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With online education becoming an ever-more-widespread channel for learning, creating online courses has never been more necessary. Are you looking for the best LMS plugin for your online learning website? There are several LMS plugins WordPress provides. Today we are talking about the Lifter LMS plugin. Yes! LifterLMS says it’s “a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses.”As you’ll see, LifterLMS is a powerful plugin. The free plugin has an impressive number of features, and you can extend the functionality with the help of paid add-ons. One thing going for LifterLMS is that it’s open-sourced and 100% FREE. Upon first glance,  we can see that the plugin looks clean and simple to use, but let’s take a deeper look at a more extensive LifterLMS plugin review.

What is Lifter LMS Plugin all about 

LifterLMS is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses. The mission of LifterLMS is to democratize education in the digital classroom. When it comes to selling your courses, LifterLMS provides you with a pre-built shopping cart. It is also integrated with WooCommerce, and you can accept payment from PayPal. If you want to attract new students by offering them discounts, you can easily do that with an integrated coupon system. The Lifter LMS plugin can be integrated with BuddyPress to help you create LMS social networks.

Core Features

  • Generate custom sidebars to show how far someone has advanced in a course or for more information about the course.
  • Gamify the process by giving out awards and badges when someone advances past a certain level.
  • Create membership levels and manage the program on your dashboard.
  • Full student profiles and a login area that’s clean and on the front end.
  • Analytics for tracking everything from refunds to membership orders.
  • A mobile responsive interface for viewing on phones and tablets.
  • Create coupons to promote your courses.
  • The plugin has a drip content tool for gradually revealing course content as a student moves along.
  • Quizzing and grading.
  • Full eCommerce support right out of the box.

What Lifter LMS can do? 

We have figured that most people want to see how the courses are presented, managed, and set up from the perspective of the student. If you take a look at the screenshot below, you’ll see how you can organize your course list, with media support and information on the topic, teacher, estimated time, and difficulty.

When someone signs up for a course they see all of the media, documentation, and guides you have configured. A progress bar is shown at the top right, and you can utilize drip content based on this progress bar.

LifterLMS has a progression bar on the top right of the course. This bar indicates the progress of students, helping both of you and them easier to track their learning. Plus, shortcodes are available for the teacher to customize the bar and other contents, or even attach other courses at the side of the page to promote them. Moreover, Student profiles and data analytics are the new features of the LifterLMS Plugin.

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Main features in detail:

E-commerce Features

LifterLMS includes all the functionality needed to monetize your courses and generate a passive income from your website. This allows you to accept payments with PayPal, right out of the box. You can also create discount coupons to generate more interest in your courses.

When setting up the pricing structure of a course, you can set a regular price and also a sale price for that course. The sale price can be set to be available for a certain period. This gives you a hands-off way to manage discounts for your courses, over periods of your choosing.

  • Courses: You can create an infinite number of hierarchical, completable courses that can be categorized and organized easily from the Dashboard itself.
  • Sections: LifterLMS plugin follows a two-step hierarchy for classification. Courses are subdivided into sections that can be assigned difficulty levels and individual quizzes.
  • Lessons: Lessons can incorporate everything from a regular text-based approach to audio-video sessions, external reference material, or any combination.
  • Quizzes:  Due to the built-in automatic weight system, quizzing and grading become very easy, though there is an option for manual grading too. Certificates can be issued automatically when the course is completed. One drawback is that only the MCQ type of answer format is available, so it does not support subjective or any other kind of answer format.
  • Student Analytics:  The plugin has robust analytics that allows you to keep precise track of how your students are doing. You can customize student profile pages to see their course lists in the sidebar itself.
  • Live Learning Experience: LifterLMS plugin has an integrated Hangout platform where students can interact live with their tutors. It is also possible to build support forums, chat rooms, and discussion threads for a free flow of information.
  • Drip Content: Content can be dripped out according to lesson completion or after specific time intervals.
  • Prerequisites: It is possible to restrict access to courses and lessons and set necessary prerequisites for the same. To check out more features you can click Here.

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LifterLMS Integration

While LifterLMS is a complete learning management system package “out-of-the-box” LifterLMS Integration also integrates with the following plugins and services:

  • PayPal
  • InfusionSoft
  • Stripe
  • bbPress
  • BuddyPress
  • WooCommerce

Pricing & Support

LifterLMS follows a unique pricing model where you get the plugin in all its glory and features FOR FREE but has a Pro version where you pay 99$/Year for one site and $299 per year for five sites. 

Universal Bundle- This bundle goes for $299 total if you’re running the plugin on one site. Using it on five sites will cost you $499 in total.

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My Recommendation 

LifterLMS Review


LifterLMS is packed with useful features and is very easy to use. These two aspects of the plugin combine to make this a highly recommended product you should definitely check out if you want to start delivering and selling online courses. We think the Lifter LMS plugin is one of the best LMS plugins to create an online course with all the unique and helpful features inbuilt. If you want to earn money online from selling courses, or just provide more useful content for your visitors, you should definitely give this plugin a try.

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