9+ Best WordPress Google Review Plugins In 2024

WordPress Google Review Plugins

How about setting yourself out of the crowd using the top-rated WordPress Google Review Plugins? Seeking out the most reliable WordPress product review? Here we’ll take a look at some of WordPress’s most helpful Review plugins. You may differentiate yourself from the competition with these plugins and feel assured that they will function correctly with any WordPress theme you choose. This summary of WordPress add-ons was compiled using the plugins reviewed here. A wide variety of review-related WordPress plugins, such as those for customers, products, Google, ratings, books, movies, review aggregators, Facebook, and businesses, are included in this pack.

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WordPress Google Review Plugins

Check out this rundown of the top WordPress Review plugins of 2024!

1. WP Review Plugin

WP Call Button Plugin Review

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Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or a blog, WP Review is an excellent plugin for WordPress. Users can post comments on reviews, score features, and even mark the opinions of other users with this plugin’s assistance. To begin rating and reviewing products, you can utilize one of the top WordPress customer review plugins, which is compatible with any theme. You can’t find better Google reviews for the business plugins for WordPress than WP Review. Having Google reviews displayed on your website will instill confidence in your customers because Google is a reliable company.

2. Starfish Reviews Plugin

WordPress Reviews Plugins

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Starfish Reviews is a top-notch plugin for WordPress that aggregates user feedback from Trustpilot, Facebook, and Google. This WordPress plugin improves accessibility to reviews across multiple formats. By giving users full access to their data, Starfish is far more cost-effective than competing solutions. Starfish is a free service that can help you get marketing and customer feedback. If you’re a webmaster interested in integrating customer evaluations into your site, the Starfish Reviews plugin is a free, open-source, minimalistic, and slick solution. Starfish Reviews is a WordPress plugin that will generate 5-star ratings and reviews for your internet platforms.

3. Site Reviews Plugin

Site Reviews - Google Review Plugins
Google Review Plugins
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Site Reviews is a top pick if you want to add a plugin that allows users to rate and review content on your WordPress site. It works with a wide range of languages and is accessible to Asians. Additionally, the plugin can be used to gather and show customer feedback and ratings. You can embed these critiques into your website with the help of shortcodes, widgets, or blocks. You can personalize them by pinning the finest ones to the front. You can tag reviews with certain groups, pages, or users on your site.

4. Wiremo Plugin

Wiremo - Google Review Plugins
Google Review Plugins
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The wire is a plugin for the WordPress platform that collects user reviews and ratings. This WordPress plugin uses the wire to aggregate, analyze, and display user feedback on a specific business. A wire connects with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter through a moving review carousel. There aren’t many WordPress plugins for reviewing businesses, but this one stands out because it also lets you attach frequently asked questions, blogs, and evaluations from satisfied customers. There is a chat function on the control panel for more pleasant user interactions.

5. WP Customer Reviews Plugin

WP Customer Reviews- Google Review Plugins
Google Review Plugins
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Valid XHTML 1.1 (W3C) and the Rich Snippets Testing Tool confirm that WP Customer review is a top-notch plugin for WordPress. It can be downloaded in a flash, is relatively small in file size, and features a star rating symbol. With this plugin, you may avoid performance issues with your blog and create a dedicated testimonials page. A WordPress review plugin gives site administrators greater control over how users’ feedback is displayed.

6. Recencio Book Reviews

Recencio Book Reviews - Google Review Plugins
Google Review Plugins
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Recencio Book Reviews is an excellent choice if you want to add a book review feature to your WordPress site. Recency is a powerful and versatile WordPress plugin that can easily manage your website’s book review collection. Earning a passive income from reviewing books has never been easier than with our quick, flexible, and adaptable service. This plugin makes book reviews their post type, so you may publish and categorize them however you choose. You can use the same WordPress features you’re used to, like media and user comments, in your book review posts. Administrators, book reviewers, designers, and developers can adapt the plugin according to their requirements.

7. Schema Plugin

Schema - Google Review Plugins
Google Review Plugins
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Search for a WordPress movie review plugin or a product/customer review plugin that is SEO-based. Schema is a top-tier WordPress plugin for reviews because of the many helpful features it brings together in one convenient package. The schema plugin supports Reviews, Events, Applications, Videos, Articles, People, Products, and more. It gives search engines the most important and exact information to present to achieve a higher rank. This plugin will incorporate visual features into your existing review system to enhance your reviews with rich snippets.

8. Plug-in Taqyeem

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Premium WordPress review plugin Taqyeem allows users to rate and review articles, pages, and custom post kinds. You may modify it in various ways to make it look and function exactly how you want it to on your site. It’s optimized for search engines and provides a wealthy snippet review, complete with micro-data that supports right-to-left languages (RTL). Taqyeem provides a rating system based on one of the most popular WordPress plugins for collecting and analyzing user feedback.

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9. Photo Review Plugin

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce
Google Review Plugins
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Photo Review is one of the most effective review plugins for WooCommerce on WordPress. This plugin lets customers share their experiences with the products they have purchased. That way, people can quickly snap a photo of the product they bought and share it on your website. With this function, your company may generate proof that its product is effective, boosting its credibility and sales. The newest reviews appear first, while older reviews are shown at the most significant image size permitted by the time setting.

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10. Ultimate Reviews Plugin

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Ultimate Reviews is among the best WordPress Review Plugins available when creating evaluations for a wide variety of products. The excellent products were expanded thanks to their compatibility with the Ultimate Product Catalog Ultimate plugin. Reviews of products and activities can be made available to your audience. You can choose which thoughts to display for all products or only those in your catalog.

11. Google Reviews Plugin

Plugin for Google Reviews - Google Review Plugins
Google Review Plugins
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One of WordPress’s most excellent Google Review plugins is Google Evaluations Widgets, which allows users to write reviews across a wide variety of categories quickly. It’s cost-free and lets you include a widget that displays recent Google Business Reviews on your site’s sidebar. This WordPress Review plugin has an upgraded commercial license that adds professional air. This plugin does not work with review aggregators.

12. Rich Reviews

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Rich Reviews is a WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the collection and display of user reviews on a website. The plugin provides a simple and customizable platform for users to submit their feedback and ratings. With support for Google Rich Snippets, Rich Reviews helps enhance the visibility of reviews in search engine results, potentially improving the site’s SEO. The plugin offers features such as customizable review forms, moderation options for site administrators, and the ability to showcase reviews in a visually appealing format. Rich Reviews is user-friendly and aims to empower website owners to leverage customer testimonials effectively to build trust and credibility.

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Final Thought on Google Review Plugins

A WordPress plugin for collecting user feedback is sometimes overlooked, yet it may be integral to developing a successful website. Visitors’ confidence in your site’s reliability can lead to increased sales and a higher search engine ranking.

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