Five Main Online Marketplace Features to Make Buyers Happy

Main Online Marketplace Features

The E-Commerce business has been dominating the world for years now. This has also increased the competition among the online marketplaces. Popular online marketplaces offer different kinds of functionalities, products, and services to the customer. To make your online marketplace successful, you need to be very particular about the type of features that your marketplace has to offer to its users. So, in our article, we are going to discuss some of the most important features that every online marketplace should offer to its buyers:

1. Searches and filters 

Most E-Commerce platforms have a wide variety of products available for the buyers. That is why it is very important for you to add proper search functionality. This is going to enhance the shopping experience of your customers. People will be able to look for their desired product or service . The shoppers can also directly use the model number to look for what exactly they wish to buy. In this way, they will not waste a lot of time in looking for the products they want. You can also include the predictive search feature to your marketplace. The predictive search feature will automatically autosuggest their products and services to the customers based on their search history filters.

Filters will help the customers to sort their products using a number of parameters. Popular research has shown that filters can increase the conversion rate of your website by 26%. So, it is a really good idea to include category filters to your website. This will help the confused shopper to purchase the right products for themselves. Filters will allow the users to navigate through your platform in an easier way. This will also improve the rank of your website on search engines. Some of the popular filters that are commonly used are location, size, colour, price, type, etc. You can also allow your users to use more than one filter at a time. This will help them to get more accurate results.

2. Product information 

Online Marketplace Features

Every product should have detailed information. This will allow your customers to learn more about the product before making a purchase. Try to make the product page as interesting as possible. You can include high-quality images of your products. You may also include an overview video. This will increase the level of trust among the customers and will also boost their experience. The description should be short and simple. It should include all the major information related to the product.

These days E-Commerce websites are not just restricted to spelling products. You can also sell different types of services online. Woo Sell Services is one such add-on which allows you to sell services just like products to your customers. It is an add-on of the very popular WooCommerce plugin. Using Woo Sell Services, you will be able to create a product type call Service and sell services to the customers. You will also be able to add a conversation section in your website where the vendors and the customers can communicate with each other. The add-on also provides you with the product review option where the customers can give a review of the kind of service that they have received.

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3. Smooth checkout process

The checkout process needs to be both convenient and simple. Many customers leave E-Commerce websites only because the checkout process is not convenient enough for them. You need to optimise the process to the best of your abilities. This will help you to reduce the abundance rate of your website. Always give importance to the shopping cart. An E-Commerce platform is not complete without a shopping cart. Your shopping cart should display your shipping list. It should also give the customers the ability to change the number of items or remove an item. They should also be able to add notes to their orders. 

Online Marketplace Features

You must also provide the users with a guest checkout option. This allows them to make purchases from your website without having to sign in. This will also make the process a lot faster. After the shopping is complete, you can ask that particular user to sign up for your website. You must also make sure that your platform is absolutely secure. You must not make any compromises with security. Otherwise, it would cause a massive blow to your website. You should also include a mobile checkout process. Your shoppers should be able to make their payments from mobile devices as well.

You can also allow users to sign in through various social networking platforms. You must offer multiple payment methods to your customer. Your users should be able to make payments through Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc. This is definitely going to increase the sale on your website as the users from different countries will be able to make their payments easily. It is always better to start with one or two popular payment methods. You can then add new methods as you grow your web site. 

4. Chatbots

Chatbots communicate with your customers through your platform interface. Chatbots are an extremely good feature for building a long-lasting relationship with your buyers. These chatbots will guide your customers to make the right choices. These are a new development in the field of technology. However, they are being adopted by all popular E-Commerce companies. The chatbots offer extensive customer support. They also send product recommendations to the customers and help them to complete their purchasing process.

5. Customizable delivery option

You must allow your shoppers to customize their delivery choices as per their requirements. You need to consider how your product will be delivered to your buyers. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. You should also provide excellent customer service to your customers in case they face any kind of problem. You can also send regular updates to your customer regarding their delivery.

Final Words for Online Marketplace Features

So, these were some of the most popular features that every marketplace should have. If you can think of any other features, then do let us know of it.

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