Most Popular Website Speed Test Tools 2023

Website Speed Test Tools

For any successful website, speed is the critical factor. Any faster-loading website will give you a higher SEO ranking, lower bounce rate, higher conversion rates, and longer visitor duration. For analyzing the speed of a website Performance Testing is a must. The speed test will determine the reliability, scalability, interoperability of the system, and course speed. Below, I have mentioned a comprehensive list of the most used website speed test tools. These tools will ensure the speed test of your website under extreme stress. So let’s get started.


Try These Website Speed Test Tools

1. KeyCDN tools


KeyCDN tools is a fast and lightweight speed test tool that will give you a detailed insight into website speed. You can test a single website from 14 different locations around the globe and you can make your test result both private and public. This website speed test tool is accurate and reliable. The best thing about this tool is that quickly you can see how many HTTP requests were made. You will get detailed information about the full page requested and the load time.

2. Google PageSpeed Insight

This website speed test tool will rate your website from 1-100. If your website gets a higher number then your website is well-optimized. The best thing about Google PageSpeed Insight is that it gives you a report for both mobile and desktop. You can even view recommendations for improving your speed. The mobile report includes a user experience report which includes the scoring of your website. The core feature of this tool is that you will get a report of elapsed time which user requests for any new page.

3. Pingdom Speed Test


Pingdom is a well-known speed test tool. This tool is divided into four sections which cover performance grade, waterfall breakdown, page analysis, and history. This tool offers a great overview and essential information such as size per domain by which you can compare CDN size vs your domain. Pingdom speed test provides complete performance insight which is better than any other website speed test tool.

4. GTmetrix

gtmetrix- GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a speed test tool that checks both page speed and YSlow metrics. The report is divided into different sections such as waterfall breakdown, page speed, and history. This tool is completely free and you can test your speed from seven different locations. You can also check the speed among different browsers like Firefox vs Chrome. You will get all the information about your website on different browsers. This tool is recommended by different users.

5. WebPage test

This tool allows you to test your website speed from 40 different locations and 25 different browsers including mobile. This tool will assign a grade from F to A based on the performance of your website. The report is divided into different sections which are very helpful in improving the performance of your website. This tool has a unique feature which is known as a first view and a repeat view. Webpage test has some advanced features like video capture, ignoring SSL certifications, disabling JavaScript, and spoofing user agent strings.

6. Uptrends


This is the most basic website speed test tool which allows you to check your website from different 35 locations. You will get a report in two different sections that are domain groups and waterfall breakdown. Uptrnds is a simple tool that gives information in report form by which you will be able to understand the drawbacks of your website.

7. Dotcom-monitor

Dotcom- Monitor website speed test tool allows you to analyze your website from 23 different locations. The core feature of this tool is that you can run a geographical test along with a website test. It allows you to save a lot of time per location checking. You will get a report of load time per page, page size information, and server responses.

8. PageScoring- Website Speed Test Tools

PageScoring website speed test tool is very simple and easy to understand. This tool has a minimalist design which makes it very light. By using this tool you will get information about connection time, domain lookups, redirection time, page size, and download time.

9. DareBoost- Website Speed Test Tools


The dareBoost speed test tool is a little tricky. To keep using this tool, you have to keep signing in for a free account. This tool gives a great representation of data, it also breakdowns the loading process by which you can see what users are looking at on your webpage. The only thing which interprets you is, again and again, signing in.

10. SEO Site Checkup- Website Speed Test Tools

SEO Site Checkup is an important tool if you want to see the Google ranking of your website. This tool gives page speed and Search Engine Optimization status at the same time. This tool looks at the important factor of your website which can be later improved to boost your website. This tool will also provide easy fixes for the issues which you have missed. The comprehensive approach of this tool will tell you how page speed can be increased.

11. Gochyu – WordPress Theme Detector

Gochyu - WordPress Theme Detector

A good WordPress theme also plays a major role in determining a website’s speed. If you see a website that its speed optimized as well as looks very appealing, you might want to find out which WordPress theme has been used for its design. To help you find the name of a WordPress theme, you can Gochyu – WordPress Theme Detector which is an incredible and simple tool to tell you everything about the theme such as its name, Parent + Child Theme, Theme Tags, Author Name, Store where the Theme was Purchased, Download Link and a lot more. This tool is free to use and is also available in Chrome Web Store. Just Enter the URL and DETECT!!

Website Speed Test Tools-Summing Up!

Above, I have mentioned the top 10 free WordPress website speed test tools which you can use to analyze your website. These are all my favorite tools that I usually use and recommend. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the Website speed test tool then feel free to connect with me.

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