New Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Likes Count Are Going To Hide Soon! Ever thought how it would affect your Instagram Marketing? If not, it’s the peak time to consider your new Instagram Marketing Strategy.

This article covers what’s new in Instagram Beta Testing, how it’ll affect on Instagram Influencers, and what should you consider while creating a new strategy to grab your market on Instagram.

What Happened To Your Likes On Instagram?

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In order to encourage users to focus more on posting quality photos and videos without getting ashamed with the number of likes they got,  Instagram started testing a turn a new twist in its design and functionality.

Just a few months ago, Instagram’s Head Adam Mosseri announced—

Instagram would no longer display the total “likes count” that other users’ posts had received. But you can see who had liked your photos and videos.


Initially, this test was rolled out in just Canada. And, now, it’s expanding in six more countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Ireland
  3. Japan
  4. Italy
  5. New Zealand
  6. Brazil

Why Did Instagram Take This Step?

You’ve heard of social proofs! That means the higher the number of likes, the more you’ll be popular on social media sites. Social Proof not just consists of likes but also comments and shares.

It’s clear that people are considering likes count as a metric of success on Instagram and other social networks as well. Hence, the more focus is on gaining as many likes as they can, no matter by what means.

That’s why it seems meaningful to make the likes count only visible to the user who has created the post. This way, the users will get some sense of what’s actually working or what’s not. And, they don’t need to worry about what others think of their likes.  Just focus on posting quality and meaningful updates. That’s it!

Here’s how a post on Instagram looks like with the design tweak:

Instagram Likes Count


And, this is how currently posts are showing up on Instagram without design tweak:

instagram post

5 Tips To Consider While Creating New Instagram Marketing Strategy

No doubt, algorithms on Instagram as well as other social network platforms will keep updating new practices. You have to match the pace with them in order to maintain your brand popularity among your followers. Don’t think that Instagram Likes Count is the only metric for success. Instead, focus on these 5 tips below:

1. Think About Your Business Goals And Then Plan

I always believe in a saying-

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

Relax your mind and think clearly about your business goals. Likes count is just a number. There is a lot more to focus on to promote your brand among the target audience.

Check out these Instagram Marketing Plans that help you to reach out to more target audience.

2. Focus On Sharing What Your Followers love!

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Hiding likes will remove the competitive pressure worrying about how many likes a post will receive. Mia Garlick, Facebook Australia and New Zealand director of policy has said in a statement that you just need to focus on sharing the content that your followers love to see. The goal is to focus more on telling stories and less on likes.

3. Check What’s Working & What’s Not

The Instagram test is just to make the environment less competitive so that users can enjoy more on this platform. But, you can still analyze who liked your content by clicking into it. This allows you to identify what content works well for your business and what content requires more improvements.

4. Share Only Authentic Content

New Instagram Marketing Strategies

I’ll recommend you to share more authentic content now. No need to caught up in the competition. Content should be such that people can rely on. Try to focus on making plans on how to reach more and more to your target audience and make them engage with your brand.

Be more creative and analyze specifically what content is actually supporting your business goals.

5. Paid Advertisements Work Well For Brand Promotion

It is worth noting fat that hidden likes will also affect spending behavior of businesses. Investment on Paid Advertisement could increase more than on influencer marketing.

The reason is obvious. Paid Advertisement allows businesses to get more exposure as well as accurate analytics to measure ad performance.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the Instagram Hidden Likes Testing and tips that should be taken care of while creating new Instagram Marketing Strategy for your business.

But that’s not the end. Instagram is now planning to come up with more amazing features. Be with us and we’ll soon be right back with new updates of Instagram.

And, don’t forget to share your views on Instagram Hidden Likes in the comment section below.

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