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Some sites not only cater to the viewership element for its visitors, they also let readers and visitors contribute content too. The visitors are allowed to submit content in the form of images, blog posts, videos etc. This is for sure, a very good way to engage the site’s audience, make them feel like a part of your website and enhance an active user base. A WordPress site requires certain plugins in order to accept submissions -front-end content submission plugin. In this blog post, we will tell you about 5 best WordPress Front End Content Submission Plugins.

User Submitted Posts Front End Content Submission Plugin

Front End Content Submission Plugins

This simple and intuitive front-end content submission plugin lets visitors submit text and photos to your site via a public forum. The submitted content straightway goes to the post queue as a Pending post. The site admin can both review and choose to publish or simply delete it. The other features that the plugin offers are:

  • Option to set submitted images as WP Featured Images
  • Customizable captcha and input validations
  • HTML5 submission form with streamlined CSS styles
  • 15 action/filter hooks for advanced customization
  • Translated into 10 languages
  • Multiple emails supported by email alerts
  • Option to disable tracking of IP addresses
  • Specify minimum and maximum width and height for the uploaded image
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Frontend Post WordPress Plugin – AccessPress Anonymous Post

Front End Content Submission Plugin

This plugin helps you to do guest posting front-end posting without login into your WordPress website. It is a responsive HTML5 form that lets your website users submit a post including the featured image.

Various features of this plugin are:

  • Allows post submissions from frontend when not logged in
  • Customization settings for the user
  • The ability of required fields selection
  • Category selection
  • Adding featured image.
  • Captchas for secured posting
  • Post submissions may include title, tags, category, author, URL, post image and much more.
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Frontend Publishing Front End Content Submission Plugin

Front End Content Submission Plugins

Frontend Publishing lets you accept posts from registered visitors. This front-end content submission plugin allows you to control members’ access to the sensitive WordPress admin area. If you happen to run a very popular blog, this plugin will be a life-saver for you because it does not accept those posts that don’t meet the submission guidelines of your website. In such a case, an error is shown to the frontend user. Its other features are:

  • Set post requirements, for example, minimum title size, minimum content size etc.
  • Allows a certain user to publish posts immediately and skip the default behavior of having the post wait for your manual review. All other posts are added to the ‘pending’ queue.
  • Number of links in article body and author bio
  • Offers a frontend page where users can access the posts they’ve submitted.
  • A full visual editor for the visitor.
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WP User Frontend

Front End Content Submission Plugins

The WP User Frontend plugin is a front-end content submission plugin with a lot of features. The site admin is in complete control of what the logged in visitors can post i.e. images, titles, body copy, tags, and attachments. Its other features are:

  • Charge visitors for uploading content.
  • The user can create a new post and edit it from the frontend
  • Viewing the page in the frontend custom dashboard
  • Users can change their profiles on the front end as well.
  • Get email notification on new posts
  • Upload post featured image
  • Pay-per-post or subscription package for posting

WP User Frontend PRO – Premium Features

  • Unlimited post type form creation
  • 13 variations of custom fields
  • Drag-n-Drop profile form builder
  • Avatar Upload
  • Frontend profile edit
  • Registration form builder
  • Captcha Support
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Wrapping Up!

I hope you liked this listing of 5 best WordPress Front End Content Submission Plugins. If you have any more suggestions let us know in the comments section below!

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