Common SEO Mistakes

Decoding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices is a complex task. Keeping up the pace with the recent SEO updates is even tougher. But, you cannot do away with them because you definitely want your site to be well-ranked. Copy-writing is a tedious art and requires a good SEO strategy. However, we often tend to overlook the vitals and commit some mistakes that are easy to overlook but carry downgrading results. Let’s have a look at the most common SEO mistakes 2022 that site content and copywriters should avoid.

Common SEO Mistakes

Skipping the keyword brainstorming session

Common SEO Mistakes

The first and the most important task at hand while making up a site’s content is a keyword brainstorming session. It can be an overwhelming practice to adopt, but thinking before actually penning down your words can be a smarter approach.

Keyword Stuffing

Common SEO Mistakes

Loading the content of your blog with repetitive keywords might actually appear as a desperate attempt at SEO marking. 2-5% keyword density is a safe attempt. But, using the same word many times will yield no result. Instead, use long-tail keywords and maintain a check at keyword density. Creating content with real value can be a daunting task. Mentioning the focus keyword in every sentence will only make the end result awful. So, keep a tab on that.

Improper redirects

Common SEO Mistakes

Building links to pages that link to your sites is a huge SEO booster for a commercial site. But getting authentic links to redirect back to your site is not easy. People often indulge in wrong practices to receive a high volume of links rather than laying emphasis on quality. Once you build a great link, your search engine rankings will rocket like never before. Always make sure that the links are relevant to your website and industry.

5 Must-Have Website Elements

Black HAT Techniques


If someone puts up unrelated Keywords in their content or opt for duplicate content or mirror site, then they are practicing SEO Black hat techniques. Google is not dumb or careless enough to not get notified about these practices. Other ways that people approach SEO is through tiny text, hidden text, or hidden links. If you practice any of these, it’s time you stop doing so.  Buying links for SEO are advantages a part of the same technique and people should refrain from such practices. These might yield short-term results but will do no good in the long run.

Ignoring the social element

Social Media Optimization

SEO is an attempt at popularizing your website digitally so that your target audience can reach you at a click’s instance. But, the efforts required in the right optimization technique are not that easy. Sharing your content throughout all relevant platforms is a compulsion because they drive in just the right amount of traffic. Relationship building is a key factor towards enhancing your site/content SEO. So, always make sure that you use the right platforms and avoid the ones that eat up your efforts without yielding any results.

Considering SEO at the end

search engine optimization

If you are building a website/blog from scratch, you might want to consider employing your SEO strategy at the very beginning. This is so because doing this at the end will require double the efforts. You will even redesign your whole content and it might still not give out the same result. This is so because infusing SEO techniques from the very start making regular site updation easy stuff. An SEO-friendly code will drive the right search engine spiders to crawl your content and hence increase your search engine rankings.

Expecting quick SEO results

quick-results: SEO

This might be the silliest mistakes that you will make while expecting SEO results for your site. Search engine ranking requires the Google spiders to crawl through your pages at regular intervals. So, you just optimized your page/blog/site as per SEO standards and wake up in the morning to see the result; that is gibberish!  You might show up but after a few days, your site is nowhere to be found. Amused enough? This is so because you have to keep repeating the same ritual at regular intervals. So, don’t just update and forget.

Interesting Factors To Know For Google Rankings

Plagiarized and Unoriginal contentDuplicate content: SEO

They say that content is the king and we do not differ in this opinion as well. But, feeding your blog or site with copied, unoriginal or plagiarized content can land your site in a total mess. Your SEO ranking will drop and visitors will consider your site as a probable ‘stay-away-from’. Adapting the patchwriting method is not a good step as well. One must always try to deliver their original ideas in the form of properly laid-down words.

Accidental plagiarism may occur but that is unintentional and might not legally hurt the status of your website. To achieve originality, we suggest you provide clear guidelines to your writers and editors and finally verify content through various online tools such as Copyscape and Small SEO tools.

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