Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

The word ‘Podcast’ is a combination of the word ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’. The term is used to denote any audio broadcasting over the internet. Once the podcast is downloaded on the user’s computer or device, he may choose to listen to all subsequent broadcasts by the creator of the podcast. The main feature that sets a podcast website apart from Internet radio or mp3 is the availability of fresh preferred content for you to listen as per your convenience. Statistical data back this fact. Over 21% of Americans listen to a podcast in a month. This industry is also recording year-on-year growth, with a 23% increment in the volume over last year.

Now, on the matter of creating podcasts, the physical requirements are really simple. You need a computer, a microphone, and the Internet and you are set to start your own podcast. It is preferable that you add this functionality to your existing WordPress website, or you may create a podcast website from scratch. There are huge numbers of plugins available with WordPress for adding the podcasting feature; five of the best among them are described below for your reference.

Smart Podcast Player for a Podcast Website

Smart Podcast Player
WordPress Podcast Plugins

Smart Podcast Player premium plugin boasts of having the best design and looks among the available WordPress podcast website plugins. There is the color customization feature, which makes it compatible with almost any existing website design. The essential features of ‘skip’ and “playback speed” are included as buttons. The player is fully mobile-compatible and has social sharing functionality. It has got the great functionality of connecting the different broadcasts together so that you may listen to it as a continuous stream. Smart podcast player lets you choose whether you want to listen to the full podcast library or just a single episode. The plugin is quite user-friendly allowing for easy downloading and subscription.

Various features of this plugin are:

  • Binge-Listening mode
  • Highlight each episode
  • Capture your listener’s email addresses
  • Social Share
  • Speed Control
  • Timestamps and much more.

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LibSyn Podcasting Plugin

WordPress Podcast Plugins
WordPress Podcast Plugins

This free podcast plugin provides an amazing option for users to create episodes, upload files to LibSyn Servers, publish podcasts, and episodes, and generate RSS for podcasts.
This plugin allows you to integrate your LibSyn account with your WordPress Website.

Features of this plugin are:

  • Choose a style for your player
  • Automatically generates RSS Feeds
  • Add download links below the player
  • Control the width and height of the player
  • Supports iTunes, Google Play, Sticher, and a lot more.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

podcasting websites
WordPress Podcast Plugins

Seriously Simple Podcasting free podcast website plugin is simple to work with, yet it is packed with features. This versatile plugin allows the creation of syndicate-compatible podcast feeds for your website. You can generate separate feeds for multiple podcasts also. Seriously Simple Podcasting also supports audio and video post types. This podcast can run multiple podcasts from a single podcast website. This plugin also generates iTunes and Stitcher-compliant podcasts.

Various features of this plugin are:

  • Simple settings so you can get your podcast up and running quickly
  • Run multiple podcasts from the same site – each with its own, unique RSS feed
  • Supports both audio and video podcasting
  • Shortcodes & widgets for displaying podcast episode lists, single episodes, and podcast playlists anywhere on your site and much more

This plugin provides various add-ons which are completely free.

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Simple Podcast Press for a Podcasting Website

Simple Podcast Press for Podacast website
WordPress Podcast Plugins

Simple Podcast Press premium podcast website plugin allows you to automate the podcast functionalities of your website. It may be used separately or with other podcasting plugins. The only action you need to perform is to enter your feed into this versatile plugin and the rest of the job is done automatically. It will create separate pages for each episode with its own player and distinct description for each.

Some amazing features of this plugin are:

  • Clickable Time stands
  • Clammr Integration
  • Podcast Playlists
  • Fully-Customizable Buttons
  • Clutter-free transcripts
  • Automatic URL Share and more.

True to its name, this plugin is a complete yet simple solution for all your podcasting requirements.


Podlove plugin for podcast website
WordPress Podcast Plugins

Podlove free plugin is capable of generating multi-format podcast feeds and boasts compatibility with all service providers of major podcasts. There is also an inbuilt HTML5 player with this plugin. This podcast website plugin also fully supports the chapter division of your podcasts. There is also analytical software for you to be able to gather pertinent insights about your listeners.

Major features of this plugin are:

  • Supports audio as well as video files
  • A Dashboard that provides an overview of the podcast status
  • Separation of blog and podcast content using a custom post type
  • Flexible template system to create unified blog posts for episodes
  • Chapter mark support (including Podlove Simple Chapters )
  • Integration of the Podlove Web Player Supports multiple media files per episode.

This is a free plugin and offers some notable features. It also has some amazing features that will be provided in the coming versions.

PowerPress Podcasting

PowerPress Podcasting
WordPress Podcast Plugins

PowerPress Podcasting Plugin comes with simple and advanced modes, players, subscriber tools, and a lot more. This plugin is 100% free and is packed with many useful features. It allows you to choose your own audio and video players in the front. You can also use shortcodes to embed single episodes or a playlist of episodes to your website.

Various features of this plugin are:

  • Full Apple Podcasts & Google Podcasts support
  • Podcasting SEO
  • Integrated HTML5 Media Players
  • Multi-podcast support
  • Multi-languages, locales, and emoji support
  • FREE Blubrry Media Statistics

Final Thoughts on WordPress Podcast Plugins

So, these WordPress Podcast plugins will help you to ‘podcast’ your thoughts or creativity to the world with the help of your Podcast website. Please let us know which of these has been your favorite if you have used these podcast plugins ever. For any suggestions or feedback, kindly drop a comment below.

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