Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

A good strategy is built on thoroughly understanding your competition’s assets and shortfalls. Competitive benchmarking can be done with the help of a wide range of SEO competitor analysis tools available on the market.
These SEO competitor analysis tool can help you succeed in your online business, from paid advertising to email marketing. It would help to determine which area of your competitor’s business you want to keep an eye on.


Tools for general competitor analysis

Rather than focusing on a single aspect of your competition’s internet marketing plan, these tools take a broader look to identify areas of opportunity for your business.

1. Pi Datametrics

Your brand and product lines and how well you stack up against the competition may all be measured with Pi. Emerging trends and audience intent can help you pinpoint the “what” and “when.” In this way, ads can be tailored to the specific demands of consumers. Applying brand search intelligence data backward can help you see how your campaigns compare to your rivals.

2. Kompyte

If you want to see how your website stacks up against the competition, Kompyte is your tool. Using this service, your competitors’ emails can likewise be kept up to date. It’s up to you whether or not you want Kompyte to recommend competitors based on the terms you’re tracking.

3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb- seo competitor analysis Tool
seo competitor analysis Tool

With SimilarWeb, you can see how much traffic, referrals, search traffic and keywords, social media, display advertising your website receives, and similar apps and websites. A free trial allows you to try out various service options.

Conversational tools for social media

1. Brandwatch Consumer Research

You can customize the platform to monitor what is important to you by using detailed searches, categorization, rules, notifications, and more than 100 million monitored sites.

You may use Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs on your competitor’s social media activity. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on what your competitors are up to on the web, you can use custom searches to track what they’re saying about you.

To keep tabs on your brand’s share of voice and the mood around each brand, you need to watch the overall conversation surrounding your sector. You may stay updated on the latest trends and news by setting up Alerts or Signals.

5. Benchmark

For a winning social media content and engagement strategy, compare your results to those of your competitors.
In Benchmark’s social media analysis, more than 100,000 businesses are benchmarked on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Numerous social metrics and data points can be accessed, including post-level analytics, audience metrics, and the percentage of a specific topic’s voice, reach, and views.

Using Benchmark, you may examine your competitors’ material to get ideas for your content strategy and to measure how well they are doing.

Analysis tools for SEO and keywords

1. Spyfu- SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

SpyFu- seo competitor analysis Tool
seo competitor analysis Tool

You can see how many backlinks and rankings your competitors have and the extent to which their keyword focus coincides with your own.
Starting at $39 a month, you can choose from various plans.

2. Ahrefs- SEO Competitor Analysis Tool


SEO and keyword research tool Ahrefs is excellent. Google Analytics is a perfect tool for gauging what your competitors are ranking for, how much organic traffic they’re generating, and which of their content is performing the best. It’s also possible to compare domains and track keywords over time.

3. SEMRush- SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Semrush Youtube Rank Tracker
seo competitor analysis Tool

In terms of competitor analysis tools, SEMrush is a strong contender. It is a powerful tool for turning raw data into useful information that can be applied to your content strategy.

To see how much traffic is coming from branded search, how many lookups queries there are, and how much traffic is coming from branded search over time, you can use SEMrush.

Keywords, paid search, and rankings are all examined by the program. You can use a maximum of ten URLs to narrow your search. You’ll need to upgrade for a monthly fee of at least $119.95 if you want to see everything.

Tools for analyzing backlinks

1. Open Link Profiler

In addition to backlinks, geographical and industry breakdowns, and linkage, the tool delivers a variety of link analyses. You can try out the software for free during the trial period.

2. Monitor Backlinks

If you create an account with this tool, it will notify you through email whenever new links, missing links, new backlinks from competitors, and weekly domain changes are made available for you to review. You can sign up for a free trial and pay as little as $25 per month to try it out.

Content-searching tools

1. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo- seo competitor analysis Tool
seo competitor analysis Tool

Enter a keyword or a competitor’s URL into BuzzSumo’s Material Analyzer to search through a massive library of content. Filters such as publication date, content type, and social media shares might help you focus your search.
You can utilize the Trending content function in BuzzSumo to find the most popular articles and content currently trending. Pre-built curated feeds for popular themes are available, or you may create your own to meet your specific content discovery requirements.

The 30-day free trial of BuzzSumo can be utilized for free, and there is also a limited free plan for those who don’t want to pay. Paid plans are $99/month and offer more data and features.

2. Feedly

There are a plethora of news aggregation websites to choose from. Feedly lets you separate news depending on industry trends, clientele, and competitors. You can easily add websites to your RSS feed using a browser extension. Plans begin at $6 a month and go up from there.

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SERP rankings tools

1. Searchmetrics

This is a compelling set of tools. If you use Searchmetrics SEO Visibility Score, you can see how well a domain ranks on search engines. Check out some of your competitors to see how they’re doing.

E-commerce tool

1. Prisync- SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Every time Prisync finds a lower price from a competitor, it notifies the user via a web dashboard or an email alert. This eliminates the need for you to examine your competitors’ websites manually. Paid subscriptions start at $99/month with a 14-day free trial.

 A/B testing tool

iSpionage-SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Keeping tabs on your competitors’ A/B testing schedules can significantly help. In addition, iSpionage gives you a peek into the campaigns and strategies of your competitors and alerts you when they are about to try something new.


Conclusion of SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Are you prepared to compare yourself to your rivals in the industry? Your social media approach might be boosted with the help of these tools.

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