Best Call To Action (CTA) Plugins

Call to Action plugins are an excellent addition to your WordPress website. Why – they define the success of your brand! When a visitor browses through your website and takes an action that you want them to, it means you are doing something right! Actions can be defined in various ways, depending on the kind of services and products you offer. Some typical actions include – signing up to your newsletter or email subscription, buying a product or a service, following you on social media channels, and so on. 

An important thing to remember while placing calls to action parameters on your website is to optimize them, that is, a visitor should not spend most of his time trying to find one. It should be obvious and easily visible on your page. This ensures that your strategy is effective. 

Now, there are various CTA plugins available in the market. They have their own set of features that help you in scaling up your business. Read on to know more about some of the finest CTA plugins out there and how you can use them to the most of your benefit. 

Here we go: 

1. WP Notification Bar:

Call To Action Plugins

A highly flexible and user-friendly plugin, WP Notification Bar allows you to show clear calls to action. You can create an unlimited number of bars with this plugin. Moreover, you can also use it to show special offers along with email subscriptions. The plugin can be used without much hassle and is packed with powerful features. You can create various kinds of bars with it, such as social media bar, the email signup bar, countdown timer, and the like. You can customize it according to your needs. Lastly, its real-time preview option is a game-changer. We highly recommend this plugin.

Know more about this essential plugin – here.  

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2. Thrive Leads:

Call To Action Plugins

This plugin is usually used to generate email leads. It is used widely by professionals and brands all over the world. It has a plethora of templates to choose from, has a drag and drop user interface, and is user-friendly. You can get a huge boost in curating your email subscription lists with this plugin. Asking your visitors to sign up for your list is an attractive and important call to action in this one. You can also use multi-state opt-in forms and give your users options such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Every time they answer the question, it can be considered as engaging with your website. It also allows for advanced customization.

Check out this amazing plugin – here.

3. Simple Side Tab:

simple side tab

With this responsive plugin, your call to action will be on the side of your website and remain there as your users scroll down. It can be displayed on all the pages of your website. Since it remains visible at all times, it urges a visitor to engage with your call to action button. It is also optimized and can be used effectively on all user devices. Also, you can customize colors and fonts according to your needs and it ensures that your website loads fast. The plugin is easy to use. Just set it up in a few simple steps and get going! Download it and traffic to your page to boost your sales right away!

To know more about Simple Side Tab, click here.

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4. Hello Bar: 

Call To Action Plugins

Hello Bar is one of the most effective and proven calls to action plugins. It is designed to stick to your header and displays text in an eye-catching format. You can use it to collect emails for your subscription list from your customers. It ensures that your customers do not leave your website without taking certain actions. It also provides you with an excellent support team. It does everything you would expect a plugin to do. Download it today to help your website generate leads and convert them to sales. It is a crucial addition to your marketing strategy. You cannot go wrong with this plugin!

Check out this awesome plugin – here

5. Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin:


This plugin is specially designed for brands, bloggers, and other content creators. It is basically optimized to generate more leads and conversions. You can add a call to action block to your pages in an attractive manner that leads to your visitors signing up to your newsletter or purchasing a product of their choice. It has a lot of elements packed into this single multipurpose plugin that together works to optimize your website. Some other blocks it offers include click to tweet, social share, countdown, notification, and features, review, and so on. You can also customize buttons as per your requirement!

Check out this one-of-a-kind theme – here.

Final Thoughts on Call To Action Plugins

Call to action aims to provide value to you and the customer. It gives your website an edge over others. Having an attractive call to action plugins provides your users with a definitive course of action and helps you understand how your content is performing. If your users do not interact with your website, no value is generated – and that needs to change. WordPress helps you in taking your business to the next level and with plugins like these, your website will always be ahead of your competition. 

What are you waiting for? Install these Call To Action Plugins and start generating leads! Notice a growth in your sales and take maximum advantage of WordPress and its plugins! We hope this article has helped you in deciding an ideal plugin for your brand. Thank you for reading. All the best!

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