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One of the most frustrating parts of creating a blog is the lack of traffic. A blog will rarely get many visitors in the early stages, with gradual improvements more likely. Even sites with exceptional content can struggle, often due to limited resources dedicated to promotion. You can, however, rapidly increase your visitor count using organic methods that are low-cost or even free. The following strategies can all add up to a considerable increase in organic traffic, helping to make your website a sought-after location within your niche.

Create Authority Contentcreate authority content

Every industry will have several topics that can get turned into authority articles. These articles are in-depth and cover issues that draw much interest. Authority content is easy to link to as it offers an excellent experience for readers. Whether a person wants to know a single detail or needs a broad overview, your article can cover it. You may have a host of more straightforward posts, but your authority content can act as the entry point for most visitors.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial for SEO and driving traffic. Search engines expect to find many relevant backlinks directed at a page. Links from popular sites can also lead to many new visitors. While you can expect some natural backlinks to occur, it is crucial to work on building your own. You can add internal links between articles on your blog, transferring authority throughout the website. Additionally, though, you should research the competition for opportunities, with the chance to create guest blogs or to replace broken links.

Refresh Old Content

Most sites have various quality posts that have grown stale. Refreshing this content gives you the opportunity for some immediate traffic. Search engines usually want fresh content that contains up-to-date information. Adding updates to old posts lets you perform this task, while also allowing you to promote the content to new visitors. Rework old titles to make them more SEO-friendly, lengthen posts by adding up-to-date information, and use a broken link checker to find and fix dead links. All this should bring new interest that will increase organic traffic.

Send Email Newsletters

email newsletter, increase organic traffic


Email is often underutilized when it comes to blog traffic. Many sites spend time building an email list but only use it to promote products. Sending out an occasional email blast, though, allows you to push new content, driving a consistent flow of traffic. The blog posts will add value to your list, providing readers with articles that are free and useful. As more people join your list, each email can result in a higher volume of traffic.

Network with Relevant Influencers

Networking can lead to positive opportunities for bloggers. Many bloggers are reluctant to reach out to people they consider more influential than them. Taking bold steps, though, can lead to recommendations from respected figures in your community. It is essential that you offer value first, sharing their articles, commenting on their posts, and even guest blogging for them. Over time, your connection can lead to valuable recommendations that increase your blog traffic.

Turn Articles into Videos

YouTube traffic can be considerable when you have a system in place. You may not want to spend your time making videos, but it is possible to adapt your content to the platform. You could create a video discussing an article, talk about industry news, discuss topics in a video podcast, or interview influences. These videos can then get used to direct people to your blog.

Participate in Online Communities

Most industries have online communities where topical discussions take place. There could be an active forum, a Facebook group, and a group of Twitter users, with daily communication on a range of topics. Becoming part of this community can help promote your blog to the exact audience you want to reach. You shouldn’t just promote yourself, though, with the value you add is the reason people will visit your blog.

Final Words on Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

Paid traffic is the quickest way to drive targeted traffic to a website. Unfortunately, though, this type of advertising might be out of reach for most bloggers operating with limited budgets. If you can’t make paid advertising work for you at this stage, there is no reason to give up. Most bloggers favor organic traffic, with the ability to develop low-cost strategies to find visitors. It can take some time for traffic to flow, but when you have several streams in place, you should get rewarded with improving visitor numbers.

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