Breaking the myth about Jetpack

Breaking the Myth about Jetpack

Imagine you wish to buy a car for yourself and you fell in love with an expensive one. But the price of that car is too high to fit in your budget. So, What will you do now? Will you ask the dealer to show a car of lower price and with fewer features or you will try to negotiate the price of the car you love because you want that car only? I am sure you will try to negotiate the price of the expensive one because you want all those features but are not ready to pay that much.

The tendency of a human being to want all of it while spending least for it is something that we can never get rid off. Everyone wants everything but doesn’t want to pay much for it. Similar is the case when they get their websites created. They wish for all the features but are not willing to pay for them. Since WordPress is free, they wish they could get everything for free.(You developers will definitely relate to this. Don’t you?) When it comes to WordPress and the free things around WordPress then the only thing that pops up in mind is Jetpack.

Yes, Jetpack plugin is all free and fully loaded with tons of features that you may not get with any other plugin especially the free ones. Jetpack is full of features and that is why its trusted by millions of WordPress users. But somewhere along the line, it is believed that being a huge plugin Jetpack makes your website slow. It becomes highly important to break this myth about Jetpack. So in this article, we will be Breaking the myth of Jetpack.

Why should you trust Jetpack?

It’s not very difficult to develop trust on Jetpack and that’s definitely not because It is developed by Automattic but because it comes with all the features you require to run your website in an efficient manner.
As jetpack itself suggests, it is the ultimate toolkit for WordPress.
Let us now check some of its amazing features:

Provides Traffic and SEO to your site Includes site analysis, automatic social sharing, SEO for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook and and a lot more.

Provides security and backups
Protects your website from Brute Force, Downtime and uptime Monitoring, Secured logins etc.

Create beautiful content
Provides an amazing Content Delivery Network, Embeds from YouTube, Google Documents, Sidebar customization and much more.

Connect with your readers
This plugin provides Email Subscriptions, Comment login, Fully Customizable contact forms etc.
and a lot more features.
Above all not to ignore the fact that this plugin is created by Automattic itself, the folks behind WordPress.
These were just some of the features that Jetpack offers. Its premium and pro version offer a lot more. I personally don’t think that any other plugin will offer you all the features that Jetpack alone does. Isn’t this enough to trust Jetpack? You decide.

Will it slow down your website? Let’s break the myth.

WordPress is the best open-source Content Management System that lets you built an awesome website.
It is a flexible system that lets you add features and various functionalities using plugins.
You can easily make a simple website into something outstanding.

Jetpack plugin is an All-in-one plugin. This plugin provides you functionalities of various plugins in one plugin.It’s just like a plugin but once activated it adds so many features to your website.

But, the fact that Jetpack will make your site slow as it provides so many features is something to think upon.
Jetpack doesn’t slow down your website cause of the various features it provides. Being developed by Automattic, the plugin has been made with utmost care and the code is worth a trust. Moreover, Jetpack gives users an option to activate or deactivate a feature on your website. If a particular feature is deactivated, its code won’t work in the background thus making your site lightweight and optimized.

It is said that more the plugins, less will be your site speed and vice-versa. But if the plugins are of good quality, updates regularly then you don’t really need to worry about your site speed and Jetpack is one such plugin.

Should you get Jetpack or not?

Now comes the real question, whether you should install Jetpack or not? Before I answer this question let us consider some points before taking a decision.


Price is a very important factor that must be kept in mind while purchasing a plugin. Jetpack comes loaded with features and its pro and premium features are also not expensive. Just by spending few dollars you can get tons of features in just one plugin.


If a plugin does not provide you the features you need then you really don’t require that plugin for your website. the plugin you use must be a quality plugin and should provide some extraordinary features. Jetpack does this for you. It provides you so many features. From managing your content to taking care of your website security, this plugin does it all.


Is the plugin you are thinking to buy offers you frequent updates? If not then you should not choose it for your website as not or less updated plugins might affect your website. But this is not the case with Jetpack. this plugin keeps on updating very frequently keeping you tension-free. It’s highly important that a plugin should perform amazingly well and Jetpack being an Automattic product does it very well.

So, I think now you can easily decide whether Jetpack is the one for your website or not?

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Final Decision

You must have got an idea as to Whether you should get Jetpack or not? Jetpack is like a bundle of plugins in one plugin itself and its core is definitely a strong one that really would not make your site slow. You can choose alternative plugins for various purposes such as Yoast SEO for SEO or Sucuri Security for the security of your website and other different plugins for different purposes but as Chris Lema said  It’s not the quantity of the plugins on your site that matters, it’s the quality”, and these few dollars spent on one jetpack will be the best decision for your WordPress website.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while writing it. If you have any thoughts on it, please share them with us. We would love to hear from you!

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