How To Create Media Kit That Gets Publicity For Your Online Business

how to create media kit

Whether you’re a blogger, social media star, ace photographer, Youtuber, or content creator, you will have undoubtedly received an email or message from a brand that wants to work with you. When you get this message (whether on purpose or by accident) and your platform is receiving plenty of attention from advertisers, it’s time to begin putting your media kit together! Learn to create a media kit and grow more.

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There are a number of ways that brands work with influencers, so you are bound to see a number of different, unique and creative opportunities land in your inbox, from contra strategies (product in exchange for mention), affiliate programs to paid collaborations and sponsored ambassador programs. But before any of these things get going, marketers will request a media kit.

Media Kit – A Powerful Marketing Tool

Irrespective of the size, a media kit is an essential marketing tool for any Influencer. A media kit is employed as a promotional tool to aid raise awareness, showcase your previous work and explain your services. Your media kit should be creative as well as informative, easy to understand and interpret. In brief, your media kit should be everything an outsider needs to know about your business-of-Influence, packaged up in a neat and tidy document, ready for presentation. This must be something you can proudly present to best represent you.

A media kit, also called a press kit, is a document that contains details of your business as well as resources oriented for publishers and reporters. It offers them easy access to your logo, brand colors, photos and various marketing materials that can be used for their content. Different content publishers like bloggers and podcasters can also feature your business from their website and podcasts. It also assists the likely investors to seek relevant details about your business and later collaborate and invest in your company.

Let’s learn how to create a media kit that drives sales to your business.

Constituents Of A Good Media Kit

A media kit differs from one business to another and rests not only on the type of business run by you but also on the publications you want to work with. However, there are some essentials that should be contained in every media kit.

Offer A Business/Company Overview


You wish to include an introduction to your company and offer a description of your company’s mission. Keep away from using any industry jargon and maintain it as simple and as clear as possible.
Your overview may be as long or as brief you want but you certainly should include the following:

  • Founding date
  • Company introduction
  • Any past or current inventors
  • Your company address. If you have multiple office locations ensure to include all of them and clearly identify the headquarters
  • Bios of the CEO, founders, and other notable executives
  • The size of your company. The number of employees on your team
  • Any notable mentions, awards, or achievements along with a brief description of each
  • A demo video of your product
  • Important numbers that display your company’s growth, such as the number of employees, customers, products sold, etc.
  • Regardless of how much information you decide to include, make it concise and organized
  • Potential deal news or venture capital information

You can use bullet points to make the information easy on the eyes. You can also get creative here and include a timeline overview of your company or use charts, graphs, and other graphical elements to present all the relevant details about your company.

Include A Media Contact For Your Business


Contact information is crucial for any media kit. This can be a dedicated media contact or anyone in your company who is responsible for managing day-to-day communications.

If you work with an agency, make sure to include their contact information and verify that the information is always up to date. This ensures reporters and media agencies have a simple way of getting in touch with you.

Showcase Your Product/Service Information

product-information, create media kit

If you’re offering a product, then including this information is absolutely necessary. However, keep it basic and assume you’re talking to someone who has never heard of it.

Explain clearly how your product offers value and what makes you stand apart from your competitors. If you have a page on your website that lists all the features and benefits of your product, you can pull your information from there. Keep it organized and do include your pricing structure.

This is an excellent area to include plenty of imagery, including photos of your product in use, the production stage, and possibly even a video that exhibits the use.

If you have testimonials about your product, include them also to demonstrate why others trust and use your product. You can also include a promotional code or a special offer for the reporters which they can give out to their audience.

The same rules apply if you’re presenting service in place of a product. It might be harder to display your services in use but in this case, the testimonials should perform a bigger role and do the work for you.

Make Brand And Media Assets Available

how to create media kit

Irrespective of the publication featuring you, all journalists will want at least one image to go along with their story. Don’t miss your opportunity and leave this one to chance.

Your media kit should include your logo in several sizes, along with your brand colors or any other brand assets you might have. You can also include photos of your product, photos of your offices, your employees, and naturally the company’s founder and/or CEO.

If your product is more digital in nature, you could include screenshots of it. Similarly, if you offer photography or design services, think about including a few samples of your past projects.

OptinMonster offers numerous brand assets for use. Asana, on the other hand, offers a lot of screenshots of their software in use.

Website Traffic And Statistics

create media kit

The purpose of a media kit is to reveal to your audience about the exact brand identity and also your knowledge about the persons interested in your brand. The best way to display who your audience is through website traffic and statistics.

After all, it is your audience to whom every information related to you is reaching and who is hearing your views. But, analyzing clicks, data and numbers are not so simple. After, you collect all such information, add it to your media kit in a way that is visually appealing so that nothing is left for your potential partner to interpret.

Rates For Projects

how to create media kit
Create Media kit

Mentioning the rates for projects is up to your discretion, though including it in your media kit is highly suggested. Do away with some of the guessing game and offer your rates for specific projects, if you do not work on gifting basis. Such rates differ hugely from person-to-person and extend from $ 50 -$15,000 or even more if you are an A-list celebrity.

Extending every possible information to your prospective partner lets them know if you are staying within budget and will relieve you from uncomfortable conversations. In addition, it saves your time from future disagreement and failure to collaborate due to cost.

Additional Extras

how to create media kit
create media kit

There are additional extras which you can incorporate into your media kit to make it outshine. Odds can be that your media kit can be the document which your prospective partner is going through that day, so go beyond if possible, but always avoid unsubstantiated stuff. If you have already collaborated with brands, display that information by putting the logos in a partnership section.

Add also such photos that enhance your brand value and mentions your story. But always remember, it is never good to oversaturate your media kit with information. Make certain that any photos selected will market the reader and not overwhelm them. Finally, if you have already been covered by the press, then include snippets from such coverage. Exhibiting your brand as being getting noticed by people, weighs immensely on the choice of the reader to select you for a project.

Provide Past Media Releases

press-release, create media kit
Create Media kit

It’s also a good idea to furnish the media with a list of past media releases. You don’t have to include every media release but highlighting the most relevant and most recent information is a nice start. This can include striking a major milestone in terms of customers, the number of products sold, major acquisitions, or any other major announcement.

Doist, the company behind the popular task management app Todoist, includes associated media files for each of its past media releases.

Hootsuite does a great job of providing past media releases on their website and it permits visitors to filter them by the month or the year.

Include A Clear Call To Action

create media kit

Finally, remember to include a call to action. Your call to action should focus on encouraging the reporter to get in touch with you after they are done reading and going through your media kit.

Give them a slight nudge by including a simple sentence like “To schedule an interview with your-business-name, contact us via your-media-related-email” or “Contact business-name at business-email.”

Final Words on How to Create Media Kit

In the matter of marketing your business, a media kit is as basic and important as a business card. Cards can be handed out one-on-one, simply like in hand-to-hand combat, but electronic media kits are like scattershot, with an extensive range. You never know who’s out there searching for the products or information you have. A media kit serves to help your potential partners in recognizing your worth so as to lend you a competitive edge over your rivals with similar content.

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