Top Backlink Checker Tools For 2024

Backlinks are fundamental to any successful website. They are essential if you are aiming for the first page results of your Google keywords or a different search engine. The strategy you employ for the internal or external backlinks on your portal is crucial for your SEO traffic. This makes it necessary to search and evaluate backlinks before moving ahead with augmenting organic traffic. You will notice that any popular blog covering your niche contains quality backlinks directed to their web pages. If you are giving weightage to creating high-quality backlinks to your sites, your SEO endeavors will become more productive.

Backlink checker tools assess the outbound plus inbound links. Moreover, if you do not possess the proper tool, it gets difficult to monitor every link created manually by your competitor. If you can reproduce their backlinks and produce improved quality links, you can become a winner in the search results.

We have listed here the top tools that offer you the choice to examine the backlink profile of the site of your rival and make the procedure convenient. This list is a combination of both free backlink checking tools and also paid ones.

Best Free and Paid Tools For Backlink Checker

1. Google Search Console


A free service that monitors your backlinks. Search Console assists you in various ways to optimize your site fully.

Besides, presenting your sitemap and website to search console, you can also utilize this tool to assess your site performance, monitor the pages that perform well, and follow your backlink profile.

In addition to external links, a full report of internal links is also profiled by the Search Console in your blogs. Google Search Console also provides valuable insights into how Google views and positions your website.

Backlink Focus

Google Search Console does not concentrate Google tools on backlink analytics on its own, but you can locate backlink data in this tool by accessing the Links Report. You receive a proper spread of details about your main linked pages, main linked sites, and main anchor texts.

This free tool is great for SEO beginners having a limited budget. If your website is simple and does not contain many backlinks to supervise, in that case, this tool is an apt option.

Quality Of Data

The primary benefit of the Search Console is that you are linked to Google directly, so your information is generated from its source. You do not require to think about speed or performance.

The drawback? It lacks value-added analytics that checks the backlinks, What you view is exactly what you obtain.

Pricing Pattern

It is available for free and you are only required to configure it.

Google does not need any mention, as you already know its tool and trusted data. When you consider Search Console particularly as your backlink checker, you get access to support pages. And if you are interested in securing the benefits from your Google tools you can view the Google certifications.

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2. SEMRush

Backlink checker
Backlink checker

An immensely powerful SEO tool, Semrush is not available for free, but its trial version can be utilized for free. Semrush presents a vast database that lets you examine the status of the backlinks of your site within a few seconds.

You can compare the links of your site with the links of your competitor. Semrush assists you in building the advertising strategy of your company along with business tracking features. It contains 26 databases across 25 countries and will check more than 106 million keywords and domains numbering 87 million.

Features of Semrush includes:

  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Research
  • AdsenseGoogle tools
  • Position grading
  • Crawl Audit tool
  • Organic Research
  • Domain-specific ranking based on keyword

Backlink Focus

Backlink evaluation, Research and Competitor Research, and Keywords Ranking comprise the USP features of this incredible backlink checker tool. You can classify and locate the backlink data through anchor text, active status and follow the status and various criteria.

It’s complete as a backlink checker, but does not let you continuously check your backlinks – you need to carry out a new search each time you decide to analyze your backlinks.

Quality of Data

The backlink checker of SEMrush contains a database of more than 160 billion backlinks. It has certain valuable components like geolocation, type of link for instance text links vs. image links, and anchor text so that you can examine every backlink.

Pricing Pattern

As a complete toolset, the pricing of SEMrush is a bit expensive. Their product begins at $99.95 per month and rises upwards from there.

Agencies may go for the API access and white tag features provided within the business plan.

As a tool on the higher end, SEMrush is more suitable for big businesses and agencies who want to increase their potential for white tag reports, study keywords, and plan content plus also check backlinks.

SEMrush also offers a consistent webinar program with expert speaker groups. You can also gain entry into SEO training and tool assistance from the Knowledge Base featured articles and the Academy. Courses. This tool also contains a web crawler known as SemrushBot and the API known as SEMrush API.

3. Ahrefs


Among the best checker tools for backlinks, Ahrefs is available as paid Backlink Auditor Tool. This tool presents the most extensive index of the live backlinks of any website and is upgraded every 15 minutes. The amazing functionality of Ahrefs is that it fixes the secure information link with an exciting web interface.

This tool is also used by numerous online marketers, and provides an anchor test evaluation of your site, and also presents an elaborate account of the backlinks arriving at your website. It also exhibits if the links of your site increase or decrease. The index supposedly has more than 15 trillion information of live backlinks and easily qualifies as a top choice backlink checker.

The web crawler of Ahrefs is called AhrefsBot. Site Explorer is Ahrefs’ reply to Link Explorer of Moz. This backlink too is a component of the huge toolkit of Ahref, which contains a content tool, keyword tool, alerts, and site audits.

Ahrefs is a complete marketing solution with a sharp focus on social media and SEO. You can conduct keyword plus backlink research, competitive analysis along with rank and web monitoring. Ahref offers you the chance to track your link profile to view whether your backlinks are well-organized Google tools.

After logging, click on Site Explorer within the navigation menu places before you all relevant details to audit your website and link profile.  Site Explorer offers you useful information through its Domain Rating, which is an accumulated score of various SEO factors as collected by Ahrefs. The Domain Rating exhibits the domain score which involves its indexed pages. The higher the mark, the domain becomes more authoritative as a whole.

The Domain Rating goes hand in hand with URL Rating which solely considers the quality of the URL.

