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Schema markup is basically a code which once added to a webpage, creates a rich snippet ( an enhanced description), which appears in Google Search results and helps in improving your site rankings. These can be one of the most powerful ways to optimize your site for better rankings. When you search anything on Google, you might see rich snippets on the search results below the title of your search term. These snippets contain a lot of information such as star rating, phone numbers, FAQ, author name, dates, time and more. If you also want to add this feature on your WordPress website and optimize your site for good rankings, you can do so with the help of WordPress Schema Markup Plugins for adding schema markup and rich snippets.

We have Shortlisted some best WordPress Schema Markup Plugins 2022, have a look:

1. Schema Pro

WordPress Schema Markup Plugins

Schema Pro provides easiest and quickest way to create schema markups within minutes. This plugin offers 13 types of schemas such as recipe,book, article, job posting and more. You can simply select the one that suits your preferences, choose your target page and posts, map existing content by integrating Schema code in those fields, and there you go. Your schema markup is configured. This plugin also supports custom fields so that you can add your own fields as well.

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2. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

WordPress Schema Markup Plugins

This is another most popular and free Schema markup plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily implement different schema types such as Reviews, Recipes, Events, Articles, Services, Products etc on your webpages. The future release of this plugin will also include fields like Breadcrumbs, local business and books.

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3. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WordPress Schema Markup Plugins

In order to overcome the complications of implementing structured data and schema on a website, WP SEO Structured Data Scheme plugin enables web designers and business owners add schema for various fields such organizations, local business, news article, blog postings, products, videos, services, reviews and more. It is a simple and easy to use plugin and can be efficiently used to add schema markups thus making your website attract more traffic. It is a free plugin but if you want extended features like auto-fill function, custom post type support and more, you can resort to its pro version as well.

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WordPress Schema Markup Plugins
SNIP is a premium and powerful structured data plugin for WordPress. This plugin adds SON+LD formatted snippets to your website which helps the search engines understand the content on your page. This plugin allows you to use 800+ schemas from all in one plugin thus offering you an innovative way to improve your search ranking results.

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5. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP


Schema and structured data for WP allows you to add Google Rich Snippets markup according to the guidelines of This plugin offers 33 schema types such as news, blog posting, local business, web page, article, recipe and more. You can also include or exclude any post, post types, pages and more. Furthermore, this plugin offers full AMP compatibility and many advanced settings. Other useful features of this plugin include unlimited custom post type, review module, scheme types, breadcrumbs, comments and more.

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6. Schema App Structured Data

This is another very popular WordPress plugin that automatically creates markup for all your posts, pages, author and category for your WordPress website. It also provides three Google site structure features including breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Searchbox and Your Site Name in Results.
The markups that this plugin creates a page, post, search, author, tag, blog, category and more.

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Final Words on WordPress Schema Markup Plugins

Furthermore, if you want to optimize your WooCommerce products and get rich snippets, you can download WooCommerce structured data plugin offered by Schema App. We hope our list has helped you in finding the right WordPress Schema Markup Plugins for your website. Go ahead and use a plugin that suits best to your website.

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