WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins

Content robbing can be a major issue. Anyone can become a victim of content robbing. Sometimes, it is accidental but in most cases, content robbing is done purposefully. Plagiarism checker tool allows you to check whether the content on your website is unique or not. It also prevents other people from stealing your content without your consent. A good plagiarism check scans the content of your website and gives you a detailed analysis regarding your content.

Here, we have listed some of the best WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins of 2022. Let us check them out.

#1 Plagiarism Checker Pro

plagiarism checker pro

Plagiarism Checker Pro is one of the most widely used plagiarism checker plugins for WordPress website. You can use this plugin to search for duplicate content on the internet. The plugin has more than 7,00,000 active installs as of now. Plagiarism Checker Pro consists of a set of tools using which you will be able to check your entire content within a second and produce accurate results. You will be able to find the exact pages which copied the contents of your website.

The trial pack is free but the premium pack also comes at an affordable rate. You can view the plagiarised content using a slider on your webpage. You can simply copy the pages or the content of your website and you will be able to check the content for plagiarism. You will also be able to check for plagiarized content using links. 

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#2 Copyscape

WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins

Copyscape is an extremely popular plagiarism checker using which you will be able to search for duplicate content. The plugin is extremely fast and versatile and is known to produce accurate results. Copyscape comes with different Copyscape APIs using which you will be able to work in WordPress dashboard and search for plagiarized content. You will also be able to look for the person who has copied your content without asking for your consent. 

Using Copyscape, you will be able to detect copied data automatically. You need not have to copy the entire text and paste it in order to search for duplicate content. Copyscape keeps a track of all your data and so, you will not have to review a particular article multiple times. The plugin is used by both publishers and authors in order to search for duplicate content. Copyscape is compatible with all popular web-browsers.

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#3 Grammarly 

WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins

Grammarly is one of the best plagiarism checker tools to be available in the market. You can even use this tool to look for grammatical errors. It will thoroughly search your document for spelling and punctuation errors and will also inform you about plagiarized content. All you have to do is log in to your Grammarly account and paste your content in the Grammarly editor. After that, you will have to press the Grammarly icon which is present at the right side of your navigation bar. 

Grammarly will produce detailed results and which tell you who exactly has copied your content. The tool is extremely easy to use and is also quite versatile. You can use Grammarly to check large volumes of data. Although the tool is not very affordable yet it is extremely useful.  It is definitely the best choice for authors and publishers.

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#4 Prepostseo

 Checker Plugins
WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins

Prepostseo is an online plagiarism checker tool which is quite reliable. It will scan your entire document within seconds and will inform you where your content is duplicate or not. Prepostseo is extremely easy to use. You will have to copy the content which you wish to scan and paste it on the Prepostseo editor. The tool will automatically scan your entire text and will provide you with cross-reference material with various other websites from where the content has been copied.

One of the biggest advantages of Prepostseo over other plagiarism checker tools is that it is absolutely free of cost. You need not have to pay a single penny in order to use this tool. Prepostseo provides you with excellent functions and features. Using this tool, you will be able to write unique and error-free content for your SEO. Also, you can use this tool without any kind of limitations.

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#5 Plagiarism Auto-Check

plagiarism auto check
WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugins

Plagiarism Auto-Check is one of the finest plagiarism checker tools available to us. The plugin provides you with a simple user interface from where you will be able to check where your content has any duplicate material in it. It is the fifth most popular plugin available in the market as of now. You will be informed about the exact pages from where your document has been copied. You will also get the detailed information regarding the name and email address of the person who has copied your content. 

Plagiarism Auto-Check allows you to protect your content from theft by monitoring the reaction of people who have viewed your content. You will be able to send a DMCA warning to the person who has copied your content. Plagiarism Auto-Check is built using Google Custom Search API. You will be able to detect copied content immediately.

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So, if you wish to ensure that whatever you publish on your website is completely unique, then you must install one of these plagiarism checkers on your website. Which plugin do you think is the most efficient of all?

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