How Should Be Your Focus Keyword Selection?

Focus keyword

To add a focus keyword on your article reflects the exact impact on your article ranking. Google or other search engines find your content by searching its focus keyword. As we all know Focus Keyword Selection is how much important for the content boosting on search engines. In this article, I will share with you the strategy of selecting a focus keyword.

Trying to rank for very long key phrases usually makes your text a terrible read. Why is that? And what should be your strategy for those long keywords? Let me tell you all about long focus keywords in this post. For just a simple short introduction I must tell you What Exactly The Focus Keyword Is? As simple as it sounds, this is the process you must think of when choosing your focus keyword. What phrase is most relevant to the content you are creating and will be searched by your target audience? By taking an intelligent approach to this you can help increase the odds of being top of mind for search engines.


Aspects While Selection

Focus Keyword Selection


Focus Keywords And Focus Keyphrases

At your WordPress website, if you are using our Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your posts and pages, you probably need to add your focus keyword. What focus keyword is? That is simply the word you want to display your content on a search engine, just after a search through this keyword. This is the very specific keyword you need to work on for proper and exact findings. It is also possible to have a focus keyword followed by a few words for more understanding. Sometimes, it is not a single word. In that case, you can be called it as a focus keyphrases. Choosing what terms you want to be found for is hard, and you’ll need to do some proper keyword research to come up with those terms.

Readability And Long-tail Keyphrases

Optimizing your text for a very long focus keyword will put the risk on the readability of your text. You must try to select the focus keyphrase just with four to five combination of words. This limit is much sufficient to get a proper result. If you want to use that exact phrase multiple times in your text, you will need to make an effort. Furthermore, your text can easily become rather awkward and seems overoptimized if you use such a phrase too often.

Using Multiple Focus Keywords

If you want to go with the selection of long key phrases, you must use the multiple focus keyword functionality in Yoast SEO premium. For example, if you want to rank for the key phrase, I would advise you to optimize your post for keyword research tools. If you are following this way for optimization, first make sure to optimize for all the specifics of your long tail focus keyword.


Points to Check While Focus Keyword Selection

Focus Keyword Selection


Ranking Opportunities

We have done some of the work for you in terms of finding the most obvious keywords that you could create content around. Click on the All Keywords drop-down menu and then-Ranking Opportunities to see what the keywords tool considers good ranking opportunities for your company. The Ranking Opportunities filter shows you the keywords that you rank for but are not on the first page of results. It will give you the option to find a list of keywords that you are already ranking for but for which you should be able to secure a better ranking.

Conversion Opportunities

Conversion opportunities are keywords that are generating traffic but are not driving visitors to convert into leads via a form. These are keywords that have visits greater than 10, search volume greater than 1,000, and 0 contacts generated. To drive conversion, you may want to try adding a CTA to the pages that rank for that keyword and link it to an enticing offer. When Google gives the search results at that time this filter will only be effective for other search engines that still allow HubSpot to track visits from a particular keyword.

Long Keyphrases Opportunities

Short-tail opportunities are broad and difficult keywords that have high search volume. In order for a keyword to show up in the list selected by this filter, its rank must be over 100. Its difficulty must be greater than 70. Its search volume must be greater than 10,000. You should try to think of more specific “long-tail” versions of these keywords that apply to your business. Add them to your keywords tool and to your content.


Wrapping Words!

So, for final words, I want to ask you for your strategy of selecting the focus keyword of your article. In my article, I have told you about all the possible steps at my end for focus keyword selection. If you like this article or having any additional suggestions, you can comment below as your perspective.


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