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Compressing your gifs will take less time for a web browser to download them from a server, meaning your gif animations and banners will load faster. Banner exchanges and ad server networks often restrict the size of animated GIFs. Bandwidth costs can be reduced if files are compressed. If you wish to reduce the file size of your GIFs, you can use one of the GIF image optimization programs listed below. You’ll see improved page load times, higher search engine rankings, and a happier audience. There are Twelve GIF Tools to compress your gif images BuddyX theme

The Effects of GIF Compression and Optimization

This is how you can think of image compression. To reduce the file size of an image, some features must be eliminated. However, some details are more crucial than others. Compression software and services identify and eliminate unnecessary information to reduce the size of a file. They may alter the image’s proportions or reduce the number of colors employed.

A GIF optimizer or compressor may use various techniques, and it might be challenging to determine which ones are used. However, in actual use, you most likely don’t need to worry too much about the specifics. Perhaps all you want to do is compress a GIF without completely ruining its quality to fit it on your device or to conform to the file size requirements of a website or app. For instance, Twitter only allows animated GIFs up to 15MB on the web and 5MB on mobile devices.

The 12 Best Tools for Compressing Images

1. Riot- GIF Optimization Tools


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As its name implies, RIOT is an image optimizer that uses radical methods to reduce file sizes without sacrificing quality. It employs a side-by-side (dual view) or single-view interface to permit instantaneous comparison of the original and optimized images and direct observation of the resulting file size.

It’s light, quick, and easy for beginners but robust enough for experts. The resulting file can be saved as a JPG, GIF, or PNG, and you can adjust its compression, color depth, metadata settings, and more.

2. ImageOptim


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ImageOptim is excellent for web publication (it quickly reduces the file size of Photoshop’s “Saved for Web” GIFs). When used correctly, it can help reduce the size of applications on a Mac or iOS device (if you configure Xcode to allow better optimization).
ImageOptim will automatically run multiple image optimization algorithms and combine the findings to produce the smallest file possible whenever you drag and drop images into its window.

3. Shrink O’ Matic

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You may quickly and efficiently resize several photos with the help of Shrink O’Matic, an AIR program. All standard image formats (JPG, GIF, and PNG) are supported. You may resize pictures quickly and easily by dragging and dropping them into place. Sizes, orientation (supports EXIF data), names, locations, formats, and watermarks can all be customized before export.

4. FileOptimizer


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FileOptimizer is a fantastic program that uses various recompression and optimization strategies to reduce the size of the GIF file. This program can compress video, audio, and documents and practically every other file format imaginable.

5. PunyPNG


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As a free website optimization tool, PunyPNG can drastically reduce the file size of your photographs without sacrificing quality. Before deciding on the appropriate web optimization strategy and format, it examines the image’s content. PunyPNG works with the most common forms (PNG, JPEG, and GIF), automatically determining the optimum conversion method based on the file type.

6. GIFmicro


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GIFmicro has two optimization settings. By switching to “Lossless compression mode,” you can lessen the size of your image files without sacrificing quality. The GIF file size is minimized as much as possible without sacrificing image quality by removing unnecessary data. The “Lossy compression option” purposefully degrades image quality to reduce substantial file sizes.

7. GIF Optimizer

GIF Optimizer- GIF Optimization Tools
GIF Optimization Tools

To quickly and easily optimize GIF files for your website, download GIF Optimizer Free. File sizes can be reduced by as much as 90%, which has the potential to speed up page downloads, free up storage space, and cut down on bandwidth costs. The two preview panes of the GIF optimizer allow you to see both the original and the optimized versions of the image. The GIF size can be drastically decreased by using the color reduction option.

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8. Shrink Pictures

Shrink - GIF Optimization Tools
GIF Optimization Tools
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In addition to resizing images, Shrink Pictures also lets you select how much of a compression ratio you want to use. You can choose the largest possible image size, tweak it with filters, and then save the final version to your computer.

9. GIFMaker- GIF Optimization Tools

A smaller version of the animated gif you provided can be obtained by using this online gif compressor. Reducing the size of a gif by making it smaller is another option. Using, you may easily modify a gif’s dimensions and quality.

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10. EzGif- GIF Optimization Tools

EzGif- GIF Optimization Tools
GIF Optimization Tools
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This application reduces the number of colours used in each frame of a gif file, reducing the file size. The file size can be decreased by setting a maximum of 256 colours for each GIF frame. It creates multiple variations of the image you provide, from which you can choose the one that achieves the best possible compromise between the file size and the picture’s quality.

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11. GIFReducer

GIFReducer- GIF Optimization Tools
GIF Optimization Tools
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The trick to making a gif more compact is to reduce the size of its palette. It is possible to minimize file sizes since fewer colours require a smaller amount of data to represent them. Dithering is a technique that combines colours that are adjacent to one another to improve the quality of a compressed file.

12. GIF Optimization Tools

GIF Optimization Tools
GIF Optimization Tools
Tap Here is a cutting-edge web tool that can reduce the size of your photographs and images to a small fraction of their original dimensions while preserving a significant portion of the quality of the originals. This nifty tool can see your ideas in practically any format and saves considerable bandwidth in the process.

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Conclusion of GIF Optimization Tools

There are a plethora of resources available for GIF compression. While these tools vary in price, ease of use, and speed, the standard practice is to select a GIF compressor that falls between these parameters. The tool’s primary purpose is to reduce your GIFs’ file size without degrading their quality.

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