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Looking for the best WordPress review plugins? Well, we have curated a long list! Before that, let us understand what the topic really means. Boosting conversions is what every brand strives to do. In the world we live in, we have to constantly give the audience what they desire – to stay ahead of the game. However, to understand what your user needs, you have to listen to them. Customer reviews are a way for your customer to reach out to your brand. They are known to add social proof to the minds of your visitors.

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Why should you use WordPress review plugins?

Did you know that nearly 88% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase? That is why adding a review section to your website the important. If you are a coder then you can do it easily or if you are not then need to hire a coder. But why invest money in something that can be done for free? 

WordPress review plugins are the best way to add a review section to your site. They are free with some basic customization that will match your requirements. 

Websites that sell products or services must add a customer review section. Old customers review helps your new customers to make the purchase

Benefits to add a review plugin:

  • Free advertising – Happy customers are loyal to your brand and leave good reviews for others to read. 
  • Organic feedback – Your customers will be honest with you and it gives you to chance to be better. Further, you understand what is working for your website and what isn’t. 
  • Social proof – Customers are more likely to trust your brand if it has reviews from other people.
  • Improve SEO – The more interactions your customers have with your website, the better your chances are to show up in search engines. 

Typical features of a review plugin: 

  • Rating systems – thumbs up/thumbs down 
  • Options for uploading all kinds of content, including pictures and videos
  • Search bar – for customers to find keywords
  • Integration with WooCommerce plugin
  • Moderation of comments 
  • Sorting feature for reviews 
  • Customization of fields in reviews 

Let’s go over some of the finest WordPress review plugins for your brand below:

Best WordPress Review Plugins

A good review goes a long way – it can be the most important deciding factor when a customer wants to purchase your product. 

You will get to know about the best plugins that add a review section on your site with prices and features.

A good review goes a long way – it can be the most important deciding factor when a customer wants to purchase your product. 

1. WP Customer Reviews

 Review Plugins
Best WordPress Review Plugins

With WP Customer Reviews, you can accept reviews anywhere on your website. You can collect general customer reviews for your brand or for individual products. With its simple dashboard, you can easily accept or decline reviews. You can also display several reviews on a single page. It is a clean plugin that can be customized accordingly. If you are looking for a minimalistic approach for your review section, this plugin is ideal for you. 

2. WP Business Reviews

wp business- Best WordPress Review Plugins
Best WordPress Review Plugins

To use the Business Reviews plugin, all you need to do is install the plugin and link it with different platforms such as Google and Yelp. Moreover, it allows you to add custom reviews and filter negative reviews. In short, this plugin extracts all reviews from popular platforms and can also be connected to Zomato! You can tag your favorite reviews and they can be shown at the top of the review list. Customize how your ratings look and adjust the style of your review panel according to the look of your website. It has different formats such as lists and galleries. In short, it has everything you can need from a review website! 

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3. Site Reviews

 Review Plugins
Best WordPress Review Plugins

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way of adding reviews to your website, you are in the right place. The site Reviews plugin has various options for displaying your reviews. You can customize the same by pinning your best reviews so that they show up on the top of your review list. It is a clean plugin and highly functional. You can display your reviews anywhere through its shortcodes, widgets, and blocks. Notifications can be customized according to your needs and the plugin is SEO-friendly. Choose Site Reviews if you want all the essential features for your website. 

4. Starfish Reviews

WordPress Review Plugins
Best WordPress Review Plugins

Starfish Reviews aim to increase your reviews on Google and other review platforms. It is a plugin that is highly recommended by us. With this plugin, people who have a negative review of your brand will be encouraged to submit the same directly to you. On the other hand, people who have a positive review for you will be redirected to your review form wherein they can write their comments. In short, this plugin helps you to garner quality reviews for your brand. 

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5. Google Reviews Widget

google review-
Best WordPress Review Plugins

This plugin works uniquely – it takes all of your current Google reviews and publishes them on your website in a compiled way. You can use these reviews as a header, footer, or sidebar – whatever works best with your content. You also get some filters and snippets with this plugin along with the ability to merge certain reviews. It also provides you with different themes and can be accessed in various languages. If you like working with widgets, we suggest you try the Google Reviews widget for your brand.

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6. Taqyeem- Best WordPress Review Plugins 

Best WordPress Review Plugins
Best WordPress Review Plugins

Taqyeem provides you with unlimited customizations while displaying reviews on your website. You can choose different kinds of reviews – bar ratings or star ratings. There are unlimited colors and the typography is great! You can choose whatever matches the essence of your brand the most. You can post reviews on several areas of your website. Lastly, this plugin works best if you want to brand your reviews section according to your brand. Stay ahead of the curve with a plugin that offers you the best choices. 

7. WP Review

WP review
Best WordPress Review Plugins

It’s better than the others because of its perfection. It supports 19 types of snippets so can review products like books movies, games, and anything. You can set up this plugin within a few minutes because it provides 15 pre-design customizable templates. You can use different types of reviews for different products whether you want to use stars, points, percentages, or more. With WP Review your customers can give a review of your product or service with many criteria including features and comments on the review. Even they can mark others’ comments as helpful or not helpful. Embed your google reviews on-site with this plugin. 

This plugin has more than 20 features for you so let it help you in any possible way. Add the review section and let your users give feedback about your product and services.

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8. Let’s Review WordPress Plugin With Affiliate Options

review plugin
Best WordPress Review Plugins

Let’s review WordPress plugins that are full of modern styling features. It provides a valid JSON-LD schema for your product and service reviews. It is compatible with the most trending website builder Gutenberg. For styling, it has many illustrated options and an easy drag-and-drop editor. Let’s review can be translated into any language. It can be set on default options for all your pages to save time. You can use any images for review. It is a powerful plugin and at the same time, you can use it without adding any extra effort. It gives affiliate options, and with the help, it can monetize your reviews.  

9. WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich snippets is a very easy-to-setup review plugin. It has full documentation about the plugin so you can understand it and implement it. It is a premium plugin that creates rich snippets for SERPs. With it, you can decide the number of reviews to display in the sidebar and order them with the highest rating. You can add the thumbnail image to your reviews. It helps your site to get recognized by the searchers. You will get useful add-ons that can give you more features. The best part of WP Rich Snippets is they have amazing customer support so if you get stuck you can just ask them.

10. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

review plugin for woocommerce
Best WordPress Review Plugins

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce are not for a review on your site it has many other extra features that can enhance your product page. You can add a Q&A section on your product page so your customers can ask their questions while reading reviews about the product. It can be translated into over 40 languages. Your customers will get an automatic reminder email to write the review after the purchase. Users can filler reviews on the page for better exposure. It also gives a feature where customers can review their all purchases in one go. Your website will be safe from spam with customer reviews for WooCommerce.


Yotpo Customer Retention Tool

Yotpo offers a few different WordPress review plugins that integrate with the Yotpo review and ratings platform. Yotpo offers a range of WordPress review plugins that can help you collect and display customer feedback on your website. Each plugin is designed to integrate with your WordPress site and offers a variety of features to help you manage your reviews and showcase your social proof.

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Conclusion of Best WordPress Review Plugins

A plugin that has your kind of style and essence should be your first choice. These plugins are amazing and we hope we have made your decision easier! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pick one of these plugins, and take maximum advantage! Thank you for reading the article. All the best!

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The Best Review Plugins for Your WordPress Website

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