Social Warfare Review- Social media sharing plugin

Social Warfare Review

When was the last time you used perfect social media plugin for your website? Wasn’t it that easy right? Well, if now you are looking for best Social media sharing plugin, then trust me Social warfare plugin is not that bad. Still not agreed? I knew it. Don’t worry! today in this article I’m going to write Social Warfare Review. There is no doubt it is one of the most popular social media plugins. That’s why I choose to write a review on this plugin.

If you want to learn more about Social Warfare, as well as about its cool features and compatibility towards your website. Let us get in deeper and keep reading my Social Warfare review for a more detailed look at this plugin. Excited?

Let’s dive in –

Social Warfare Review: What is it all about?

Social warfare plugin review

Well, Social Warfare Plugin is a premium-quality social sharing plugin for hosted WordPress websites. I have used MashShare and Shareaholic these are free and responsive plugins. Now I tried to use this social media plugin, not because of its popularity but about its amazing and unique features, which ultimately forced me to install this plugin.

Social Warfare is for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful and elegant way to add social sharing buttons to their WordPress website.

In addition, the premium version of this plugin comes with additional features and options which makes the plugin perfect for anyone serious about social media optimization for their content. Let us discuss it features one by one –

Button customization and display options

Social Warfare ReviewWith Social Warfare, you can customize your social sharing buttons just the way you want it to look.

In addition to styling, you can position your buttons almost anywhere you want on your site/page, simply by selecting the placement options available, or manually placing the buttons into your posts or pages yourself using shortcodes.


 Choose Where Your Buttons Display

Social Warfare Review

Social warfare let you choose different locations for your social share buttons depending on the type of content. Even you can add these Buttons by using shortcodes, that are generated automatically. You can access a quick insertion button from the comfort of your own WordPress page or post editor.

Styling Your Social Share Buttons

Warfare plugin review

Once you finish choosing your display options, you can hop over to the Styles tab to configure how your buttons look.

At the top, you can choose shapes, sizing, colors, and hover effects.

While you have a good deal of flexibility here, I actually prefer the default Flat & Fresh style.

The Decimal Places only refers to what happens after you start getting into the thousands of shares. At the bottom, you can also configure some settings for your floating share buttons, as well as styling for Social Warfare’s included Click-to-Tweet functionality

Configuring Your Social Identity

configure Social Identity

In the Social Identity tab, you can set site-wide defaults for your social media usernames, as well as Open Graph type values:

You can choose Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook URL. Check out the given below image you’ll get the idea.


 Recover your Tweet share count

Tweet share count

With the help of this plugin, you can easily recover your Tweet share counts. Isn’t interesting?

What’s one of the biggest mistakes newbies make when displaying social media sharing buttons? Placement. If you notice, most bloggers place social media sharing buttons either above or below the content. Nothing wrong with that, but there is another place which is generally more effective in getting more social media shares.


 Using Post Meta Box

Post Meta Box

Social Warfare has Post Meta box option that allows you to add a new meta box to the WordPress Editor that lets you set up post-specific settings. You can do loads of things with this option. First up, you can set basic social network metadata, as well as a social media image. You can even set up custom information for Pinterest, including a different default image to use when your post is shared on Pinterest. This feature comes in Premium Version of Warfare you can simply Buy this Plugin Pro version is just $29.

 Post Widgets

Post Widgets

One of the best features in Warfare Plugin is post Widget. You can drop this widget straight into your blog’s sidebar or footer area to display your most popular posts by the total number of social shares. Want to know how this option is useful for you. Lets us know one by one-

  1. It helps you to get more traffic.
  2. Helps you to get more shares.
  3. It helps your first-time readers identify the most popular content from your blog.

So, how you find this option? install this plugin and get to know about this feature. This is the Premium version feature.

So, I think these amazing and unique features have bowled you over. Isn’t?

Lets us check out its Pro and cons of these Plugins


  • The clean, modern, attractive design of buttons.
  • Built with performance in mind, quick loading and won’t slow down your site.
  • Fully customizable, with over 5,000 possible style combinations for your buttons.
  • Amazing built-in features, including “Click to Tweet” and “Frame Buster”.
  • Lots of buttons placement and display options, including manual placement.
  • ACTIVATE TWITTER COUNTS to show Tweet counts!
  • A free version of this plugin available from the WordPress plugins repository.
  • Affordable Pro add-on available giving you access to tons of extra options, features, support, and updates, only $29 for single user license (per year)
  • So simple to install and configure.
  • Extensive knowledge database and great customer support (Premium).

Ultimately this plugin is amazing in all aspects. Enough of good and nice things about this Plugin. Now being cruel. As you all know everything in this is not perfect. there is some default. So, let us check out what useful features Warfare don’t provide us-


  • If you want to continue receiving updates for this plugin, you have to renew your subscription each year.
  • Very occasionally conflicts with other plugins, stopping some of the features working properly. However, Social Warfare team are usually quick to fix bugs.

This is where Warfare Plugin lacks behind. But on the other hand, this plugin is mind blowing to use.

My Recommendation – Social Warfare Plugin

When it comes to my opinion, Social warfare plugin fulfills all the requirements that no other social media plugin can do so.

I’m in love with its coll and unique features especially with optimization tools, click to tweet feature, twitter cards, twitter counts. These awesome features provide me satisfaction in all aspects.

Social Warfare Pro starts at $29 for use on a single website. Packages that allow use on multiple websites go up from there, though there’s no unlimited package at this time.

Final thoughts on Social Warfare Review

If you are looking for a solid social media sharing buttons plugin for your WordPress blog, Social Warfare is a great choice and one which I highly recommend to any serious blogger.

Do let me know: Which sharing buttons plugin are you using? If you are an existing user of the Social Warfare plugin, I would love to hear your feedback on the comments below. Or if I missed anything to tell about this Plugin please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading.


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