Best 2D Animation Software In 2024 (Free And Paid)

Best 2D Animation Software

Even though 2D animation software has been around for a century, it is just now reaching its full potential as animators experiment with new techniques and blur the barriers between 2D and 3D. Having the correct tools at your disposal makes creating a 2D animation film much simpler.

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Best 2D Animation Software

You have an idea of how the tale will go and a rough outline of the visuals, but now you can bring that idea to life in complex and original ways.

1. SVGator


SVGator is a browser-based SVG animation tool that’s optimized for creating captivating motion graphics. The tool comes with an intuitive GUI that puts advanced animators at your fingertips, along with all the familiar graphic design features you’d expect in a no-code design software. Built for animating with keyframes on a timeline, without having to write a single line of code, makes this tool is perfect for breaking into the world of motion design, even as a beginner.

You can use the built-in vector creator and editor to start your project from scratch or tap into SVGator’s extensive library of static and animated drag & drop assets (created by the team’s in-house designers). To top it off, you get to export your projects in a variety of cross-platform formats, including .svg for the web, .dart, .js for mobile (Flutter/React Native), video (MP4, AVI, MOV, WebM, and MKV), animated image formats, such as GIF, Animated PNG, and more.

2. Animate CC

Animate CC
2D Animation Software

Adobe Animate is an animation solution that allows organizations to make and distribute interactive content such as 2D and 3D animations, drawings, and more. Designers may use the program to produce both raster and vector images, organize rich text operations, and add audio to animations.

You may choose from various predefined settings in seven distinct areas, such as social media, gaming, and learning. This application has full support for HTML5 canvas and WebGL outputs. In addition, it supports the development of Flash formats, the packaging of Adobe AIR applications, and other uses. There is also more complex animation presets in Animate, such as VR Panorama and VR 360. Both are tailored to the process of creating VR experiences on the Web with interactivity.

3. Blender

Blender- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

Blender’s excellent drawing tools and conventional stroke-based workflow make it a solid choice for 2D animation. Using its grease pencil tool, you can create stunning cutout animations and motion graphics. Blenders may also be used to merge 2D and 3D animations seamlessly. Blender’s Grease Pencil is the feature responsible for all this 2D yumminess. You can create vector drawings in 3D space that look like they were drawn in 2D.

In addition to animation, it has many other potential applications. For 2D work, there’s the Grease Pencil tool, and the Python API allows for scripting and customization via add-ons. Hand-drawn art, motion graphics, and bone-rigged characters are all doable with Blender.

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4. Open Toonz

Open Toonz- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

Free and open-source 2d animation software OpenToonz is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. OpenToonz can compete with other paid animation software because of its extensive set of technical and professional-level features. The application may be used on several different systems and features many helpful capabilities. OpenToonz is open-source software that may be used for free in business and non-commercial endeavors.

OpenToonz provides a bone system for animation controls to facilitate the creation of fluid motions. Utilize the Skeleton Distortion layer to apply complex deformations to your bitmap artwork, or use cutout animation to control your vector artwork. Both amateur and expert animators may utilize it to their advantage. Because it is both strong and straightforward, it is also a great option for the classroom.

5. Pencil2D

Pencil2D- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

For businesses interested in making their 2D hand-drawn animations with vector graphics and bitmap pictures, Pencil2D is a free and open-source animation application that can help. The platform provides a central location for designers to make changes to images, add or delete layers, and make copies of keyframes. Pencil2D’s flexible interface allows users to see what’s coming up in the pipeline, make animated cartoons, compare different drawings, edit movies, and change the size of the tool panel to suit their needs.

Pencil2D is licensed under the GNU General Public License, and that leaves Pencil2D wide available for customization by anyone. Pencil2D was developed by programmer Matthew Chang and his colleagues using code from a previous project named Pencil. If you’re starting out in the world of animation, a copy of Pencil2D is a must-have.

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6. Moho Pro- 2D Animation Software

Moho Pro- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

Two-dimensional animation program that uses vector graphics. The bitmap capabilities of Moho Pro are well-known, and it also has tools that make it possible to draw freehand. However, it is not user-friendly for newcomers and may require some practice before mastery. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X can run Moho Pro. It’s not free, but you receive a complete 2D/3D animation studio for your efforts.

