a user base of 15,000 subscribers, this is a widely accepted social media and sharing plugin. Loaded with multiple features Easy Social Share Buttons endorses more than fifty social sites, 28 plus varying positions, fifty-plus pre-made and ready-to-go templates, and more than 25 animations. Surely, all of this is big numbers. Besides, this plugin contains a host of advanced features such as Customized tweets, minimum share counts, and open graph statistics and allows you to show a custom message after your content gets shared by the user.

You can also see detailed analytics on the performance of your sharing button and even try out A/B tests for improving your social shares. Easy Social Share Buttons also aid you to recover share counts that have been lost due to changing domains or shifting to HTTPS. In addition, an inbuilt subscribe form section assists you to access an email add-in from your buttons for social sharing and also flash a button for live chat for Facebook.

8. Jetpack

Social Media WordPress Plugins

One of the prominent Social Media WordPress Plugins, Jetpack adds various functionalities to the blog and lets you add buttons for social media sharing to your WordPress portal. If you are utilizing this plugin, its sharing module can be activated and your favorite sharing buttons can be added.

Jetpack offers you fewer customization options, but it incorporates your content effortlessly and appears nice within the articles. In addition, if your sharing links are displayed by text only, no extra weight is added to your page by Jetpack.

9. AddToAny- Social Media WordPress Plugins

Social Media WordPress Plugins

This plugin encourages people to the proper place for sharing or saving the content, whether on native applications or the net. AddtoAny immediately responds to taps, clicks as well as various input device fixes. If you share on mobile phones, you select either a mobile app provided by the service or a mobile portal. Additionally, its icons load quickly anywhere across the world. AddtoAny also incorporates Google Analytics to furnish statistics on social sharing on your dashboard. A free plugin with a user-compatible approach toward social media that functions stupendously.

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10. Sumo- Social Media WordPress Plugins

Social Media WordPress Plugins

If you are on the lookout for a free Social Media WordPress plugin that is simple and versatile, then Sumo is what you desire. This plugin enables your readers to participate in the email list and share socially your articles. Besides, it exhibits the essential statistics and provides you with the following tools as listed below:

  • Pop-up for creating subscriptions to email (list builder)
  • Button for sharing
  • Welcome mat
  • Tracking clicking behavior using heat maps
  • Image Sharer

Sumo merges with various email management applications such as MailChimp and also Aweber. This plugin can be adapted to appear on a particular page at a specified time interval.

11. Shareaholic- Social Media WordPress Plugins


A good plugin that is acknowledged by the WordPress plugin also includes affiliate linking and helps to monetize your portal by showing links to outside content and obtaining dollars for clicks. It is an excellent platform for content amplification and the leading one globally. Shareaholic assists in augmenting the site traffic, engagement, and sale conversions by displaying relevant content.

It contains share buttons, floating share buttons, images share buttons, and follow buttons. A great finishing touch is its social analytics that divides social sites and particular posts. A platform that is convenient to use and carries no cost is absolutely free.

Takeaway || Social Media WordPress Plugins

Adding Social Media WordPress Plugins integrates blogging with social media through sharing buttons. These various plugins promote social shares, monitor follower counts, amplify content, and more in the coming. By merging sharing buttons and social bookmarking, you empower your readers with the capability to immediately share your blog pieces on their preferred social sites.

We hope in this article that narrowing your choice from a plethora of plugins and platforms will help you to make the best choice and bolster traffic from social sites. A lot of benefits for you with a small effort. Isn’t it fantastic?

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