Backlink Focus

Backlinks inform you about all the links directed towards your site while Referring domains relate to the number of domain links to your website. Clicking the Backlinks makes you access the link profile. Besides, the DR and UR of every page the backlink to your website also lets you view:

  • The amount of traffic received by the page
  • Keywords ranked by every page
  • The anchor text applied to link your pages

More essentially, you can minimize the results by applying the powerful filtering features of Ahref. You can display various site links, platforms, the number of keywords for which the page is ranked.

If used properly, the filters reveal the best backlinks! You can view plenty of useful backlink data such as broken backlinks, lost backlinks, and new backlinks. You can also receive a report on the leading referring content.

Quality of Data

Ahrefs has a huge index of live backlinks, consisting of 12 trillion links and 3 trillion URLs, and upgrades them often all through the day. Due to its vast quantity of data, Ahrefs is hard to beat.

Pricing Pattern

Ahrefs contains a four-level pricing structure beginning at a monthly price of $99 and rising to $999 per month.

At an advanced level, more users can be incorporated into your accounts, monitor more campaigns, and raise the volume of activity within the tool. It is a very expensive tool since you are paying for a complete SEO suite, not simply a backlink tool.

Ahrefs contains a company blog on their website with informative articles that encompass extensive SEO topics and also a tech blog that contains tool upgrades and functions.

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4. Moz Link Explorer

Backlink checker
Check backlink

A significant player within the SEO segment, Moz generates the most known metrics of the industry like Domain Authority, Page Authority, and MozRank.

They provide multiple SEO tools, with Link Explorer as the ideal tool for link creation and backlinks. Link Explorer helps you to locate the root domain, the subdomain, and the accurate page of the sites for which you want to identify backlinks. This Moz link explorer also presents a spam backlinks score. If the spam score exceeds 2, then you need not build backlinks on those websites. You require to sign-up as without sign-up you cannot identify backlinks.

Free users have a set limit of 10 queries every month. If you are looking for a paid tool for a backlink, then MOZ explorer works best for you.

Moz Link Explorer offers you an amazing page authority forecast of the domain name entered inside its search box. In addition, Open site explorer also offers the ranking of your domain name and forecasts the exact domain authority of your websites. You also receive the finest details about the number of sites that are linked to your root domains to provide you with a better understanding of the SEO factors. An analysis by Open site explorer provides you with the complete number of backlinks whether internal or external that are directed to your sites.

All such information is available for a paid version. This tested tool provides a thorough report of the backlinks and extends the option of contrasting two domains. Above all, it is quite convenient in case you prefer to monitor backlinks to your website and that of your primary competitor.

Backlink Focus

Moz’s Link Explorer allows you access to important backlink data regarding any domain you are looking for. The “Inbound Links” category provides you with a backlinks list with helpful metrics such as follow status, PA, Spam Score, and DA, but it is deficient in the depth of backlink details that Monitor Backlinks offer to assist you in judging the link quality.

Quality Of Data

Moz has been aggregating data and presenting analytics for more than a decade and currently have obtained STAT Search Analytics to upgrade its data analytics.

They contain more than four trillion URLs in their index and are still growing.

Pricing Pattern

Moz appears as a complete suite of SEO tools, indicating that you cannot buy Link Explorer individually. Pricing begins at $99 every month. Moz figures as one of costly SEO plus backlink tools and in all likelihood emerges as an ideal option for big businesses and agencies.

Moz is outstanding with its insightful blog posts and useful resources like Community Q&A Forum and a Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

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5. Monitor Backlinks


A backlink tool that is time tested and has catered to more than 1 lakh users since 2012, Monitor Backlinks is an extensive backlink management tool. Equipped with a user-compatible dashboard, this tool helps you to handle your actions conveniently. You can utilize Monitor Backlinks to find out new backlink possibilities, you can monitor the ranking of your crucial keywords.

Not only your backlinks, but Monitor can also follow the backlink profile of your competitor whenever needed. As Google recognizes your backlink pattern and initiates action depending on your link quality and spamming, it becomes significant to have a proper backlink pattern.

The Monitor Backlinks tool presents a handy option to monitor your backlink pattern and conduct proactive steps before a penalty is imposed on your website.

The simple Disavow tool provided by Monitor Backlinks helps to remove bad quality links and Disavow the links that you want Google to avoid. You can develop your Disavow file at a fast pace using this tool and upload it on Google to maintain a clean backlink profile.

Backlink Focus

Monitor Backlinks allows you to monitor the backlinks to your domain and also the domains of your competitor. It is packed with tons of filtering tools to assist you to define backlink quality, consisting of the following status and index, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, MozRank, Domain & Page Authority, Spam Score among others for every backlink.

This tool spontaneously exhibits backlinks having a bad quality with an orange triangle that warns, making it handy to find out potentially low-quality links and informs if your program of link building is luring good or inferior backlinks.

Quality Of Data

Monitor Backlinks utilizes data from Majestic, Moz, and Authority Labs and also from their crawlers. The different sources of data operate together to provide the know-how of the backlink situation.

In addition, you can also conveniently draw backlink data within reports like IP Location, Top Anchor Text, Majestic, Moz, and others. Such reports can be seen directly in the tool or sourced as a CSV.

Pricing Pattern

The pricing ranges from $25 – $144 every month based on the user number, monitored domains figures, and other elements.

An affordable option is the lower tier plans and works well for small enterprises or individual website owners while the plans belonging to the higher tier can fulfill large businesses and agencies having several clients.

Their blogs contain loads of insightful articles dealing with the art and science of link creating. You can gain practical SEO know-how and apply them straight away. Monitor Backlinks also possess a Help Center and a highly responsive team.

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Backlinks are vital for your improved SEO ranking and help to better the ranking of your webpage. These backlink checker tools improve both keyword and page ranking and help to remove spamming backlinks. Use these tools prudently whenever you want to build backlinks on your site and give your site more leverage on the search engine page and boost site traffic.

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