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‘Speed’ and ‘efficiency’ are two terms that businesses are most focused on these days. This should come as no surprise, now that 5G is here, even 3G is starting to sound like ancient technology. Users want everything to be done in a matter of seconds and businesses are doing everything they can to make sure that they remain in the top favorites. Of course businesses and marketers are having a hard time delivering quality as well as speed. Thanks to expert mobile application development companies, there are a number of efficient mobile apps out there that can help you complete your goals faster and more conveniently. Of course, we can’t talk about all those apps but we can focus on a specific domain: social media marketing apps

In this article, my primary focus is on ‘social media marketing and the top ‘social media marketing apps’ that you should be using in 2019. More than often, small businesses only have one person to do all internal marketing. Only one social media marketer (I’m currently in this situation) to think of ideas, write the post content, find pictures and videos to go with the post, target the right audience, publish it on all the social media sites, and so much more.

Luckily, I’ve found some apps that have cut down my workload me. I’ve tested and rounded up the top 5 social marketing apps that I’ve been using. Let’s have a look at what these apps can do for you:

Best Social Media Marketing Apps

1. Buffer

So far I’ve found Buffer the most convenient and easy-to-use app for social media management. It took less than a minute to install, and I could easily signup without having to enter my credit card details. Honestly, the majority of the users don’t like to input their credit card information, even if an app is providing a free trial. I faced no such issues with Buffer. Its interfaces are easy to navigate, easy to understand, and comparatively, I’ve had the best user experience on Buffer.

Buffer is primarily focused on scheduling social media posts, it allows you to simultaneously publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you have a page on Pinterest, then you can opt for the Pro version of Buffer to easily share content on Pinterest as well. This is my primary go-to app when I’m running late and I have to send out a post to all my social media business pages.

Below I’ve attached some screenshots to give an idea of how it works and what it looks like.

Social Media Marketing Apps

Buffer also allows you to view your post insights, you can see the number of impressions your post gained, the number of clicks on a link, post reach, comments, and the number of shares.

2. Repost for Instagram

There are days when you have so much work piling up that you just don’t have time to think of something creative to post, or maybe it’s one of those ‘writer’s block’ days again and you can’t seem to think of any catchy phrases or enticing content to write. In those situations, it’s always best to go ahead and share something from another page or a user.

Now it’s easy to repost and share content on Twitter and Facebook but Instagram doesn’t allow content sharing. The main reason they don’t have this feature is to prevent ‘spam’ and prevent copyright issues. Repost comes in handy when you have no other solution but to ‘repost’ for the day. The best part about being a digital marketer is that you can work wherever you are and whenever it’s required. The same goes for social media marketing, and with apps like Repost, you can further reduce your workload.

wordpress social network theme

How It Works:

Installing the app only takes about a minute, after you have installed the app it will ask for your permission to access your camera and other essential features. Once everything is set up, you can open the app and you will something like the first image in the screenshot below (from left). It gives you instructions on how to use the app. First, you’ll have to hit the ‘Open Instagram’ button and you’ll be directed to your feed. From there on you can search for any post that you’d like to share, once you figure out what you want to share you can copy the link (shown in the 2nd image).

After that, you can go back to the repost app and your copied link will automatically appear as sharable content (shown in the 3rd image) and you can hit the ‘Repost’ button to instantly share the post on your account. It’s as easy as that.

Social Media Marketing Apps, Instagram

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3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the oldest apps for social media managing and analytics. It’s a very popular platform that allows you to schedule your posts for multiple social media channels. With the help of its analytics tool, you can measure your content engagement and analyze how your social media campaigns are functioning. The in-depth analytics of Hootsuite gives it a plus point over Buffer.

Unlike repost, you will have to sign up by using one of your social media accounts. Once you have signed up, you can sync up to five social media profiles including, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and YouTube.

hootsuite app

Hootsuite has a scheduler that lets you queue your posts for whichever time you want to publish them.

Here is how it works:

When you have set up all your accounts, you can hit the ‘compose’ button at the center, this will allow you to select the social media channels that you want to publish to, then you can compile the post and add images, videos, and links.

hootsuite for social media

After you have compiled the post, you can either post it right away, save it as a draft, or schedule it for later. To make things easier I’ve attached some screenshots to guide you through the process.

Social Media Marketing Apps




I found Hootsuite very convenient for creating weekly or monthly content in one go and queuing them to be published on their respective dates. This saved me many hours of stressing over content, time management, and managing all the social media profiles. In that time, I could easily focus on connecting with people and responding to their comments and messages. One of my personal favorite features in Hootsuite is customer social streams. You can set up tabs and streams to easily help you monitor your posts for comments and activity.

4. CoSchedule

The CoSchedule social media management app is an excellent app for providing you a bird’s eye view of your marketing calendar and effectively managing and editing your social media posts. Unlike many other social media managing tools, CoSchedule allows you to schedule and post your content to Instagram.

Once you are positive that you have brought together a wonderful and interactive piece of content for your social media, your work doesn’t end there just yet, there is still a lot to do. With as many as eight social media channels to update, this task can seem quite cumbersome especially if you’re wrapping up for the day but you have to get those posts out there at any cost. Even if you manage to schedule everything ahead of time, there is still the daunting task of updating 8 social media channels.

Thanks to CoSchedule, you can update as many as six social media channels, and also integrate WordPress Blogs, links, and update them simultaneously under one platform.

I’ve attached some screenshots to give you an idea of the interface of CoSchedule.

  • View and edit your CoSchedule calendar messages
  • Compose, preview, and schedule social media messages
  • Schedule Instagram messages and get notified when they are ready to share
  • Check out the analytics of your sent messages
  • Multi-image post feature


social media management

5. Feedly

Feedly is a content discovery tool that allows you to collect content from a number of fields so that you never run out of material to post on your social media feed. Again, I’m one of those people that can’t always create amazing content.

It all depends on my mood, somedays I am pumped enough to wrap up about 3 blog posts. On other days, If I don’t feel like it, I won’t be able to write a single line. On those days, ‘Feedly’ will save the day for you.

content discovery tool


When you’re marketing something, you can’t always come up with quality content to share with your followers. On Feedly, you can follow up to 100 outlets, and you’ll never be out of content. Furthermore, you can easily share that content to your social media feed with the tap of a button. Something that I really like about Feedly is that whether you use the content or not, you’ll always stay updated on the current events and trends within your industry.

Final Thoughts On Best Social Media Marketing Apps

Now it comes to deciding which of the social media management apps will be a perfect fit for you. It all depends on your business needs and the complexity of the services that you require. If you want everything under one platform, Hootsuite is an all-rounder and budget-friendly app. If you’re like me and you want something that’s really easy to use as well as budget-friendly, Buffer will be an excellent fit for you. I would recommend that you try out the social media channels that I’ve mentioned above and analyze which one suits your business needs. If you know of any other tool then feel free to leave a comment below, I’m always on the lookout for tools to simplify social media marketing for me.

Short bio:

Khloe Hunter is a Digital Marketing Executive for Appverticals, a mobile app development company. Her expert writing skills, enable her to convert complex information, into content that anyone can read. Her technical educational background, combined with her know-how of content marketing, gives her an edge over others in a variety of blog posts.




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