Attracting organic traffic and promoting your brand is not possible without a deep awareness of SEO. According to Researchers, 80% of traffic comes through search queries; this shows how much SEO is essential for your site.

To appear in the search and stay at the front page of the search engine demands lots of hard work, in-depth knowledge of SEO, and continuous improvement.

Google is never static, and every day it is changing its algorithms. This continuous modernization requires you to stay always tuned about new updates and changes applied. Suppose you are always alert about new changes and perform a little bit of practice. It will help to furnish your SEO expertise.

Every day about 3.5 million researches are done on the internet. Your main aim is to appear on the first page and one of the top three. Researches also say that the top three results attract sixty percent of traffic.

Once your website starts to appear on the first page, resultantly, you will be awarded more traffic and visibility to visitors.

The SEO best practices are some rules designed by search engines and giving guidelines to professionals. If you follow them correctly, nothing will prevent your site from appearing on the first page of the search engine.

SEO is a vast field and millions of things to do for higher Ranking when you go deep and profound. But every website owner or developer needs to know the basics of SEO.

Here are some basic approaches to SEO which show how to optimize your website using SEO techniques:

1. Perform SEO Audit:

SEO techniques to Optimize Your Website

A performance examination of your website in a profound manner is called SEO of the website. Only it shows you where you stand now and what decisions are needed to achieve the plan. Performance measurement enables you to set new goals, and tactics are implemented to achieve that goal.

SEO audit establishes the following:

  • Do all pages include meta title and descriptions
  • Optimized keywords
  • Optimized URL structure
  • Format of each post
  • Images keywords and alt tags
  • Links

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2. SEO optimized landing pages:

Optimize Your Website
SEO techniques to Optimize Your Website

A properly designed landing page can attract more visitors and increases sales. As many landing pages, you create the chance of more traffic also increases. You may find online tools that give you the facility to create attractive and high-quality landing pages. By utilizing graphic designing and modern layout, a beautiful structure can be created.

The traffic to landing pages can be attracted by aggressive email marketing, press release, and SEO optimization.

The main features of a useful landing page are:

  • No Navigation
  • Call to action
  • Useful and informative content.

3. Add the Main keyword in the content:

The main keyword is most important in SEO optimization, and this has to be the result of a search engine. Everybody includes the main keyword, but the most important thing is the place where you have added keywords.

The main keywords are suggested to put at the top of your page as Google gives more weightage to the material at the top of the page. The main keyword should be an inappropriate number, not less or not stuffed.

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4. Unique Title and Content:

The most important thing to remember when creating content for SEO purposes is to avoid duplicate content. Google has highlighted in this point with much more emphasis not to use duplicate or plagiarized content. Avoiding duplication applies to every part of the content, such as:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta description tags
  • E-Commerce pages and product descriptions.
  • Landing pages
  • Alt Tags

Google guidelines say that 100% of unique content is the key to success! The uniqueness of content can be achieved in a simple way you run a small blog or web page when it comes to an E-commerce site with thousands of products or large websites. It will be complicated to have unique contact always. In this case, extra care is needed, and the usage of plagiarism and duplicate checker tools is suggested.

5. Title Tag Optimization for SEO:

Titles are significant and give the first impression to visitors. Unique and high-quality titles are an essential feature of on-page SEO. Title tags are the first thing to consider when on-page optimization is conducted.

Titles tags must include the target keywords. Google pays sincere attention to the words which you use in title tags. So starting the title with the words which you want to rank makes excellent sense.

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6. Increase your loading speed:

Google usually does not expose its algorithms and not talk much about factors that impact Ranking. But sometimes it gives hints or signals by which we can guess that factors are critical. Loading speed is one of those essential factors.

There is too much emphasis and suggestion to optimize your site loading speed on every kind of device. Page speed checkers tools should be used to evaluate the speed. Here are some suggested actions to improve your loading speed:

  • Compress images to shrink the size
  • Use lightweight themes

SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

7. Use Google Search Console to check your result:

Optimize Your Website
SEO techniques to Optimize Your Website

Without Google search console, SEO is like flying blind. The search console lets you know what your site is doing with SERP. There may be a lot to do with the search console, but three options are recommended.

  • Performance checking will let you know how many people have viewed and clicked your site.
  • Coverage report will show you which Google indexes pages
  • The enhancement will show where more attention is required, like mobile compatibility.

8. Images Optimization:

SEO Techniques
SEO techniques to Optimize Your Website

According to Google’s suggestion, properly optimized images are helping your site to rank above in SERP. Optimization of the image is, fortunately straightforward. You need to focus only on two things:

  • The image description should be very brief and precise.
  • Usage of image alt tag

9. Internal linking:

This is a straightforward job in SEO. You just need to links your one page to other pages on your site.

10. High quality and unique content to publish:

In SEO, content quality is everywhere being discussed. It has a grand worth of publishing high quality and original content. What you say the high quality is changing time by time. But the general guide says about high quality. In the past 1000 word post was enough, but today it has very less value. For quality content, make sure to remove duplication from your content by using sentence rewriter.

11. Build back-links:

Backlinks are vital from the very first day of SEO inception. Strong backlinks guarantee higher Ranking in SERP. Google considers it votes from outside and trusted authenticity if strong and original backlinks support your site.

Backlink Checker Tools

12. Improve the user experience of your site:

User experience is directly correlated with your site Ranking. If most people bounce your site, it will be a message to a Search engine that your site is not up to the user requirement. Your search engine ranking will be down soon.

The user experience is most important, and every site owner should pay more attention to improve it so that it can retain a visitor for maximum time.

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