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People writing blogs and sometimes get worried about its search engines optimization. Many people spend a quantity of time just trying to select the best and optimized title for the article. It’s a total waste of time. Do you know, writing search engine optimized articles are much easier. You can pick the best and most suitable title for your article just from the keywords you included in the content. In this article, I will share some tips for writing articles that will make your blog posts optimized and how you can increase the chances of showing up on page 1 of Google. Every blog post is kind of web page and you can “optimize each post with specific keywords” for search engines.

Ways for Page and Blog Optimization

Blog posts optimized


It is an exact group of keywords that you used in the title. When you enter a title for your blog, you will notice an automatically permalink is generated just below the title of the blog. If permalink not matched with your title, you need to edit and make it exact copied to the title. Search engines will scan your permalinks and used to looking for the permalinks to optimized your page.


H2 & H3 Tag

For page and blog optimization, H2 & H3 Tags are the next thing, search engines are looking for. For H2 Tag, you first need to type the same keywords and phrases that you have added in the title and permalinks. After that highlight your text and then click on the formatting toolbar and select Heading 2. It will make your text bigger and bold. Same thing you can do with H3 Tags. Use the H3 Tag for once at least in your article as a subheading.


First Paragraph

Include the main keyword phrase in the very first paragraph of the article. Best way to include that phrase between the text of the article: You can form a question for that phrase or you can add a statement form for the exact keyword phrase. Make sure to bold and underline the phrase in the first paragraph. The search engine will directly pick your keyword from there. Most important if you are not find the right place to fit that keyword and it doesn’t make any sense, ignore to add, otherwise it will bounce off your page rate.


Keyword Density

Keep in mind the keyword density in your article. Make sure a certain percentage of keyword or phrase need to be added to your article. You are writing for the readers first and then for the search engines. Your concern for reader’s choice must be on top. Do not add randomly any keyword just to hit the search engine it not make any sense for the reader’s point. Use that keyword only that is good for readers as well as search engines. Keyword ratio is also an important thing to keep in mind.


Last Paragraph

Make sure to add your keyword phrase one more time in the last paragraph of the article. As this paragraph is very important to clear the overview of the whole article. Your keyword addition will make your readers stable for that topic. At last, you can add some anchor text that points back to the same article. Focus on the last paragraph is as important as the first paragraph.


Upload Optimized Images

Use quality and optimized images in the article. Do not steal the pictures from Google images as everybody is doing the same thing. You might be not want to trap in the copyright issues. You can create your own pictures or you can download images legally from few of these sites:,, Before you upload the images first rename them with the image keyword and topic.


Categories & Tags

Categories and tags are the very important section you shouldn’t ignore. A lot of people ignore this section, you should not do the same. Add proper categories and tags section of your blog post. It is best to add one category only but if you want to add more you can. If you are not sure what to add in categories, you can add your keywords as categories. Just below the category section, you will find the tag section, you can add your title as the tag. Multiple tags are allowed but try to add maximum 5 tags as it doesn’t look like a spam.


Tag Cloud Widget

On your WordPress Dashboard, there is an option to navigate the widget section. Here you can see a widget for tags. Add this widget to the sidebar as it will help search engines to determine your website. Tag clouds are very effective for SEO. When search engines crawl your page, they will find the cloud to follow the links to the all the articles on the website.


Wrapping Words!

At last, I want to again remind you not to forget to follow the above steps for the blog posts on the website. I this article I have tried to cover all the possible steps that will make your blog post more optimized.


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