It has a robust rigging system that will make your models pop off the screen, and the Smart Bones feature will help your characters show more emotion in their emotions and movements. This program also can make personalized bitmap brushes. The output of a bitmap brush may be modulated by the user’s manipulation of its speed, pressure, and direction. You may need some time to get the hang of Moho Pro, and it is not designed with novices in mind.

7. SketchBook- 2D Animation Software

SketchBook- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

Concept artists, designers, and architects all rank SketchBook highly as a tool for sketching and painting. Autodesk SketchBook’s users may now produce professional-quality artwork thanks to the program’s user-friendly interface and high-quality sketching and painting capabilities. The user is also less likely to be distracted because the interface remains hidden until it is actually needed.

There are over a hundred preset brushes to choose from, and you can even make your own. Brushes for unique effects like smudging and glowing are included. Lines emerge more quickly and with no perceptible lag when sketching and drawing. The improved organization makes it simpler to select the desired tool or switch between available tools.

8. Synfig Studio2D Animation Software

Synfig Studio- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

Synfig was built from the bottom up to be an efficient and effective industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software tool capable of generating feature-film-level animation with fewer personnel and resources. Synfig’s interface will seem familiar to anyone who has used a dedicated animation program or any graphics program. Rectangle and ellipse generators, a bezier pen, a paint bucket, and other tools are available.

When it comes to creating complicated character puppets and other dynamic structures, Synfig Studio stands head and shoulders above other free and open-source animation tools because of its superior capabilities that allow you to link the properties of several layers. Although it has a high learning curve, Synfig Studio is a fantastic program for both novice and seasoned hobbyists once you get the hang of it.

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9. Animaker

Animaker- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

Entrepreneurs, classroom storytellers, content marketers, and HR teams may benefit from using Animaker since it provides a platform for novice and experienced users to construct animated and live-action videos. Among the many things it can do is aid in the production of 2D animations, whiteboard films, infographic videos, vertical videos, GIFs, and YouTube thumbnails. With only a few clicks, users can easily make stunning animated videos.

After selecting and laying up the people, scripts, topics, and other things in the film, all that remains is to organize the numerous scenes methodically. Several customization possibilities are available in Animaker, making it suitable for users of varying skill sets. Animaker’s various subscription tiers come with increasing levels of assistance.

Similarly, Animaker has already taken the necessary steps to eliminate the need for you to get in touch with customer service. Animaker has been utilized for video production by even the likes of Pepsi, Verizon, and Google.

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10. CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator- 2D Animation Software
2D Animation Software

CrazyTalk Animator, developed by Reallusion, is excellent 2D animation software for skilled artists and people who lack such abilities. Using the program, you can access a library of pre-made characters, effects, and animated movements that seem high quality and professional. This application makes animation a breeze because of features like motion capture and auto-lip synchronization.

This is a lightweight program that can be picked up quickly. The character library allowed us to build one-of-a-kind actors by simply swapping out their heads and torsos for anything else. Essential capabilities of the system include 2D facial free-form deformation, intelligent motion retargeting, stretch animation, audio lip-syncing, and more.

Administrators may use CrazyTalk Animator’s pre-made human and animal character templates to quickly and easily construct multi-angled 2D characters, giving them 3D motion effects with the software’s Z-axis movement capabilities.

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Digicel FlipBook is an excellent tool for learning the fundamentals of hand-drawn animation. The application has movable brushes and the capacity to edit 1,500 frames simultaneously. However, you’ll have to hand-craft your character libraries and environments because it doesn’t come with any pre-made options.

The interface of FlipBook hasn’t changed much in over a decade; it’s similar to a media player with drawing and painting tools and camera features. With FlipBook, you may create classic frame-by-frame animation by scanning your drawings and coloring them digitally or by sketching directly into the program. It can also record individual frames, allowing you to create stop-motion animation if you want.

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Conclusion of 2D Animation Software

Producing high-quality 2D animated movies and getting the results you desire for your business is easier than ever with the large variety of tools at your disposal. Our goal was to compile a comprehensive list of the top 2D animation programs. In light of this information, it is recommended that you begin by using only one piece of software.

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