7 Best WordPress Plugins for Audio Player and Podcast

Audio player and podcast WordPress plugins are incredible tools to use to include your most recent podcast scenes or tracks on your site.

Why you need a Podcast plugin

Podcasts and Audiobooks are new in trend nowadays. If you want to create your website for podcasts whether it is in video format or in video format audio player or podcast plugins will help you with this. WordPress has its default feature to add audio files but you can not use it for advanced podcast websites.

Podcast plugins make everything easier for you from uploading your podcast to providing it to your listeners. It publishes your audio within seconds. You can even organize your audio list as a Youtube playlist. A good podcast plugin gives you a mobile-friendly design so your users can listen to podcasts from their phones.

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12 WordPress plugins for audio players and podcasts

1. Blubrry PowerPress


Blubrry PowerPress is a standout amongst the most prominent podcasting plugins accessible for WordPress. It was “produced by podcasters for podcasters,” permitting you to import tracks from such indexes as iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. It comes in basic and propelled modes to suit lite and power clients alike, and it even uses an HTML5 player that backs installed recordings from indexes, for example, YouTube.

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2. Trinity

Wordpress audio plugin

Trinity Audio’s WordPress plugin enables publishers and content creators to join the audio revolution – by turning readers into listeners. It’s done by embedding a player on their website. It also makes the website accessible. And it’s FREE!

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3. Compact WP Audio Player


Compact WP Audio Player is another famous smart podcast player WordPress plugin, however, this one is much less complex. It backings such record positions as MP3 and OGG, and components with a simple configuration. Indeed, the plugin was given its name because of its “compact” size, which the designers guaranteed the player does not take up an excessive amount of space on your website page.

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4. Amazon Polly for WordPress

Amazon AI Plugin

Use this plugin to convert your posts into the audio version. Besides, you can translate your posts into other languages and create podcasts. This plugin allows you to build engaging speech-enabled applications that work in many different countries.

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5. Smart Podcast Player


The Smart Podcast Player is a premium podcast player made by online business master Pat Flynn. The plugin can utilize your food from administrations like iTunes and SoundCloud and in addition MP3 documents you transfer to WordPress. It shows this food as a playlist and gives you the capacity to include show notes inside the player.

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6. Seriously Simple Podcasting: Podcast WordPress plugins

podcast WordPress plugins

Truly Simple Podcasting satisfies its name by offering a basic approach to adding podcasts to your posts. This plugin, in any case, supports sound and video podcasts. It empowers you to implant tracks from such catalogs as iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

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7. Music Player for WooCommerce

Music player for WooCommerce

This plugin includes the MediaElement.js music player in the product pages with audio files associated, and in the store’s pages. The supported formats of audio players are OGA, MP3, WAV, WMA. It allows you to insert a playlist on sidebars, on pages using a widget, Elementor, SiteOrigin.

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8. Sticky Audio Player

Sticky Audio Player for WordPress is another best audio player for your website that provides you with many configurable options. Besides, it also supports self-hosted audio files along with other external music services, e.g., Soundcloud, Podcasts, Google Drive Storage, etc.

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9. SoundCloud is gold

soundcloud gold plugin

SoundCloud has a live preview it makes easier for you to see how customizing looks and it goes with your website. There is a default styling for players if you like and you change the styling just for a single page. It is a free plugin Podcast plugin and has all the necessary features for you. You can track your info about the performance.

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10. mb.miniAudioPlayer

mb.mini audio player plugin

With mb.miniAudioPlayer you can edit the post or the page and with just one click you can easily upload/insert the media link. Place the player on the page where you want it to show to the visitors of your website. You can change the player’s default setting by just going on mb.miniAudioPlayer setting panel. Activate the plugin from the WordPress plugin panel.

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11. Audio Album

audio album wp plugin

Audio Album or player can display as many audio albums as you need on your site, you can set multiple albums for each page. It uses WordPress’ default audio capability. What this plugin does is take mp3 tracks and organize them on a page with the picture that you choose. You can customize the aliment of the audio track with just a few clicks.

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12. Buzzsprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout Podcasting wp plugin

Buzzsprout Podcasting is WordPress reliable service with secure hosting, iTunes support, HTML player, and more. This plugin helps you connect with the Buzzsprout account to your WordPress. With this, you can embed the latest podcast you release on a page or post. It is easy to install into your WordPress website.

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What’s your WordPress audio player plugin?

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