how to manage online reputation

Making mistakes is normal but making it online can affect your online reputation. Learn how to manage online reputation to boost your business efficiency.

Online reputation can be affected by past posts and activities. You cannot influence the audience once they start disliking you. You as an ordinary person or as a brand should always maintain a protocol while using the internet. Social media is a fast-growing platform and even a minor activity can be tracked and be present for the lifetime. It is better to post only that content which is not offending the sentiments of the people and should not be against the law. Law and order should be maintained while using any social media platforms. Using it for personal use is fine but making misuse of the services can land you up to the jail.

Cyber cells are formed to keep a check on the activities of the user. You cannot go beyond the limits on any grounds. Online reputation can be affected even if the people linked with you make a bad move. Posting useless content and making fun of people can make things worse. It is better to build a good image and prestige among the people on such platforms. Everyone has the rights and can claim if needed.

You as a civilian should focus on the better and maintain dignity. The government can take actions against people who offend the law. Never go beyond the limits and remember your ethics. Internet ethics are meant for fair use and needs to be applied. Some companies and service providers can help maintain your online reputation but after charging a huge amount.

No need to fall prey to such offers as you can manage your online reputation for free.

How To Manage Online Reputation Efficiently

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Let’s start with the description of a few topics which can help you maintain the online reputation:

1. Hit and search yourself on several search engines:

If you start searching for the reviews or comment made about the activities held by your side, it can help. It will help you get a clear idea about the thinking of people and customers against you. You should search your name and profile on several search engines. You can start searching by your username and nickname on the search engines.
Using keywords is important to reach out your profile and reviews against you. You can use your personal information for accurate data. Using this feature can help you find out the drawbacks and will help you take actions to improve those mistakes.

2. Change your name if needed

You can use a different name online. If you think that the current username is hindering your results consider changing it. By doing this you can make a differentiation between your internet life and professional life. It is not necessary that you might be having a unique username online. There are millions of people having the common name just like you do. You can consider changing it and build a unique image on the internet. It will improve your online reputation and may help people differentiate between you and others.

3. Build the brand

how to manage online reputation

You should avoid focusing on past activities and start focusing on a better future. You need to set up a new strategy which can boost the process of image building online. You can sign up on new platforms or the same platform with a new user id. Start posting new contents and blogs so that people might change their mind completely. Search engines will end showing up your new identity and that is how it works. Start doing it now for a better approach and enhanced performance.

You can try these methods to build a brand:

4. Launch a website or a blog

how to manage online reputation

Starting a new website or blog can improve your creditability online. You can start personal blogging to spread awareness about your country or city. You can pick a single topic to describe on your blog page. This step will hold the attention of the people and making you famous somehow. Starting a new blog or website will recover all the losses which happened in the past. People tend to focus on the present and creative things which your blog or website would do.

5. Create a different account

how to manage online reputation

You can create a different account where you can add your professional team. You can add co-workers and keep on posting safe contents. You have to build a unique professional image and that is possible when you act professionally. Signing up on LinkedIn is a good idea and can help you build a professional image. People might visit your page and be glad to watch the professional content. It is better to maintain a difference between your personal and professional life. You can do efforts to make a change in your history and build a new identity.

6. Stay cautious

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You need to check out the activities and searches made related to your identity. You can set up Google alert which will help you notifying about the search made with your name and identity. Every single activity will be reported to you and this will let you know about the mindset of people against your profile online. You should use different email ids as it will help you differentiate between the activities related to your personal and work life. Always cross the content you are going to upload and try to avoid getting into trouble. Think twice before responding to queries online.


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That’s all today on how to manage online reputation. Your online reputation can only be improved if you start making changes in your activities. A bad past does not decide in the future. People forget about the things which are long gone and focus on the present. Learning from your mistakes will clear your path to success. Online reputation is important if you are planning to become successful. There is no need to cut down the use of the internet but to learn and improve the quality of your contents. Never try to offend someone and always be gentle while responding to anyone. That is all you need to do to maintain the online reputation.

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