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WooCommerce allows you to effortlessly convert a website into a selling machine. For a start, you can add stunning product pages to your site, displaying product images, descriptions, specifications, and prices. Visitors to your website can then add these products to a virtual shopping cart, and, when they’re ready, head over to the checkout page to make their payment. All this might sound incredibly technical, but because of WooCommerce, it’s surprisingly easy. Even inexperienced WordPress users should have very few problems adding eCommerce functionality to their website thanks to the intuitive WooCommerce plugin.

I know what you’re probably thinking: get me WooCommerce now! Well, if you want WooCommerce, it’s available here. Before that, though, you need a WordPress theme that integrates well with WooCommerce. That’s what today’s list is for: to introduce you to 37 of the best, free eCommerce themes, all fully compatible with WooCommerce. Integrate your WooCommerce shop with your BuddyPress social network. The combination of WooCommerce and BuddyPress opens the doors to new customer interaction. For example product groups, product support forums, product group members, and a lot more. Bring the whole cart and checkout process into your BuddyPress member profiles and have all data in one place. Add pages from other WooCommerce extensions right into your BuddyPress member profiles or groups. Create a seamless customer experience and get more engagement on your site.

eCommerce/ WooCommerce TheShop

Free WooCommerce Themes
Free Woocommerce Themes

TheShop is a gorgeous eCommerce theme, designed to help you sell more. Its stylish, minimalist design makes it the perfect theme to showcase your products and drive more sales. Impressive homepage features include a stunning image slider, a product carousel, and the ability to link directly to product categories. This makes it super-easy for your visitors to navigate your website, plus the image-heavy design will instantly switch visitors into buying mode.

TheShop also ships with an impressive range of customization options and design styles. For a start, you can change the color for every element of your website – which can be previewed in real-time using the intuitive WordPress Customizer. There are also over 600 Google fonts, a dedicated homepage template (as seen in the demo), and the opportunity to bolt a blog section onto your eCommerce store.

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E-Commerce EightStore Lite Theme

Free WooCommerce Themes
Free Woocommerce Themes

First of all, it’s a rather visual interface, with large headers, sliders, and thumbnail images and links. This theme is designed by a top-level WooCommerce expert. You can link to a wide variety of your pages and categorize your eCommerce store for better navigation. We also like this because the best online stores have beautiful banner ads when holding promotions and events. Therefore, you have the chance to do all of this with the simplicity of a free eCommerce theme. The EightStore option goes along well with the WooCommerce plugin, making it useful for those who are familiar. Not to worry if you’ve never utilized the WooCommerce plugin because it’s pretty easy to get your products online and sell. In fact, much of the work is done by the plugin and payment processor.

The beautiful design has a configurable homepage and slider. Use the slider to show off your new products and talk about what the site does for its customers. the product slider is one of the standout features because you have the ability to cram in a bunch of your products for display. Therefore, when your customers stop by they can scroll through the selection and click on the items they want to see more of. Testimonials are available for showing people how credible your company is, while the fully responsive interface is bound to help users out when viewing on smaller devices. One thing to consider is that the translation files are useful for expanding your brand to other parts of the world. Along with bbPress functionality, typography options, and more, the EightStore WordPress theme has some powerful features for you to test out.

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Online Shopping AccessPress Store Theme

The AccessPress Store WordPress theme delivers a pretty simple layout, but you also receive support for a beautiful slider with high-resolution images. The slider includes overlaying text and buttons to create a sales funnel and push people to places that are going to boost your profits into the future. As with some of the other options on this list, AccessPress Store is a highly visual-free solution, with banners, product sliders, and links that lead to other places throughout your website. WooCommerce combines well with the theme, allowing you the ability to create your own products, collect payments and pump out a decent amount of coupons that keep people coming back to your store. We like the advanced wishlist functionality, considering it’s an incredible way for users to think about what they want to buy in the future.

Woo Custom

Certain tags can be placed on some of your product listings. For example, you can have a New or Sale tag to indicate that users should click on those first. The featured product show is fairly simple to set up, where you take a few of the products you sell the most and select them to go in the primary list. Not many eCommerce stores are going to pass up functionality like this, so we recommend taking a look at the AccessPress Store WordPress theme to get a taste of what a real online store should look like. Even if you don’t go with this option if can give you some good ideas for your actual store.

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Online Shopping MaxStore Store Theme

Free WooCommerce Themes
Free Woocommerce Themes

The MaxStore WordPress theme has a modern and exciting design, along with the ability to integrate with WooCommerce. In fact, it’s made just for WooCommerce, so your products show up in beautiful galleries on the homepage and the checkout is better than most other free eCommerce themes. We like the theme for anything from fashion stores to sporting goods shops. The responsive design allows for selling on mobile devices, and the translation features ensure that you can expand to other countries around the world. The wishlist support is something you would generally not see on a free theme, helping out customers who want to save products for later.

Some of the other features include the right and left sidebars, both of which combine nicely with widgets. The custom background adjusts depending on the type of branding you would like to display. Furthermore, it has an informational top bar to display details of new products and promotions. The featured images show up beautifully on your blog, and the three-column format ensures that all of your product reviews are displayed in a clear and professional manner. Not only that, but you receive custom menus, a flexible header, and a footer area that supports all types of widgets.

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Wrapping Up!StoreMate WC Vendor

Above provided were some of the Best WooCommerce Themes for your e-commerce website. I hope you found the one. If you have any recommendations, let us know in the comment section below.

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