B2B Website Optimization Techniques To Know

B2B Website Optimization

As we all know, a website that is properly optimized gains more customers than a website that is not entirely optimised. Our customers want a website which is easy to navigate and gives them the information they need. If a site is optimised correctly, it can see a 1 to 5% increase in conversion. These days, B2B Website optimization has gained importance and has become an effective marketing technique for companies. A b2b website helps you to increase your customer base, improve your marketing strategies and promotes your goodwill. So we bring you some B2B website optimization techniques that will help you boost your website ranking.

Using more than one Call to Action

It is said that by a rule of thumb you must use one call-to-action on your website. But there are many options that your visitors might want to choose from such as signing up, taking a demo or a tour etc. Therefore, deciding what will your main CTA do is a difficult choice. So putting two CTA’s side by side can be a more beneficial option.
Two CTA’s will not only increase your conversion rate but will also result in more clicks from visitors.

You can use two calls to actions for two-fold purposes. Firstly by encouraging visitors to subscribe to your website and second for newbies to know more about your product.

Consider Navigation as an important factor

Navigation is an important factor of consideration for your B2B website. Users want a website that is easy to navigate through, and they can find anything very easily and quickly.
If your users can’t find what they are looking for in seconds, then they will bounce away from your website in no time. Try to make seamless navigation on your website and let the users find a solution with ease.

Timings of layouts and pop-ups

Pop-ups are usually used to generate more subscribers for your B2B website or blog. But it is important as to where you are going to place your popup and what will be its timing. Frequent occurring blog posts are annoying sometimes as they break the user’s attention.

Removing the Main menu from some pages

Your top priority while building a website must always be to highlight your brand, creating the appropriate flow and maintaining visuals which are consistent.
If you use a lighter version of the main menu or completely remove it from some of the website pages such as your pricing pages, feature pages will help increase the number of signups as well as in overall optimization of your website. The reason behind this is a focus. If you o not want to distract your audiences from the main content, then you must make as light and easy as possible.

A/B testing is important

It’s important to A/B test your website and most importantly the pricing page. The maximum number of visitors who visit your B2B website first go to your pricing page.
You can reduce the features you state in one plan so that it does not look messy. Only focus on the main features.
Give different names to your plans and make it easy for your visitors to decide on the one they want. Sometimes confusing pricing pages can be a result of a loss in visitors.

Mobile Responsive website

One of the primary techniques for optimizing your B2B website is the mobile responsiveness. As per Google statistics, around 40% of revenue from leading B2B companies came from mobile itself.

Mobile optimised websites are a must. You should make sure that you keep them as light as possible with least or no dropdowns, fast page loading speed and seamless navigation as well.
Do not go with fancy appearances on the mobile version of your website. It should be concise, simple and straightforward to access and load.

So the above mentioned were some techniques that can help you optimize your B2B website and increase your Search Engine Results to a great extent. We hope this article gave you some helpful information. If you have any suggestions for us, please drop them in the comment section below.



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